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Subject: Re: Teacher Student Sex Scandals and Double Standards

Forum: Teacher Student Sex Scandals and Double Standards
Howdy Andy Nash,

At my past high school there were 2 sex scandals. One was with a female guidance counselor and the other with a male teacher. The male teacher was accused multiple times, by multiple students, however was never found guilty. There was also very little media attention put onto this teacher. The female guidance counselor on the other end was given a tremendous amount of media attention before being found guilty and she was later found guilty.

For the most part, I don't think anyone should live in fear for the sons or daughters. Sexual assault cases have actually went down in the past 20 years (https://www.rainn.org/statistics/scope-problem). I think the media is just trying to push the stories that will get the most eyes. Society definitely sees males less impacted by sexual assaults, however I don't think many people view them as not impacted at all. Pretty much everyone agrees that sexual assault is bad for any child impacted though.

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Subject: Re: Scholarship Bonus For Test Scores?

Forum: Scholarship Bonus For Test Scores?
Howdy, Selina!

I do think schools should offer scholarship bonus for good test scores. Schools should do everything in their power to push forward the success of their students. If a student is super smart, but scores are lacking cause they just don't have the money, then schools should be doing something to fix that. Provide Incentives for your students to do better.

I think even students who are from well-off families should have these scholarship bonuses available to them. Gating people from scholarship based off of their class / race is just discrimination, plain and simple. If you come from a well-off family that wants you to work for everything you have, including procuring money for college, then you are basically screwed cause the scholarship bonuses aren't for you.

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Subject: Why don't people join Cnet?

Forum: Why don't people join Cnet?
In all three of my classes this quarter each week my teachers post a discussion forum on the online school system my school has in place. In every single one of my classes the teachers are requiring the students to reply to the discussion topic and then to reply to two other students replies.

Basically, this means my fellow students are doing the same thing that they would do on Cnet, except for a grade.

This got me thinking why don't people want to join Cnet? I mean in all my classes my fellow students are already doing the same thing for a grade, so why not for some extra money for college. I know countless students that need it.

So what do you think? Why don't people join Cnet?

Thanks for reading ^.^

~Tera Ricshon~