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Subject: Re: Tea or Coffee?

Forum: Tea or Coffee?
Hey Emma,

While I like both, I generally drink coffee. Im not sure why I have a preference to it, but it seems to start my day off everyday. Maybe its because its routine, and being a creature of habit, when I find something I like I stick with it.

But occasionally, especially this time of year when the weather is cold, I find myself wanting a warm drink in the evening but don't want the caffeine so I will opt for hot decaffeinated herbal tea. My favorite is peppermint or if you haven't had it, you should try Pike Street tea. Both are super yummy!

Thanks for the question doll. Hope all is well with you!


Subject: Hot or cold?

Forum: Hot or cold?
Ok guys so I woke up wishing it was a cool, crisp fall day. I want to be in snuggly warm clothes snuggled up with a good book by the fire wrapped in a warm blanket. But its gonna be in the high 90's and grossly hot today!!

So my question is if you could pick the weather, what type of day would today be? Hot? Cold? Why?

Fluff forum I know but it really is on mind!

Subject: Re: Do you like it hot or cold?

Forum: Do you like it hot or cold?

Great post today!

1) I prefer pizza hot! I love when the cheese is ooey gooey and melty. Yum!

2) I love the weather hot when it's cold out and cold when it's hot out! Lol. Typical human to want what you don't have!

3) I prefer left over spaghetti cold but fresh I like it hot!

4) I like my pie warm ala mode!

5) I love fresh from the dryer clothing unless its hot outside. =)