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Subject: Re: Hair colors

Forum: Hair colors
Hey Karlie,

Yeah, I've been noticing these colors lately. I saw Raven Simone's interview with Oprah a few month's ago and her hair was gorgeous. I think that when you do these bold colors, everything else has to be bold as well or it won't look right. For example, if I decided to wear purple streaks in my "extensions" for 1 month, then I would definitely take a mental note to make sure that my makeup was properly done everyday and that my hair was either curled, flat-ironed, or styled for that entire month. There would be no "I woke up like this" moments where I would just get up out of bed and throw my purple hair into a ponytail and expect everyone not to look at me strange or take pictures with their phone.

I've done purple in high school as a 9th grader but this time, I think I'd like to try the light green with a little bit of pink---but not my entire head...just some streaks lol

Subject: Re: Short Hair/Long Hair

Forum: Short Hair/Long Hair
I think you should go to a CVS or newstand and buy a hair magazine called ShortHair because they have the newest hottest styles to choose from and which styles do or dont fit your face. I also think that you should choose a bob style if you have thin hair because layers only good on people with thick hair. I cut my hair all the time and it looks nice, I try different color extensions and it still looks nice lol.