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Subject: Survival. How can we make it?

Forum: Survival. How can we make it?
I would like to start a discussion on "how to make it".

first and foremost, I just recently turned 20, and I'm still working on my undergrad in psychology; about 3 months ago I realized that I feel overwhelmed by the mundane routine of waking up, going to classes just to earn a degree that lately seems obsolete, so I will end up going back to school to get my masters to even be considered for any position that I want. Then go for my PhD, and most likely be drowned in debt.

I just feel like a cattle being herded in the same direction and blindly allowing myself to follow everybody else.

SO, I made up my mind that someway somehow I refuse to work the typical 9-5 for the rest of my life and rely on pension, retirement, ss, etc. (all this things which I feel aren't guaranteed anymore) and the age for retirement for my generation will probably be like 80 with the way things are going. ( I can imagine people wheeling their oxygen tank to work)

There has to be a way to make a dent in the world without doing the same typical routines that works for just a few (not everyone wants to be a doctor, lawyer, nurse engineer, etc.). times have changed from when my parents went to school, they only had to compete with the person sitting next to them in their classroom, now my generation has to compete with everyone single person in the world in the same age category for the same typical jobs, and to get to that dream school.

hmmm, I know I'm all over the place with this, sooooo much in my thoughts.

Ok, so most of the world's richest individuals own their own business, they did what was unconventional and created their own paths.

I'm trying to create my own path, I don't want to work for someone, I want to be comfortable, own my own business, make my own hours.

what is the business? I want to open up a clothing store that is dear to my heart, that stands for something I believe is quickly fading from this society. (that's all I'm willing to share lol)

I'm not saying college, higher education is not important. IT'S VERY IMPORTANT, but it's not the only way, and it can also be combined with other things.

Subject: Should prostitution be made legal?

Forum: Should prostitution be made legal?
I remember a disscusion i had with a group of people back in high school, someone joked about how prostitiutes should pay taxes.

In most of Europe and Asia, it is legalized but carefully regulated and has been a success.

some of the reasons that my peers brought up was that it could be regulated by the government, and thus taxed heavily. It is a product that is in constant demand and you'd have no shortage of clients. If it was monitored, then it would be safer as well since it then it could be regulated and people could be tested. It would also reduce crime rates since the need for street prostitution would be minimized or eliminated

My thoughts were: no no no lol

But I would love to hear what the members of Cnet think?

Subject: Boy sets himself on fire.

Forum: Boy sets himself on fire.
A Pakistani boy who set himself on fire because his parents could not afford to buy him a new school uniform has died, his family and officials said Sunday.

The tragic story is a reminder of the woeful lives of Pakistan's many dirt-poor citizens. It brings out the challenges facing those clinging to the hope that education could be the ticket to climbing up from the bottom rung of society.

Like many in Pakistan, 13-year-old Kamran Khan's family did not have enough money to send him to school. He was such a promising student that a local private school allowed him to attend for free, said the boy's older brother, Saleem Khan.

Even then, the family struggled. The boys' father borrowed money from relatives to buy a work visa to Saudi Arabia four months ago, but he hasn't yet found a job there, said the elder Khan. Their mother works as a maid.

The younger Khan used to wander the streets in Shabqadar, their town of 60,000 in northwest Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, looking for bits of metal scrap and other items to sell to help out the family, said his brother.

He never asked for anything, his brother said, but last month he pleaded with his mother for several days to buy him a new school uniform, a white shalwar kameez, the loose-fitting pants and top worn by both men and women in Pakistan. He was embarrassed that his old one was worn out and patched up.

His mother sympathized with him but repeatedly told him the family didn't have the money. She finally lost her patience with him on March 24 and slapped him, said his brother.
The young boy responded by saying, "If you can't buy me a uniform, then I'm going to kill myself," according to his brother.

He stormed out of their house, doused himself with gasoline and lit himself on fire, said his brother. The youth suffered burns on 65 percent of his body. He was taken to an army-run hospital in Punjab province. But the family could only raise one-tenth of the roughly $5,500 they needed for his treatment.

Cnet what do you think?


When you think of a cheerful job what comes to your mind?
If you could do something you love for the rest of your life, and still make a pretty penny for it, what would you do Cnet?

Subject: sex for sale

Forum: sex for sale
If you were offered 1million dollars for sex would you do it?
why? or why not? please explain. would you consider your self a prostitute?

Subject: Re: Unlimited Access To Cash

Forum: Unlimited Access To Cash
I would enjoy unlimited access to cash, it would be life a bit easier. Even with the money I feel like I would want to still pursue a degree, there is so much to learning this world, why not tap into it?
I would not keep the money to myself, it's unlimited so therefore I would give it out in large sums to those who need it. Maybe we can finally end world hunger.