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Subject: It was an Asthma Attack...

Forum: It was an Asthma Attack...

I recently learned of the passing of someone who I've met once 4 years ago, but have never forgotten. He was a Gates Millennium Scholar, an aerospace engineering major at Tuskegee University, and he was beloved by many.

I remember learning about him through a video played at our Gates Conference and he was interning at Boeing at the time. He was a very respectable guy.

I learned about his death through Instagram, which was an unfortunate way for anyone to learn of a death. He passed away due to his asthma. It scares me, because my little brother has asthma. I thought it couldn't have such a strong grip on your life after you reach adulthood but I was wrong.

Have you lost a friend to a sickness that many do not believe is fatal?

If you'd like to leave remarks about any of your deceased loved ones, feel free to do it in this thread.

Subject: Graduation Day

Forum: Graduation Day
I spent all day going to my fiancee's many graduation ceremonies. I have laughed, yelled joyously, and even came close to tears as I sat for hours in the sun and in crowded rooms to see speakers spread wisdom and for students to walk across a boundary that leads to a great transition in life.

I have one more year and I can't wait. I wanted to know how about how your graduation has been or what you're hoping it will be like when it does happen.
Also please state the degree that you will earn.
For those in high school, what major do you plan to pursue and why?

Subject: Re: What Would a Truly Diverse College Look Like?

Forum: What Would a Truly Diverse College Look Like?
As an African-American student at a predominantly white public university with a population making up about 4% of the campus, my college career has been molded by the very fabric of the lack of diversity on college campuses.

I don't even know another African-American in my year in the mechanical engineering department. Engineering strives on the basis of innovation and innovation thrives when people from diverse backgrounds get together. There's a lens that many students of the majority feel like there's no need for things like affirmative action, scholarships and new litigation to help increase the number of minorities on campus.

Diversity is a great concept, but it is something that we severely lack on campus. I attended a discussion called the Dr. King Series and we talked about how to increase the social climate on campus. We came to the conclusion that we needed to have a 1 credit Intergroup Relations class where facilitators strike up a discussion about social identities and the privileges that each identity has as well as the cons to the identity.

From reading the messages, I don't feel as though we truly understand the impact socioeconomic status, race, gender, disability, and etc. have on the social climate on campus. A lot of people who have not experienced the hardships of being discriminated against every day may be very idealistic about diversity; however, I feel as though we have a long way to go.

And racism is very much well and alive, just more subtle. I have heard the N-word by so many people that don't look like me on campus, it's not even funny. No one can say that racism is dying, when a black man has to fear for his life whenever he walks down the street at any time of the day.

Police brutality seems to be a very popular social issue nowadays, but just know that if you haven't walked in anyone else's struggles, then you don't really know what's going on in their daily lives.

Low socioeconomic status is what keeps many barrios and hoods very apparent.

How many kids do you know were ever truly given a fighting chance to go to college when they lived across the street from a crack house>

Subject: The Scholar's Key: How You Can Unlock Your Dreams

Forum: The Scholar's Key: How You Can Unlock Your Dreams
Hello CNETters,

It has been a long time and some of you may still remember me as dmanjr. I wrote a book on what I believed allowed for me to win many scholarships my senior year of high school. I recently self-published the book. It is full of words of encouragement, motivation, poetry, and personal stories that I'm hoping will inspire students to apply themselves to the best of their ability from the classroom to their daily lives in their future.

It can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble Online Bookstore, and the Xlibris Bookstore.

The reason I am creating this topic and making my way back to CNET after 3 long years full of personal growth is simple. I have spent over $9000 trying to publicize, publish, and print my book. Needless to say, it has made my bank account very sore and I am taking a fifth year. Unfortunately, all of my scholarships minus one will no longer be available to me because the limit is 4 years.

Honestly, I will be hurting financially until I graduate and get a job. I left CNET because I got caught in some serious drama in my personal life and even on CNET.

It is a pleasure to be back and I can't wait to strike up new conversations with other intellectuals on CNET!!!

Subject: How Was Your First Year?

Forum: How Was Your First Year?
Yesterday, I finished my last finals for my freshman year! Though my exams were pretty hard, I've never felt better to finally be free from the work! Time went by so fast, I can't believe I'm at the end already.

Throughout the year, I learned to love college, I grew as a person, and I met plenty of people along the way. I gained a lot of confidence in myself as I took on more difficult classes and balanced my workload with doing extracurricular activities. I must say that I really have matured into a better person this year and I have all of college's ups and downs to thank for it.

So my question is: How was/is your first year of college? Did it meet your expectations? How did you grow as a person?

For those who have not quite made it to college yet: What do you expect out of your first year of college?

Subject: Represent Your College!

Forum: Represent Your College!
Hey guys, I've never really seen any topics concern where everyone goes to and how much they actually like their school. Seeing as we have 4 people from Union County College in the top ten right now, we have to represent our colleges too!

Let's represent!

What college do you go to?
What are your colors?
What is your mascot?
What is your favorite program/event in the school?
Where is your favorite place to be on campus and why?

Here's mine:
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Maize and Blue
Festifall, where all of the organizations try to recruit and there's tons of free food.
My favorite place would have to be on the Central Campus diag, especially during the Spring. So much is going on and there's plenty of people to talk to.

Subject: The College DropOut

Forum: The College DropOut
A few weeks ago, my friend announced that he would be dropping out of college because he lost his $80,000 scholarship. This Engineering Scholarship of Honor was given to students at the beginning of our senior year of high school through a 2 week long summer college engineering exposure program. We had to do presentations about what we've done in our high school careers, and the 12 best presenters out of about 36 students received the scholarship. I met him through this program and we went into the same engineering academy the next summer.

It turns out that you must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in order to maintain this scholarship. My friend received a 2.2 his first term. He wasn't doing what he needed to do: he joined a frat against our academy's rules, got drunk every week on multiple days, and smoked weed a lot. He was too busy living the crazy side of college life and every time I saw him, he looked worse. He's trying to turn his life around this term, but I'm afraid that it's too late. His plans are to go back home in North Carolina and start working.
It's very unfortunate because he was a very intelligent person with plenty of potential. I wish he wouldn't have wasted all of these good opportunities on bad opportunities.

How do you feel about situations like these? Do you have any friends who dropped out?

Subject: Re: College

Forum: College
I was just about to make a topic like this! except I was gonna also ask what the worst experience was if they had already been in college.

I've spent a few days at college and I loved every bit of it. I can't wait to have the access to so much food; the buffet was delicious and I feel like i'm going to get the freshman 15 very quick. I know freedom is the number one thing I look forward to, making my own decisions without others holding me back. I can't wait to study abroad if I'm able to and have so many places to learn effectively. It's gonna been fun hanging out with friends that i've known forever and be able to join so many organizations that do community events.

I don't look forward to a lot of work but I can grin and bare that, as long as I don't have too many outrageously long research papers. I also would hate to have an awful roommate or have financial problems.