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Subject: Do You Get Sick Easily? Last Time You Did?

Forum: Do You Get Sick Easily? Last Time You Did?
Hello everyone,

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

Do you get sick easily? When was the last time you got sick?

Out of all my family, I am probably the one that gets sick the most often. If it's not one thing, it's the other. Not surprisingly, I was sick yesterday late at night lol.


Subject: Your Closest Family Member?

Forum: Your Closest Family Member?
Hello everyone,

While I realize not everyone is close with their families, I have noticed that a lot of us CNetters are. So, who is that one relative you go to for advice or when you need a good cry? In other words:

Who is your closest family member?

I am not too close with any family members, but I would have to say that my cousin, Jessica is my closest because she is my age. If I talk to anyone in my family about anything that's going wrong, it's her.


Subject: Re: Talking on the phone

Forum: Talking on the phone
Hello TheCrimsonActuary and all,

I talk with a handful of people on the phone (my mother, boyfriend, brother, and a few friends). but the conversations are usually not that long unless I'm speaking with my boyfriend, who I call just to bother lol. I could call him for a simple question and end up talking to him for an hour.

In general, I prefer to text people because it's convenient and there is no pressure to keep up a conversation or stop what you're doing--you can just reply on your own time. Like KendraScholar, I am not a fan of having to talk to people on the phone. If they can tell me over a text or e-mail, I prefer they do that. I also absolutely hate when someone calls me while I'm driving because my music cuts off and it's distracting--especially if they keep calling.

I guess part of it is that I am naturally an anxious person. Sometimes I have to call people on the phone for work and it kills me, so I work around it and e-mail them or maybe look on a website to see if I can find the information I need there. It doesn't sound too well when I'm nervous either--I start talking fast and stutter all over the place. Yea, it's not pretty, lol. I've gotten better, though!

P.S. I had been wondering what an actuary was every time I saw your name and finally looked it up. I had a lightbulb "OH" moment.



Subject: Re: Fondest childhood memory

Forum: Fondest childhood memory
Hey HBee,

I keep coming back to this forum and every time there is one memory that keeps popping up.

This memory sticks with me no matter what. It was back when I was in middle school, I believe after my father was deported and before my brother was deported. My older brother, Danny, had a fever. He was a teenager at the time, I don't know exactly how old. He was really sick and my aunt and mother were home tending to him with food, water, and home remedies. My brother seemed like he was in so much pain. He was under blankets trying to sweat out the fever. It was hard to watch who I considered to be the mentally strongest of my family at such a low point. But it was heart-warming to see everyone coming together to care for my brother. It makes me emotional when I think about it. I don't see my brother often.


Subject: Re: How often do you see your family?

Forum: How often do you see your family?
Hello Alex,

Unfortunately, I do not see my family very often, since my father and brother were deported years ago and I have never met one of my I know it sounds bad, and I wish I could say that I visit regularly, but for various reasons, I don't. However, I am glad to say I see my mother and my two other sisters regularly. I am extremely happy that they are doing well and that I have them near. I've only moved out about a year ago, but I feel it's a major step for us to be living the way we are now, at peace.


Subject: Re: Family--- I need mine

Forum: Family--- I need mine
Broken pieces of glass. That's what me and my family are. i'm sorry to say that my family is not really a family for several reasons:

1. My father was a drug addict and drunk that would my mother as well as my siblings (me included). After his third strike of domestic violence, he was incarcerated and deported. I was I 5th grade when all of this happened.

2. I've been through several stepfather a that come and go like seasons. Not fun. Very frustrating and they make it a habit of pissing me off because they are really disrespectful.

3. My not the best of all mothers. She works too much and is never really home. She isn't a good listener or even a good role model. She's very stubborn and dresses like a teenager because my grandmother would not let her live out her childhood when she was young. We seldom talk. We often fight.

4. Our family is constantly fighting to a higher than average degree. To what extent? Weeelllll my aunt has tried to kill my mother with a high heel and left her in the hospital. Yea. Let's just leave it at that....

5. My sister is a turd. I'm sorry but she is. We were close when we were young until my boyfriend cheated on me with her in middle school. Yea. My boyfriend of two years....she is pregnant and still into the "thug life." She also dropped out if high school after I stopped doing her homework. Haha yea... I can't see myself hanging out with her.
We are nothing alike.

6. My brother was deported during 8th grade. He was the next best parent and when I was left with my mother I was just torn...

7. My bipolar disorder and depression keep me from talking too much to my family. I am not too conversational at home and try to spend the least possible time there since all my life I have been trying to escape the screwed up home situation.