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Subject: Back-to-School Shopping

Forum: Back-to-School Shopping
Greetings everyone,

First of all, it should be noted that this is solely for curiosity.

I work in retail and have a few questions concerning your or your family's back-to-school shopping habits:

  1. Does your state have a tax-free, or something similar, weekend? Do you take advantage of it or avoid it?

  2. Do you use the school supply lists? If so, do you follow it completely or just as a guideline?

  3. What's your favorite place to do your back-to-school shopping?

  4. This one is for the college students, how did you approach shopping for your first semester/year in the dorm?

Subject: Re: College classes

Forum: College classes
Hi Ladybull,

I think serenity's suggestions are quite excellent. He makes some very excellent points with his reasonings.

I would also have to add an anthropology. I have found that despite how open minded the younger generations are considered to be, quite a few of the kids are more close minded than they are believed to be. This also applies to my own generation (I would use generation names, but I'm kind running on nothing here and not thinking clearly). However, I have found that anthropology helps one step outside their own tiny boxes and see things from a different point of view.