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Subject: Re: I want less responsibilities in life.

Forum: I want less responsibilities in life.
I certainly can understand were you are coming from. Perhaps it stems from being as high you can be on the ladder and there is no where else to move up to from here? Perhaps its stems from it being crazy busy and we feel overwhelmed with all our daily responsibilities? Perhaps you are bored because day in and day out its relatively similar? Or maybe perhaps you just really want to be at home with your baby?

Whatever it is I support you in whatever choice you feel like making. I would be so sad not to see your beautiful face everyday but I want you feeling content and happy wherever life takes you. But you never know, I was feeling that way recently too and made a few changes and started feeling better about it. I would say examine why or what you feel is missing and if we can change it, lets try. If we can't then the answer lies in you as to where to go next.

P.S. Just so you know, you really are one of the best nurses I have ever worked with. Smart, organized, caring with great integrity and great attitude.

Subject: Who and what inspires you?

Forum: Who and what inspires you?

So what you are watching here is very sick little girl who is on chemotherapy for cancer. She is in the hospital getting blood transfusion and was feeling down.

This pediatric oncology nurse is singing "love is an open door" from every little girls favorite disney movie frozen. He got her to smile! If even for a little bit. I don't know either of these two, but they both inspire me. She inspires me to be strong and no matter what is happening in life there is always something to smile about. He plain and simply inspires me to be a better nurse and person.

If you want to see it better or hear it with audio follow the link here...

My question to you is, who inspires you and why?

Happy Friday all and I hope this brought a smile to your face like it did to mine!