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Subject: Re: Animals on the furniture? yes or no?

Forum: Animals on the furniture? yes or no?
Hey Falcon!

I have a cat. She sheds so much hair and all year. I have lint rollers every where.

I do let her on the furniture (she actually just jumped up the ottoman). I always have.

My couch and ottoman are microfiber. They are easy to wipe clean. I like when she sticks to just sitting on the ottoman, but every night she comes and sits next to my husband and I.

Not only is my furniture easy to wipe clean, I have a little handheld vacuum that had a rubber attachment specifically for animal hair that is totally awesome.

I don't like her being on my bed. It would be different if she would lay down at the foot of the bed. But she always wants to lay right on my pillow with me or right next to it. When she gets up on the bed, I just put her back on the floor.

Speaking of floors, my hardwood (fake-wood) in the kitchen has to be cleaned/vacuumed daily as well. When the sun hits the floor in the mornings, it looks like there is enough hair for a kitten.

Yeah I do a lot of cleaning up after my cat, but it's worth it.

I know people that ban dogs off of their furniture. If I had a large dog, I might want to do the same thing.


Subject: Re: What is your go-to hairstyle?

Forum: What is your go-to hairstyle?
Hey Aliastarr!!

I have the same hair everyday! I am so lame!!

Everyday I wash my hair. I blow dry it and flat iron it. I wear it straight. It is just a tad past my shoulders.

It has a weird curl to it in the front and an odd wave in the back. When it air dries, even with product, it is super frizzy. That is why I straighten it everyday.

I get my hair trimmed and my roots touched up (gotta hide the grays) every 6-8 weeks.

I have thought about growing it out long and putting some sort of loose perm in it. But I am not sure. The word perm scares me and reminds me of too many 80s horror stories.



Subject: Re: Do You Wash Your Hair Everyday?

Forum: Do You Wash Your Hair Everyday?
Hey Akihan!

I do wash my hair every day. I know that it is bad for my hair and ultimately dries it out.

I use shampoo and conditioner both.

My hair is naturally curly, but in a not so cute way. I blow dry and flat iron my hair every day too. Which puts lots of extra stress on my fragile ends.

I have tried to take everyone's suggestion and wash it every other day. But the top of my head still looks a bit dirty. I also have a cowlick on the back left side of my scalp. It blows out and lays well with the rest of my hair. But when it's second day hair, it seems to go back to it's opposing ways.

As I am typing this response. I thought maybe I could try to focus the shampoo only on the top of my head and try not to wash the ends.

Before I blow dry my hair I do use a hair serum that is supposed to protect my hair against heat and control frizz. If my hair is still a bit unruly, I will put a tad bit on the length of my hair to tame it down.


Subject: Re: What kind of hair do you have?

Forum: What kind of hair do you have?
Hey Dessa!

I hate my hair!!!

I was liking it for a little while, then I ruined it by adding some highlights.

I have been struggling with getting my hair to be healthy.

My hair sits right at my shoulders. I have been trying to grow it out for a long time. But I keep cutting it into an a-line style which I do like. But this last Spring when I cut it, that was the last. I am really going to get it healthy and long and treat it right from here on out.

My hair is fine, but I used to have a lot of it, and I mean a lot. But over the last several years, I have been slowly losing it. Now I just have a skimpy little pony tail.

My hair is naturally curly. But not in a cute or manageable way. The hair in the front and part of the sides have a decent curl. But my hair in the back barely has a wave to it.

I blow dry and flat iron my hair on a daily basis. I have tried several types of products and different styles to leave my hair curly, but nothing ever works out.

Since I straighten my hair daily, there is a lot of damage. And I used to dye my own hair and use cheap hair dye. That also ruined my hair for a while. I have a ton of broken and split ends. I am super excited for my next hair appointment in about two weeks. I am way over due!


Subject: Re: You're the Inventor!

Forum: You're the Inventor!
Hey momoze!

Welcome back to CNet!

I don't really mind showering or getting dressed, but I do hate doing my hair. For one it never turns out like I want it to. If only I had a pair of arms/hands behind me to get the back just right.

That's what I would invent. A machine that will do my hair for me. Whatever style I choose. It would make it look perfect and cute. And the curls would always stay in place.


Subject: Re: Hair colors

Forum: Hair colors
Hey Karlie!

My hair needs dyed so bad right now. But I'm trying to save money, but my grays are driving me crazy. I'm not sure how much longer I will last.

I have really never dyed my hair any crazy colors. I have done some darker reds and burgundy colors before.

I do remember once in junior high coloring my hair with Kool-Aid. I think I tried some orange and purple. I also remember how colored my fingers got. I should have used gloves. That was before I knew any better.

I did just recently get some highlights put in my hair, I guess it's been over a month, hence the gray hairs peeking through. I do like the highlights. It's something that really is bold for me. I usually just stick with a darker shade of brown, like my natural hair color. Plain and simple.


Subject: Re: Groom Your Own Nails or Proffesionally Done??

Forum: Groom Your Own Nails or Proffesionally Done??
Hey Nichole,

I really don't like paying for unnecessary, materials things like fake nails. I think they look nice, but I'm way too cheap. I did get my nails done for my wedding, but that was a special occasion.

I don't really groom my nails too much. They just do their own thing. I don't clip them, only because once they get a certain length, they seem to split or break on their own, then I just file them smooth. I have horrible cuticles, but rarely take the time to maintain them. I just don't see it as a priority of mine.

I do my own pedicures. I may not get the nice leg and foot massage, but I really think I get more dead skin off on my own. I also do my own eye brows. I should pay someone to wax them, but I just spend endless hours in front of the mirror plucking them. If I paid someone, then I will be able to get rid of the hard to pluck soft, white hairs.

Another reason I don't get "stuff" done like this is because I really don't feel like I have the time. I could think of a hundred things that need to be done instead of getting a little pampering.

The only service I really pay for is getting my hair cut. And I think I pay too much. I'm sure $30 is a standard for a lady's wash, cut and style. But I feel like it's way too much. My hairdresser is nice and will give me discounts if I don't get my hair washed or if she is just trimming a very small amount off.

I could see myself getting my nails done, my eyebrows waxed, eyelash extensions or highlights in my hair if they lasted forever. My biggest issue is the maintenance that comes along with all those little luxuries. I don't have time for maintenance. I'm just too busy.