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Subject: Re: Are you ready for fall?

Forum: Are you ready for fall?
Hey MLJay!

I am ready for Fall. I am not necessarily ready for the colder weather. But it will nice to wear hoodies and boots again.

I love the Summer because of the heat. I love lying in the sun soaking up the rays and getting a tan. I love being outside.

I love Fall for all of the beautiful colors that nature brings with the change of the season. I love Halloween. I love decorating my house with festive Autumn decorations. It really makes my house homey. I love Fall scents like baked apple pie and pumpkin spice.


Subject: Re: Perception check!

Forum: Perception check!
Hey Maygan!!

Unless I'm crazy too, I've also have thought about that color question.

I would assume that we all see colors differently and not one of us sees a color as the exact same shade. But that's just my thought.

I have a friend from high school that is color blind. I remember he gets blues and greens mixed up.

This website talks about different type of color blindness. If there are people with color blindness, I bet there are people that have slight alterations in their perception of colors. Just like there are slight (and large) variances between every person on Earth.

I think it's good that we all see things differently and I'm not just talking about colors. The world needs different views and perspectives on things. One person might have a good idea and be able to explain it in a way that others weren't able to understand before. New ideas are also good and so is expanding and collaborating on existing ideas. And that's why people need to continue to think outside the box and be creative and not be afraid to bring forth new ideas. This world needs change in all sorts of ways.


Subject: Re: Hair colors

Forum: Hair colors
Hey Karlie!

My hair needs dyed so bad right now. But I'm trying to save money, but my grays are driving me crazy. I'm not sure how much longer I will last.

I have really never dyed my hair any crazy colors. I have done some darker reds and burgundy colors before.

I do remember once in junior high coloring my hair with Kool-Aid. I think I tried some orange and purple. I also remember how colored my fingers got. I should have used gloves. That was before I knew any better.

I did just recently get some highlights put in my hair, I guess it's been over a month, hence the gray hairs peeking through. I do like the highlights. It's something that really is bold for me. I usually just stick with a darker shade of brown, like my natural hair color. Plain and simple.