Mass shootings are unfortunately an increasingly common occurrence in the U.S. According to one study in Scientific American, the US had nearly double the number of mass shootings than all other industrialized countries combined (24 in total) in the same 30-year period. Every time there’s a mass shooting, an online debate rages over whether banning assault weapons would decrease these deadly tragedies. Proponents of assault weapons cite the second amendment which allows all Americans to bear arms. In addition, people who own assault weapons often say they keep their weapons locked up and safe, therefore not all gun owners should be punished for the actions of a few. There are various ideas for how we as Americans can stop gun violence—from banning guns entirely, to limiting them to law enforcement and hunters only, to making it more difficult to get a gun. Legislation has been proposed in recent time to toughen gun laws. However, one of the complications is that the definition of what constitutes an “assault rifle” is a contentious topic. What is your stance on this issue and why. Explain your opinion in the comments.