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Subject: Do You Eat at School?

Forum: Do You Eat at School?
Hello everyone,

Happy Friday!

Do you eat at school? How often?

I find myself eating at home only every other day. I know it's bad, but it's getting better (especially since I'm currently on a budget! lol). Lately, I've been eating at school more often. I like the salad bar, which I just discovered maybe a few months back. I've eaten at school probably every workday for a month now, but before that, it was only maybe once every two weeks.


Subject: Any Allergies?

Forum: Any Allergies?
Hello everyone!

Happy Friday! Yesterday I took a trip to the ER because my throat was closing after eating something new so that was fun lol. Needless to say, I have to be more careful about what I eat! So that made me start this forum.

Are you allergic to anything? Ever had a bad reaction to something?

Hope to hear from you guys :)


Subject: Re: Self-Service or Full-Service

Forum: Self-Service or Full-Service
Hello TheCrimsonActuary,

As a socially anxious mess, I am more comfortable with restaurants that don't have waiters or waitresses. For example, I love buffets. I just feel like there is a general sense of being rushed when there is a waiter or waitress. They also tend to be more expensive. Of course, I do like restaurants such as BJ's Brewhouse, The Playground, and the Cheesecake Factory, which have the full dining experience. I like to go there when I have a little more money to spend (usually on dates with my boyfriend) or when there's an occasion to celebrate.

Have a great rest of your night!


Subject: Re: Shopping Lists?

Forum: Shopping Lists?
Hello Alex and all!

I am horrible when it comes to grocery shopping if I do not already have something in mind before I get there. I try to ask myself "Okay, what do I want to make and what do I need?" If I don't, I usually end up buying tons of crap I don't need, which will consist of cereal bars, chocolate, cookies, dried fruit, yogurt, and chips. I know it's not a good idea to go grocery shopping when you're hungry, but that's what I usually end up doing lol!

In general, it's one of two things for me: go in mentally prepared with a list or skip up and down the aisles and buy way too much stuff. I have only used shopping lists when I would go shopping with my mother in high school, but since then, it's either mental or nothing.

Don't get me wrong, I aspire to be that woman that gets up without having to snooze her alarm, has a daily skin and exercise routine, and always writes shopping lists, but for now, I am far from that. I snooze my alarm five times, don't put too much effort into appearance all the time, and definitely do not have a shopping list when I enter a grocery store lol.

Subject: Re: Do you eat canned food a lot? Healthy? No time?

Forum: Do you eat canned food a lot? Healthy? No time?
Hello HBee and all!

I think it's great you've stopped eating canned food. I really hope to start eating healthier once I move (I realize I mention that a lot on here lol). I don't think I eat a lot of canned food. If I do, it will be tomato puree for soup or chopped mixed veggies for tuna. I don't eat tuna too much, but I eat soup occasionally--especially sopa de fideo! It's the best for rainy days :)

But that doesn't mean I have a healthy diet. In these past few months, I've been eating fast food regularly. I used to be vegetarian and eat only organic fruits and vegetables, but it's such a hard thing to keep up. There are no vegetarian drive-thrus! lol I really wish there were, though. It would make a healthy diet easier to keep. Whenever I needed something quick I had to stop by the grocery store and buy a salad. It was such a drag because I wouldn't always have a fork and sometimes the lines are long and I don't have much time.

I am also really grateful for cheap campus food. Our menu has a budget section for cheaper dishes that are smaller but can still serve as a decent-sized meal. We even have Pho--who doesn't like Pho!? lol

All in all, I prefer to make food from scratch with the exception of tomato puree (because I'm not sure how to make it lol), but I don't have time to wake up early every day and make it. I would rather get more sleep and grab something later if I don't have left-overs.



Subject: Re: What is your favorite soup?

Forum: What is your favorite soup?
Hello scervantes and all!

It is going to rain--there's going to be a storm and we're supposed to be getting and a half inches of rain around 2 in the afternoon (which is really soon!). I'm looking forward to staying in and sipping tea while I write :)

I LOVE albondigas! I think my aunt makes the best albondigas and I run to the kitchen every time she's made some. Even so, I have to say my all-time favorite soup is sopa de fideo, which is just plain old noodle soup with onions, tomato puree, other veggies, and sometimes chicken. I'm not too much of a fan for chicken, but sopa de fideo has been my comfort soup since high school. I think it's because I was in a lot of sports and the warm soup tasted amazing after a race or a day of training. It's also super easy to make! Just more of a reason to love it.

Stay dry :)


Subject: Re: College Food

Forum: College Food
Hello Joltephant!

I actually like my college food and it is well-priced so that you can get full on $6. I don't think I have anything to complain about here. Our cafeteria offers tacos, burgers, huge pizza slices, pho, and a lot of other stuff. I don't think it's pricey at all and I am thankful for the variety. Though it may not be the best quality, our menu also has a "budget" section that are a dollar or so cheaper than normal entrees. They are a bit smaller, but you can still have a good-sized meal. I also really like that they have vegetarian substitutes for burgers. I am not a vegetarian, but I used to be and I know how damn hard it is to find a cheap vegetarian-friendly meal when you don't have the time to cook at home.

What I am most thankful for are the little coffee stands that are sprinkled around campus. I'll have $2 coffee any day! It's what I usually get since I work in the day and my classes are in the evening. They stay open until 9 or 9:30, which is awesome because I have a long drive home and I need to stay awake!

I can't complain about anything lol! I'm good with free wifi, cheap food and coffee :)

Have a nice day everyone!


Subject: Re: Home cooked food or Fast food

Forum: Home cooked food or Fast food
Hello hischosen1,

I love home-cooked meals, especially my aunt's. She is hands down the best cook in the family--although I very much love my mother's. However, I was never taught to cook the difficult dishes, so I like to look online for recipes. Once I started dating Mike, my eating habits also changed. He eats out a lot, and I have noticed that I am now more accepting of fast food. I hate it and, as a result, have started cooking more often. I enjoy cooking. I usually play some music and have some wine as I do. The last home-cooked meal we enjoyed was breaded tilapia.

I can definitely say that eating at home is healthier. I used to be a vegetarian, and I always had tons of energy. Now, as I shift to more fast food, there is still that guilt in the back of my mind as I bite into what used to be a happy little animal. Sigh. I hope to go back soon!


Subject: Re: Pancakes or waffles?

Forum: Pancakes or waffles?
Hey Callie!

There are two kinds of people: pancake-lovers and waffle-lovers.

Also, the people in the first category are wrong.

Haha no hard feelings!


Subject: Re: SUPERsize Me

Forum: SUPERsize Me
Wow I have never heard of something that bad happen. I'm sorry you had that bad experience. It just gives me more of a reason to avoid places like this.

The next to worst thing that I had heard happen at a food place restaurant was at a Taco Bell. Some prick decided to SHIT in the beans. It made a lot of people sick and killed two of them. I couldn't believe it...

I agree with you. Parents should serve as healthy role models above all for their children. The best thing a parent could give to a child is a long healthy life.