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Subject: Re: Going On Strike to Not Pay for My Student Loans

Forum: Going On Strike to Not Pay for My Student Loans
Hey Goober,

I would never go on strike to try and get out of paying my school loans, that even sounds ridiculous. What I have learned throughout my college journey is that a certain type of degree is not going to guarantee you a certain type of job (which is why schools offer hundreds of different majors), it's more about the critical thinking skills you "acquire" from these classes that will enable you to excel at any job you have. A person with a bachelors in history can still be a director of a company, but the problem is that some people are so stringent on having a certain job that fits their degree that they don't even explore other opportunities. (Some jobs do require certain types of degrees such as health care nurses, psychologists, accountant whiles others only require a high school diploma or technical degree).

Goober your calling it out exactly for what it is, stealing from the government after you've received your degree. It's not as though the government can just take back your degree right? No, that wouldn't be ethical.

There are more and better repayment options now than when I originally started my college expedition, I;'m not complaining, I'm just proud of the progress. There are still many many options available for repayment, even if you are not yet working or if you do not make what you anticipated upon graduating---the point is that they're not going to take what you don't have. It really depends on what type of person it is and how responsible they are because some people will really try to run until the IRS has to garnish their paychecks.

Subject: Re: Oklahoma Frat Students Expelled After Racist Chant

Forum: Oklahoma Frat Students Expelled After Racist Chant
@Kyoung---I was outraged myself when I first seen the clip this morning as I was making my coffee....way to start a morning right? I do feel that the university's president made the right decision but I don't think the students are permanently expelled from the school, I think they may be expelled for the next two years. This doesn't mean that they can't attend college elsewhere, they just have to make other plans. Even though the punishment is harsh, it's not cruel or excessive (they shut down the fraternity and no charges were brought up on the students). One person tweeted that "These boys will someday be our judges, lawyers, police officers, professors and if nothing is done about this behavior now, it will be reinforced and society will continue to wonder why racism still exists"---So true

@Heather---I've heard about this happening at some fraternities but I never really thought it had any truth to it. Now I look at fraternities and sororities entirely different. I was actually considering joining during grad school, but this leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Even though I don't condone certain behaviors, I'm realizing that your affiliation with certain groups can be egregious.

Subject: Obama’s Free 2 Year Community College Plan

Forum: Obama’s Free 2 Year Community College Plan
Have you guys heard about this? Obama is proposing a free 2 year community college program that would allow all students to have the opportunity to train themselves for better jobs and further their education. This plan would require both the state and federal government to split the tab and if every state chose to participate, it could help 9 million students and save those enrolled full-time an average of $3,800 a year, according to the White House. One of the requirements is that the student would have to maintain a 2.5 grade point average and everything else would be covered.


In wishful thinking, this would have been great for me about six years ago but I am glad that a plan is in place to help my sister and the future generation because college classes are becoming very expensive. I don’t even want to imagine what classes will be in the next ten years…….In my opinion, Obama’s plan is very doable (unlike some of the requirements I've heard of like maintaining a 3.0 or 3.5---which can be stressful because it doesn't leave room to make a B or C) but Obama’s plan does. The majority of my colleagues agree that this is a great idea but that it probably will not get passed because it'll cost around 60 billion dollars over the course of ten years.

Subject: Re: Ohmygoodness, I miss this!

Forum: Ohmygoodness, I miss this!
Hey Maygan, Welcome back :)

What are some of the things you miss most when you take a break from them?---Whenever I take a break from Cnet, I laways miss checking back for comments from my forums.

Do you appreciate what you have at the time? Sometimes I don't because we get so consumed with everything and sometimes we have a "now" mentality which leaves zero room for patience.

Or does it take a leave of absence for you to really understand what you once had? I am actually on leave of absence from my job in New York and I really miss it and the coworkers I saw everyday. I really didn't realize how much I valued them, but now that I'm on a personal leave, I think about them and wonder what they're up to.

What or who do you miss the most from your childhood? I miss my grandmother who passed away when I was 6 years old.

From being a teenager? I miss riding my bicycle around the neighborhood for hours and hours.

From college? I miss the easy 2 page paper assignments I did in community college.

From a time when you were younger? I'm not really sure about this one.....I miss summer vacations with my grandma from my father's side.

Subject: Re: High Schools Cancel Midterm and Final Exams

Forum: High Schools Cancel Midterm and Final Exams
Hello HisChosen1,

I did read some of the article and saw that a lot of the schools are dropping the midterms and finals because it takes a long time to prepare for those tests and it gives the teachers a week and a half more of teaching to do. One of the school stated that they will not be dropping both the midterm and the final because there would be no way to test the knowledge of what the student has learned all semester and that it is a good preparation for college. A lot of people feel differently about it because a lot of emphasis is being put on this test.

Personally, this test sounds similar to a statewide test used to determine whether or not a student should graduate based off of a test score. That test score indicates where the knowledge the student should know and honestly, it has held a lot of my classmates from graduating (the Florida FCAT). Hopefully this test will be fine but I'm not sure that eliminating midterms and finals would play a factor in preparing for this test.

Subject: Re: Did you transition from a community/state college?

Forum: Did you transition from a community/state college?
Hey FutureASL,

I'm happy to hear that your community college well prepared you and everything worked out in your favor because after you started your family, you came back and changed your major. A lot of people are afraid to change their major but that is exactly what an undergrad is---finding out what it is you like versus what it is you love. Thank you for your response and may the best be with you and your new baby boy (you got like 7 more days right lol?)

Subject: Did you transition from a community/state college?

Forum: Did you transition from a community/state college?
Hey Cnetters,

How many of us transitioned from a community or state college before transferring to a university? Did you just go on ahead to a university? Do you there is a difference in preparing oneself by going to a community college or does it not matter?

Personally, I transferred to a university after I spent about 2 1/2 years at a community college. I was more mature and prepared when I did transition to a university, but in all honesty, the university had the same resources (if not more) that my community college offered. There was a writing center, math lab, foreign language lab and some labs were open on Saturdays (which never happened at my community college not even during finals). It's hard to say whether the transition had an effect on me, because I was also 3 years older which probably had something to do with it.

Have a Grrrreeeaatttt Thursday Everyone :)

Subject: Re: How prestigious the school is STILL matters

Forum: How prestigious the school is STILL matters
Hey En24,

After I received my associates from a community college, I had to choose between going to a university (USF) that offered dorms, different sorority options, and it was only 3 hours north of my family back home. The other option was a commuter college (John Jay) 1000+ miles away, no dorms, no sororities, but this school compared to USF was a "prestigious" college. So with the cons outweighing the cons, I decided to choose John Jay because I felt as though more opportunities will come my way. But now that i am a senior getting ready to graduate from this college, I feel as though its what you do with your degree--not really what your degree can do for you. So now Im prepared to apply myself to all types of jobs (in and outside of my degree).

This has also been an experience though, it was good for me to venture out and move to a different state. I actually recommend this because some people truly fins themselves when they're not surrounded by people who pacify them.

To answer your question, the name of the school still matters to us personally but society is being more open to seeing a bachelors degree from any accredited college.

Subject: Re: When is it too old ?

Forum: When is it too old ?
Hey Denise,

I dont think there is any age considered too old to go back to school. I remember being a freshman at a community college and they had pictures and awards of this 80 year old woman whom had graduated that year with her associate's degree and was on the honor society which was really really awesome. It also inspired my mom whom was 38 or 39 at the time to go back and get her associate's. Some time ago, I did hear that research shows that exercising the brain (such as continuing education or learning a new language) helps people to live longer.

Subject: Are you an Authoritarian Parent???

Forum: Are you an Authoritarian Parent???
Hey Cnet,

Parental authority is something that comes naturally, but sometimes a parent loses that natural authority because of stressors. So then, parenting with authority becomes authoritarian parenting which is basically "my way or the highway" mindframe.

What type of parent are you? Are you permissive (set reasonable limits) or more authoritarian? Are authoritarian parents respected more?

As for me, I had a very authoritarian mom. I was the first born which probably played some type of trial and error because my mom was not the same way with my sister. when I was grounded for 3 months......it was literally 3 months because she marked it on a calendar. I've spoken to a few of my colleagues about this and they say that parents are generally more permissive after the first born.