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Subject: Re: Can I Borrow $20.00?

Forum: Can I Borrow $20.00?
Hey Joyce,

I've let my aunt borrow $20 I think 2 or 3 times and she's only given it back once. I think the only reason that happened was because I needed gas and she met me at the gas station to give me the $20 back which was a week later. There has been times when I've let my best friend borrow $50 dollars and she's given it back when she said she would, I didn't have to hound her or remind her. Sometimes I think friends/colleagues pay you back faster than family because it's a different type of relationship, but I have heard stories where that is not always the case.

Happy Easter Everyone :)

Subject: Re: Do enjoy having company over?

Forum: Do enjoy having company over?
Hey Dare_2_Dream,

I actually do like having guests over because I like being in my "hostess" mode. I like making people feel welcome, fixing them a plate of food and wine, and things like that---but that's only for a one time event lol. The last time I had guests over was for Christmas and thank God they all came at different times lol. There has been times when family needs to stay at your place for a couple of months so you have to make room and adjust, it gets a little cluttered because there is more cleaning to be done and more everything else to be done, but sometimes it happens. You have to be there if you're in the position to help them out at that time.

I also like visiting other people's home, but I don't like staying there for long periods of time like for months because I feel that it's intruding on their personal space. I know that everyone is comfortable when they have their peaceful time as well as their fun times. I do make sure that when I am invited to other peoples home for dinner or get together, I do help them do the dishes or put away the food.

Subject: Re: The Baby has ARRIVED!! Choosing a Name!?

Forum: The Baby has ARRIVED!! Choosing a Name!?
Hey Nichole,

Congratulations to you and your Baby Boy!!!!!! You have such incredible strength to still be able to post girl!!!!! From looking at all the awesome ideas above, I'm sure you have a lot to choose from but I've listed my top three.

1. Alexander
2. Nathaniel
3. Ethan

I'm sure whatever you come up with will be lovely and perfect. I wish the best for you and your new addition to the family!!!!!

Subject: Re: Perfect Timing: Death, Acceptance & phenomena

Forum: Perfect Timing: Death, Acceptance & phenomena
Hey Liss,

I am sorry for your loss and the way you are dealing with it is just so surreal. I would literally be a hot mess right now, but you've connected the timing of her death to the magical timing of the universe and I think that is truly special. Honestly, I can't remember a time where "everything" has fallen into place or had a perfect timing but it feels like when I moved back home in Florida in year June last year, no one was on speaking terms in my family. I thought this was going to put additional stress on me because the point of me moving back was to lessen my stress from the city life of New York and be able to focus more on my studies and not through everyone else's problems. But anywho, I started praying and coming out of my comfort zone and little by little, everyone started communicating and then it got to a point where we were able to have a Family Night. Since then, my family and my studies are in sync so maybe it was meant for me to come back home at that time.

Subject: Re: Are you too pretty to be a Nun???

Forum: Are you too pretty to be a Nun???
Hey Bear,

Nice to have you back from your nap :) Actually, that was the title of the article that got my attention and I've never seen a nun up close only from a distance or on television. It was interesting reading all the negative backlash this woman received from her friends and family when she told them about her decision, they were saying things like "you;re too normal to be a nun or you're too pretty to be a nun" most likely because of her current life style. And then again, that's family. Now that I'm thinking about it a day later, they probably didn't have any mean or malicious thoughts behind it. They were most likely in shock, I know I would be if my sister told me she was converting to a nun. I'd be shocked, scared, and excited.

Subject: Re: Plan your Stay at Home Date Night!

Forum: Plan your Stay at Home Date Night!
Hey Fiveroses,

That sounded like a lovely date night with you and your hubby. I don't know if it's actual "date night" but it was nice that my sister and my mom were both home from their jobs so I decided to cook a meal (beef stew with some rice) and we looked at the 50 Shades of Grey movie online. My sis knows how to hook up those online movies to the tv screen, and then we ate some popcorn. Now I see why a lot of people saw that movie with their boyfriends lol but it was still funny and I was happy that we got some form of time together in. Hopefully, next time she'll be able to get that Will Smith Focus movie online for me.

Subject: Re: Do You Know how to take the Temperature of a Room?

Forum: Do You Know how to take the Temperature of a Room?
Hey Cire7,

I can usually tell when everyone is there has been a conflict in a social setting, usually this happens with my family members or whenever there is a group presentation and someone didn't hold up their end of the bargain. If it's my family, I get a vibe immediately---everyone either has a unit on their face, someone has had way too much vodka, or someone has brought up the past and hasn't apologized. When I was a freshman/sophomore, I was more involved in why people didn't like people or why this person was with this person but now I'm in the category of people who dont give a crap lol.

What I do pay attention to is people who try to hard to impress the professor but they try too hard and it's kind of funny because they start to annoy the professor.

Subject: Re: 3000 Posts Tomorrow: Celebrate with me?

Forum: 3000 Posts Tomorrow: Celebrate with me?
Hey Liss,

Congratulations to you, girl I can only imagine 3000......that requires so much dedication and perseverance so keep up the good work Liss. A lot of the times, we have to take so many breaks from this site because of time constraints due to family, job, school, study time, free time, peace time, lol.

3 things that I have learned from Cnet would be:

(1) How to take constructively disagree with other people's opinions (or shall I shall reason with different perspectives)
(2) How to stick to a time management schedule so that everything can get done in a timely manner
(3) How to research certain topics I may not know about it (it helps me connect to other Cnetters instead of responding to the same Cnetters I always do)

Subject: Re: How Do You Want to Retire?

Forum: How Do You Want to Retire?
Hey Shinny,

I would not want to die working, I would want to retire comfortably in my home and only downsize if I needed to because a home has so many memories especially if it is going to be the home that is left to the children or grandchildren. I don't think that I'd want to be a world traveler but I'd definitely want to travel to different places out of the year while still being close to my family and being present during precious moments like birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Thanksgiving dinners, etc. I would also like to pick up a hobby or part time volunteer duty to keep my mind focused and energized, maybe help out at a shelter or tutor at a nearby library...maybe I'll finally have the extra time to learn a different language.

Subject: Re: A Plane Crash and One Young Survivor

Forum: A Plane Crash and One Young Survivor
Hello BriElle,

Thank you so much for posting this. I watched this yesterday on the news and it was so shocking to see this seven year old walk through all of this rough terrain with cuts all over her legs and arms right after a plane crash. She realized that her mom, dad, brother and cousin were dead and still had the energy and strength to go to someone's house for help. I think her last name was Gutzler but my heart goes out to her and her family, they were on their way home from a family vacation and one of the plane's engines's blew out.