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Subject: Who Can't You Live Without? (Appreciation Thread)

Forum: Who Can't You Live Without? (Appreciation Thread)
As cheesy as this may sound, there are a select few people in my life that I simply can't live without. One person who comes first in mind is the love of my life. I couldn't imagine spending the rest of my days with any other person other than my fiancee. She makes me happy and I just can't contain myself when I'm around her. We can talk for hours and I could enjoy myself doing nothing with her.

It's your turn :)
Who can't you live without? Why?
What would your life be like without them?
If you could sum up your appreciation for them in one sentence, what would you say?

Subject: Can Love Last?

Forum: Can Love Last?
Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary with the love of my life. I've known her for about 4 years, and we have such great chemistry together.

Yesterday was the day I was planning for for about 3 months didn't go as I expected. I was supposed to pick her up at 12PM and surprise her with my present for her. I was so anxious, that I was just sitting there waiting for time to run faster. Around 11, I get a text saying that she will be late. I text her again and she says it might take until 2. I was so discouraged but she sent this one text that was 3 text messages long telling me how much she cares and how she was so sorry and that she wasn't putting anything before our anniversary. I responded with an "Ok". When 3 rolled around, I went to her house. She was still in her room telling me that she wasn't ready. I waited a good two and a half hours until she finally was finished.

Then we set off for our adventure, I made reservations to go to P.F. Changs and we were finally on time for something. Afterwards, I blindfolded her and took her two her two presents (her birthday was a day before). After that, I read what had been taking her so long to do, a diary of the whole month before our was worth more than anything else to me. It was one of the most romantice nights i've ever had and I wouldn't want to share my life with anyone else.

I wanted to see if all of the Cnetters believed that love can last and what you thought the ingredients are to make it last? What was the most romantic gift your partner has given you? Do you believe that if two people go to seperate colleges, they're relationship can work?

Subject: Re: OH YES MY FIRST LOVE.......

Forum: OH YES MY FIRST LOVE.......
Lol I'm still with my first love but 3 years ago (we were 13-14) when us being "kinda together" ended, I was in a world of hurt for about 2 weeks. There were problems involving doubt on her part for months and I fought so hard to keep her but by the end I expected things to end. Still I couldn't sleep, and I was so empty. It wasn't until I went to Cedar Point and mustered up the courage to go on almost every rollercoaster (I guess I did'nt value my life as much) is when I finally broke through and let things go. When I came home from that, I had 6 missed calls(forgot to bring my phone) all from her and I didn't call back. When she called me again, I was very cheery and it was easy to talk to her but I stopped talking to her for a year because we didn't really see each other. I dated a little bit but it was with a completely opposite personality so it made me want to be with her even more.

I guess things worked out for the best since we're so close now.

Subject: Re: "You Need More Than Love"

Forum: "You Need More Than Love"
People looking from the outside know very little about what's happening in the inside. Either i'm very stubborn or I simply hate when people try to force their opinions on others on what they know very little about. While it's true that love can't pay the bills, it provides a strong support system that can get you through tough times and inspire you to strive. As long as you have confidence in your relationship, faith that things will work out in the end, and a reasonable plan for the future, i'm sure you can do anything you want.

Marriage can't really hold you back (when it comes to prospering) but children can financially pressure you into not getting some opportunities. I have seen many couples that knew each other since before they high school and they are still together. It's truely beautiful to see love that last. I'm sure you'll be fine in whatever path you choose. It's best not to let anyone's negativity get to you and cause you to make a decision that you don't agree with.

I agree with everything that Ingrid and Sendme2College said.

Subject: Re: So Self-Destructive!

Forum: So Self-Destructive!
He is 17, but yeah I get really wrapped up when i'm trying to help someone and don't know what to do. It's very hard to tell whether they think it'll work out or just wish it would.

I know i've gone through my fair share of unrequited quests. Though I was given a cold shoulder, I was willing to work hard to warm things up. My childhood crush was the kind of girl that goes with the song "Girl Next Door." If I would've known the girl next door would've been her now, I would've looked twice at her. She isn't allowed to date until college but we liked each other after spending many summers together. We held hands in secret and I liked her a lot. Because she was restricted, it was very hard for her to open up and I ended up not realizing that things simply wouldn't work out. It became a long distance thing and I never really got to talk to her. It was fun while it lasted though.

My girlfriend now was also restricted in 8th grade. I would talk and talk to her, I thought I loved her. It was puppy love and we never kissed even after being "together" for six months. She would always have second thoughts and I'd have to spend hours talking to her trying to convince that she didn't have to worry. She didn't want to be in a relationship yet I couldn't help but try as hard as I could. I got really hurt back then from putting so much effort into it and getting too involved. It was worth it after so many years, it's about to be our 1 year anniversary and she's still worth the trouble.

Subject: Re: Impress

Forum: Impress
It's the thought that counts right? Haha Me and my girlfriend have been together for almost a year and I don't think I'll ever stop trying to impress her. By impressing her I try to do whatever it takes to make her happy (there's nothing worse than feeling like a boring boyfriend).
Yesterday, my girl and I were playing basketball and I was shooting all kinds of long range shots and doing crossovers on her just to impress her. She beat me 15-12...(I let her win, but shhh :-) )
I've done a ton of things special for her but these are the ones i can remember: It feels like I've made over 20 poems about her, I woke up early in the morning to put a dozen roses, a poem, and a teddy bear holding roses and the poem in her locker for our 6th month, I've randomly given her a flower that was her favorite color just because, I gave her chocolate covered pineapples(her favorite) with a necklace and earrings hidden in the box that came with it for her bday, and I've given her chocolate covered strawberry roses along with some other stuff on valentines day. I use romanticism to impress and she absolutely hates it because she feels like she doesn't deserve it. Can't wait until our anniversary. She is totally worth the effort and I'm sure you ladies are too.
Why is it that modest girls don't like when they're boyfriends try to impress them?

Subject: Re: What Makes a Passionate Person?

Forum: What Makes a Passionate Person?
I think I was a very unpassionate person growing up, especially 9th grade. I lacked the want to talk to others and had the best time relaxing alone. I hated doing afterschool activities and I never realized how much I was hurting myself. I think most of my lack of passion came from my lack of a male role model growing up. I had to teach myself a lot, and I lost a lot of privacy due to having step brothers (one took my bedroom when I was young-step-mother allowed it and I came to just make a new bedroom out of the basement)
I was and still am a very nice person but I ended up getting used a lot by some "friends". I lacked faith in the society the more I knew the truth about the world.

Luckily, my faith was renewed after 10th grade. I now am a very optimistic person and I find passion in plenty of things- music, giving advice, poetry, piano, exercising. The love of my life is probably a driving force but the love for my mother and other family members always inspires me. After participating in so many things this year, I know things will get better. I found so much passion in helping others in more than just giving my "friends" what they wanted. I created a school-wide teddy bear drive with the goal of collecting 150 stuffed animals for Orchards Children's Services. Although there was a lot of negative reception in my school, I was able to collect 246 animals. That accomplishment made me so passionate. I have faith that everyone has some good in them. With so many good things happening in their world, we're bound to find happiness. We just need to broadcast more positive things on news stations.

Subject: Re: "I Love You...Let's Have Sex!"

Forum: "I Love You...Let's Have Sex!"
Women get so attached to "I love you"s because there is supposed to be so much meaning behind it. There always has been and there always will be. Unfortunately, people misuse, abuse, and overuse this phrase for childish or confused reasons. I have never used it and I have many male friends who are still virgins who have never used this as well. I think it is manipulation.
Thankfully, I am with the love of my dreams. There's no pressure and we're waiting until marriage. I was in an unofficial relationship with her in 8th grade for six months and we never kissed because she wasn't ready. 3 years afterwards, we got into a relationship and I was ready to still wait for a kiss from her because I knew she was worth it. Nothing says "I love you" more like patience and sharing a good amount of time together getting to know one another.