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Subject: Re: What Would a Truly Diverse College Look Like?

Forum: What Would a Truly Diverse College Look Like?
As an African-American student at a predominantly white public university with a population making up about 4% of the campus, my college career has been molded by the very fabric of the lack of diversity on college campuses.

I don't even know another African-American in my year in the mechanical engineering department. Engineering strives on the basis of innovation and innovation thrives when people from diverse backgrounds get together. There's a lens that many students of the majority feel like there's no need for things like affirmative action, scholarships and new litigation to help increase the number of minorities on campus.

Diversity is a great concept, but it is something that we severely lack on campus. I attended a discussion called the Dr. King Series and we talked about how to increase the social climate on campus. We came to the conclusion that we needed to have a 1 credit Intergroup Relations class where facilitators strike up a discussion about social identities and the privileges that each identity has as well as the cons to the identity.

From reading the messages, I don't feel as though we truly understand the impact socioeconomic status, race, gender, disability, and etc. have on the social climate on campus. A lot of people who have not experienced the hardships of being discriminated against every day may be very idealistic about diversity; however, I feel as though we have a long way to go.

And racism is very much well and alive, just more subtle. I have heard the N-word by so many people that don't look like me on campus, it's not even funny. No one can say that racism is dying, when a black man has to fear for his life whenever he walks down the street at any time of the day.

Police brutality seems to be a very popular social issue nowadays, but just know that if you haven't walked in anyone else's struggles, then you don't really know what's going on in their daily lives.

Low socioeconomic status is what keeps many barrios and hoods very apparent.

How many kids do you know were ever truly given a fighting chance to go to college when they lived across the street from a crack house>

Subject: Re: "THE TALK"

Forum: "THE TALK"
I saw this on the Tyra show yesterday where they were talking about when was the best time to tell children certain things. Here's the link:

I randomly got the "talk" after 8th grade during the summer. My mom wasn't nervous, i don't think, and she just told me straight up what goes where; though I already knew and had taken sex ed. I think she'd rather have my father talk to be about it though.

Subject: Re: Condoms for 1ST GRADERS?

Forum: Condoms for 1ST GRADERS?
Wow...that's a great idea to do the exact opposite of what they want to accomplish; they're just promoting sex now.

If I were given a hamburger for free on a very laborous day...I would eat it. If I were given water on a hot day..I would drink it. What do they think little kids will do with these things! Make water balloons? Maybe. Have sex? Definitely. Even though condoms and other forms of birth control are considered to be "safe", condoms break and you can't always rely on the pill...

I didn't have sex ed until my 8th grade year and I think that's exactly when they should give out birth control. That's when they give us the tools we need and the necessary knowledge on how to use them. Little kids in elementary school shouldn't even be able to have sex because they are it is pointless to let them know what sex is or give them the tools.

What ever happened to human decency...The school's don't respect parent's wishes anymore...

Subject: Re: School Violence and Bullying- What are the causes?

Forum: School Violence and Bullying- What are the causes?
Everything has a cause and an effect. Like i've said in a previous post of mine, my old middle school has gotten worse and a lot of other schools have also. But even during my time, there were false bomb threats and fights where kids actually charged for admission. I never really fell for following other kids so I was disgusted with a lot of behavior that I saw at my school.

There's a typical case of why a kid bullies: when the bullies parents don't pay attention to him or her and they must show off to their friends by bullying others. Or that a kid was emotionally abused so that he wants to be stronger and wants to prove this by hurting others.
I am very interested in psychology so i've read about a lot of bullying case studies.

If people claim it's a video game, it's really parenting. Because who allowed their kid to play the video game or didn't pay close enough attention to prevent him from going to a friends house who has a bad video game? Nowadays, the parents are getting younger and they have less effective parenting skills too often. They tend to expose their children to atrocious media and children absorb this like a sponge. They believe guns are cool and find violence to be "fun", which is often seen in cartoons.

Where I live, the kids have gotten worse. They cuss as if they were grown. Boys use vulgar insults against girls.
When I was at a young age it was pretty bad and even sexually charged at times, but now I truly see how horrible things are.

Subject: Re: Wedlock?

Forum: Wedlock?
I wouldn't want to have a child out of wedlock and it is a lifelong commitment to have. Unfortunately, a lot of youth don't realize that.

My parents also divorced when I was at the age of 2 so I was raised by my mother. Just because a kid has seperated parents, doesn't mean they'll turn out a certain way. For me, I wanted to do better than my father. He wasn't really there for me, so my lessons came from my grandmas and mother. I taught myself a lot of things that a father should have been a part of but I can say that my mother made me a man.

There parents that aren't committed to each other but do a great job raising their child. Though it doesn't happen all the time, it's very possible. I think marriage is needed in order to make the effectiveness of instilling positive relationship ideas or examples into the child. If they come from a close family, they are likely to have a close family themselves. Parents definitely should be in love when they want to make a child, because without love, how can their child know how to love?

Marriage is something serious to most people, and it makes the bond between man and woman official. A child is like the super glue to make that bond stronger.

Subject: Re: Prerequisite for parenthood

Forum: Prerequisite for parenthood
With the way a lot of kids are turning out nowadays and the amount of teenage pregnancies that i've witnessed, I would say there definitely aren't any rules for creating a child.

Since I never really had a close relationship with my father, I made it my goal to be the best husband and father that I could be ever since I was five.
I formulated the plan that I would have children when I was 26 after two years of marriage.
I have to have my bachelors and masters degree in science and have a nice mechanical engineering job.
I also have to have a nice house that I'd plan on staying in for a few years. This house HAS to be in a nice neighborhood with a beautiful park and where the schools are very respectable.
On top of everything else, I need very dependable friends or god parents too take care of my kids if anything ever happened to me and if I ever needed to leave unexpectedly.