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Subject: Re: When it comes to harassment, what is your role?

Forum: When it comes to harassment, what is your role?
I think it's beyond time we started listening to women (and men!) who come forward with allegations of sexual assault/harassment and take action to investigate the perpetrators, not cast doubt on the motives of survivors. The latter attitude was so pervasive for so long it allowed men, especially men with any sort of power, to act inappropriately without being checked and made generations of women feel that their safety was not as important as letting men think they were funny. We cannot be truly equal until our right to feel safe everywhere is upheld and respected.

I have definitely been guilty of supporting rape culture. Whether it was passing judgment in the past of women who come forward with claims and then settle, or not telling guys who say sexist or lewd things that they are wrong, my inaction in those sort of situations has facilitated these actors to continue to infringe on my rights and discourage women from standing up for themselves and I am not proud of that.

I am happy to see that there is such a tremendous outpouring of support for survivors and whistleblowers. It gives me hope in an otherwise dismal political environment that our attitudes are changing and people are not tolerating offensive and reckless behavior anymore.

Subject: Re: Evil People: Born or Made

Forum: Evil People: Born or Made
Some people are born sociopathic and cannot empathize with people or feel remorse but not all sociopaths kill. The ones who do are the closest I think people can come to being "born evil".

Other than that there are any number of circumstances that can cause somebody to do evil things and usually you can figure out why someone would commit a heinous act by looking into their past (or the environment they were raised in, as innocenceproject pointed out).

Subject: Re: Teacher Gives Student Lap Dance for His Birthday!!

Forum: Teacher Gives Student Lap Dance for His Birthday!!
She didn't even dance to "Hot for Teacher" ! ( I checked, the song is longer than the one they mentioned in article).

Honestly, how stupid can you be? You have the dedication and smarts to get yourself through school, land a job as a teacher and you put it all on the line at the urging of a classroom full of hormonal preteens? Really? And you didn't think one of them was gonna whip out a smart phone and record it?

While I understand innocenceproject's point about no one necessarily being harmed by this particular circumstance I believe the actions taken against this teacher are proper. The same argument that "no one was hurt and it was consensual" has been used by everyone charged with statutory rape but that doesn't make it anymore legitimate- minors are not allowed to give consent under the law and adults should know better. Period. If it were a male teacher being inappropriate with an underaged female student, I doubt you'd find anyone sympathetic toward him. Yet for some reason we assume that it's ok to allow people to mess around and encourage inappropriate relationships when the gender roles are reversed.

Subject: Re: Where can Pedophiles Turn for Help?

Forum: Where can Pedophiles Turn for Help?
Honestly it does strike me how in recent years there has been a big push to recognize Rape Culture and look at how we raise men to view women as sex toys and not human beings who have the right to choose when they want to have sex, yet we never turn our eyes toward what causes someone to be sexually aroused by children. Maybe it's because for most of us it's such a black&white topic (while many still debate the "grey areas" of consent) that we just say "Whoever thinks that way about a kid is a monster and deserves the harshest punishment"

I absolutely believe we should find a way to reach out to those people like Adam who wish not to hurt children and to have normal sexual desires. As a very young child I was abused by a family member who was not much older than me. I wasn't old enough to understand what she did to me but I knew it was wrong and she intimidated me into keeping silent. 10+ years later she went to a Christian college and had to go to chapel everyday- one day the speaker spoke about the cycle of abuse. She came home from school & admitted to me that she was molested by a friend of hers who was being molested by her aunt. She admitted she was wrong and didn't ask me to forgive her- she just wanted to tell me how sorry she was. Some would say she's still a rapist but I wouldn't- she was a young victim who didn't understand what she was compelled to do or why. Had anyone been helped in that chain it could have prevented a lot of tragedy.

I see your point Des29- the only real difference between substance abuse rehab and sexual abuse rehab is that the success rate for the latter group is almost zero and to boot by acting on their urges they MUST hurt others while an addict might OD somewhere out of sight and mind of others.

Subject: Practical joking or...

Forum: Practical joking or...
Yesterday one of my colleagues sent an e-mail to the office with a link to this website in it: http://www.fakeababy.com/

Basically on this site you can purchase all sorts of items to fake a pregnancy including: bra inserts, a positive pregnancy test, and, worst of all, ultrasound photos...

Is anyone else appalled by this? We get dozens of reports each day of women who allow families to pay for their living expenses and then duck out at the last minute or who con multiple families into thinking she's going to place before she disappears and leaves them with thousands of dollars of debt. To think that any of these women could type "fake baby" or "fake pregnancy" into google and find this website makes my blood boil.

What are your thoughts on the matter? When does a prank/practical joke go too far? Should we find a way to contact the operators of the site and alert them to the possible ramifications of their actions?

Subject: Re: 22 people die in PA due to Heroine mixed with fentanyl

Forum: 22 people die in PA due to Heroine mixed with fentanyl
Ignoring the problem will not make it go away- if society didn't have legislation to punish people like this you better believe the issue would be far more rampant than it is now. As it stands, most illicit substances are only used by people who are ok with operating on the fringe of society (criminals). Allowing for more drugs to be legal would mean an increase in people using all sorts of drugs. Escalation would probably be a greater issue (more people looking for a faster/cheaper/more effective high) & violent crime would still be associated with drug use, especially highly addictive opiates/designer drugs.

To say that raids & other such measures are completely ineffective is unfair to our law enforcement officers & agencies- they do their jobs well, it's just impossible to eradicate drugs because people want to escape from reality. Where there's a will, there's a way. Media has a way of blowing these issues out of proportion.

I believe we should invest our resources into rehabilitation and education. When we have strong communities and stable families there is no vaccuum to be filled by drugs and criminal behavior. Some people are still going to opt for experimenting with something dangerous; no doubt there's always the story of the straight-A student from a good home with plenty of friends ODing from cocaine/heroin or being stabbed in a bad drug deal but these are far less frequent than stories of kids in urban neighborhoods with no job prospects and no loving home environment getting involved in criminal activity. These are the people who need the most help because they have fewer viable options.