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Subject: Re: What is on your radio?

Forum: What is on your radio?
Hello, TheCrimsonActuary and all,

I listen to a variety of music while I drive. It ranges from metal, jazz, electronic, ska, alternative, rock and rock, and sometimes rap lol. I'll listen to Jazz when I have a headache or am just feeling mellow, Nine out of ten times, I'll be listening to metal, which there is no radio station for. I started using Spotify Premium about a year ago and I can't go back to listening to commercials any how. There's also this cool feature that lets you type in an artist and it'll give you a "radio channel" that plays a lot of similar bands/music. I've discovered a few bands that way, so that's a pretty awesome feature.

My most recently played artists are mostly metal, rock, and ska. Here are the top few on the list: Arch Enemy, Carach Angren, System of a Down, Alestorm, Thrice, Disturbed, and Sublime. I love them all dearly! Music is a must while I'm driving :)

Have a nice day :)


Subject: Re: Name the top 5 songs on your playlist RIGHT NOW

Forum: Name the top 5 songs on your playlist RIGHT NOW
Hello Futureteacher!

I am also on Spotify, so I don't have a top 5. I had a Top 2016 Playlist, but I don't think it's available anymore because I've been looking for it for a while now. I do have a Most Recently Played Artists section, though, so I'll go off of that and choose a song that I've been listening to a lot lately. It's mostly metal, except for John Legend, which I know is a very random mix-in compared to the rest of my list. Here's my list:

1. The Agonist
-You're Coming With Me

2. Arch Enemy
-Never Forgive, Never Forget

3. John Legend
-You & I

4. Slayer
-Chasing Death

5. Carach Angren
-The Funerary Dirge of a Violinist

Except for John Legend, who I only listen to for two or three songs, I love, love, love, LOVE these artists. The first two are melodic death metal bands and are both fronted by female vocalists believe it or not. As you can see, The Agonist has won first place in my heart at the moment (my playlist is always changing). Slayer is a thrash metal band fronted by an old white dude that kicks ass lol. And Carach Angren is a symphonic death metal band that is one of my favorite bands at the moment. I don't have a specific list, but Carach Angren is definitely way way up there at the top. I saw them live and it was definitely well worth the money. The first song I heard from them is called "Bitte Totet Mich," which I highly recommend for anyone that loves metal. I love their songs because they always have a backstory to them. "Bitte Totet Mich," for instance, is about a soldier that wants to commit suicide due to his PTSD (very grim, I know).

Okay, that's enough of me fangirling. I could go on forever! Thanks for the post :)


Subject: Re: Do you watch television?

Forum: Do you watch television?
Hey Gleb!

I actually don't watch a lot of television, movies, or Netflix. I'm an odd one I guess, because I don't listen to the radio either unless my 12-year-old sister is the car with me. I love her enough to put up with it, but I think the music on the radio is dull. I also don't like being bombarded with peppy voices that tell me to buy a car or "get laser eye surgery today!" Non-stop commercials make me go nuts. Also, no one plays death metal on the radio--at least, not that I'm aware of!

Because of this, I don't know a lot of main stream actors or movies. You truly don't notice how much of a norm it is until the subject comes up and someone asks you who your favorite actor is. I can only name a handful and I don't keep track of movies or shows, so everyone is always shocked. I think it's interesting from a sociology perspective :)

Thanks for the question!

Subject: Re: Do you listen to the Radio?

Forum: Do you listen to the Radio?
Hey Alex!

I actually have an interesting take on the radio. I don't like to listen to it because of two main reasons:

1). I don't like pop
2). I don't like commercials.

Seriously, I can't listen to the same 10 songs on loop and I don't want to hear a peppy voice tell me why I should get a boob job.

However, I will listen to it if my yonger sister is in the car since she enjoys 102.7


Subject: Re: What does music do for you?

Forum: What does music do for you?
Music helps me keep my sanity. If I never found rock, I wouldn't have as good of an outlet for the times that my rage is at its peak.

My grades wouldn't have been as good if it weren't for music. It's impossible to concentrate when you're CRAMMED into a house of 17 PEOPLE. -.- it's ridiculous. Little kids running around everywhere. An inconsiderate sister blasting her music to high heavens and a mother who falls asleep watching novelas (which I think are the most annoying shows ever because they are so hackneyed and predictable). Try doing your homework with your mother yelling. When your sister is an absolute pig and the room you share looks like it's been through a damn tsunami. While your little sister wants you to play with you at unreasonable times....I can tell you most of the time I'm home, I have my earphones blasting rock.

I also agree with claskate. I don't think I'd still be here.

Subject: Re: Good Music

Forum: Good Music
Hello and welcome to CNet. I don't know what kind of music you're into bit here's some music that I enjoy.

If it concerns rock, Flyleaf is a relatively new rock band and I just LOVE them. I am currently obsessed with the song "Much Like Falling." I just absolutely have to tell you about "The Pretty Reckless!" I love Taylor Momsen! Although most of her stuff is pretty upbeat and heated, she also has some songs like "You," which are more emotional as well as relaxing. Eyes Set to Kill is definitely one of my all-time favorite bands. If you're into screamo you should check them out. They have the right amount of intensity in their music and it gets your blood boiling. Alesana also gets my heart racing. I love them. And of course, one of my favorite bands I have to mention is Paramore, with Hayley Williams. (alternative rock, not exactly the vodka of music). They are amazing and I have yet to hear a song of theirs that I dislike.

If it's concerning jazz, I definitely recommend Michael Buble and Jane Monheit. They did a song together called "I won't dance" and I immediately fell in love with it.

If you're looking for something a bit more relaxing, I strongly recommend "Sleeping at Last." It will put you at ease and help you sleep. I usually listen to "Careful Hands" and "Silhouettes." John Mayar is also really good, especially his song entitled "Free Falling." Also look into "The Gorillaz" and check out their videos. Interesting character-work and animation!

I hope you like what I recommended but I know we all have different taste.

Subject: Music!

Forum: Music!
Let's talk guitars and keyboards! I love rock and roll, rock, alternative, punk...stuff like that. The kind of music with pounding drums and a harsh beat. But I also like jazz...smooth music for the sorrows of a broken heart. Sad songs that make you smile.

So what kind of music do you listen to? Do you play an instrument? Do you sing? Please share :)

Subject: Re: what was your CELEBRITY crush?

Forum: what was your CELEBRITY crush?
I shouted start this by saying yes I am bisexual and my celebrity crush has always been Hayley Williams! One of my most favorite bands! I love her voice and she just grabs my attention. Beautiful and talented :)