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Subject: Re: Do you drink soda?

Forum: Do you drink soda?
wassup en24!

eh I don't think that 20% is going to do much benefit.

Soo, I will say no.

I drink beer.

I figure, if I'm going to calorie bomb myself on a Friday night, I might as well be having a good time.


Sincerely yours,


Subject: Re: Painted Nails

Forum: Painted Nails
Hey MaryHam :D Very cute forum.

I used to paint my nails weekly, now-a-days I feel like it looks more professional to just keep them clean because I am not vigilant enough to notice they are super chipped until I see a client looking at them *whoops* being a young family therapist intern is hard enough, but then looking not put together just adds to it- some of this may be my paranoia, but I like to take care of what I can.

I used to always have my toes painted, but a month ago one of my child clients ran over my toe and knocked my toenail off, so there goes that, LOL.

I have been really craving a mani pedi and love the look of a French-manicure in particular, however sometimes I wonder if it's just too sexy. hmmm

I think it's a great idea for men to get a clear or paint free mani pedi just go get their hands and feet all nice and clean and cared for.

Who doesn't love a good foot massage?!

I wouldn't mind bringing my beau, if he wanted a color I would be more worried about how others would perceive him for his own benefit, frankly I don't care.

About ten years ago I used to date a guy that painted his nails black, but then, ya-know, we were pretty young.

It is pretty silly that it should matter at all.

Society arbitrary rules....

The one caveat, I've heard, is that they hate it in the ER because looking at your nail bit after an accident Is a quick sure way to check your health and so on and so forth ~and they just don't have nail polish remover laying around.

Let's just hope none of us get into any accidents regardless. Drive save!

Happy feet!!

You've inspired me, perhaps I will paint my nails this weekend :)

Sincerely yours,


Subject: Re: Magic wand

Forum: Magic wand
Looks like everyone covered world peace and all that jazz..

I could weigh in with elimination of mental illness- for that, I would gladly be out of a job. This would drastically change the face of homelessness and think about time impact on crime- no more pedophiles and a severe decline in rape, crime, violence and drug and alcohol related instances.

I'm not saying that mental illness is mainly responsible for the mentioned above, however, low mental health can be a significant contributor.

Beyond that... I would love if we could all eat whatever we wanted and have all of the drive and energy to work out, like it would just be included as part of all of our days. We would all be fit, some still better than most with sports and what not. Imagine how could life would be if at a certain time of day everything stopped and we all worked out on obstacle courses or something. eh, maybe I'm a bit too out of it today. lol

Also, we would all know, will full certainty, that we would find love. The movie Timer on Netflix is an interesting ideal. We have a biological timer implanted that goes off when we have met "the one." hmmm! I enjoyed the movie, but like all things, even this has it's pros and cons.

Sincerely yours,


Subject: What book(s) are ye reading?

Forum: What book(s) are ye reading?
Here ye here ye students abound!

Education, entertAINMENT!!!

Where is your nose hiding in these days??!

Shareth what bookeths yee be readin'

and mine will be bequeathed!

Sincereth ye yours,



Subject: Re: How to keep a long-distance friendship strong?

Forum: How to keep a long-distance friendship strong?
Hey dhaldes! Thank you for sharing!

Great post! I am looking forward to hearing more from others too- do you guys also have friends outside of your town? Where do they live??? How long have you known them????

Absolutely, I think being able to see each other now and again most definitely makes it feel grounded :) They start to feel unreal when it has been years!

I'm glad to hear you're not just using Facebook, the occasional phone call totally!! Good on you! I feel like we have become so obsessed with Facebook, it is no where near the same type of communication as hearing someone's voice, and interacting in real time!

The football tradition is awesome!! Yeah! that is the kind of stuff I am really interested in hearing, these fun uniqe ways people stay in touch, how cool!

Thank you, I know it is a time to build a new tribe, so out I go, into the world! haha

Sincerely yours,


Subject: Re: Holidays

Forum: Holidays

All of the spooky fun festivities and decorations everywhere, and you get to get crazy creative and then see what your friends, and total stranger do!

And then you get to go out on the town, and people are so open and conversational, and huggy!

Wow tons of hugs!!

Makes the city feel like family,

a strange, spooky and wildly hillarious drunk familly.

Sounds like home to me.

haha Yeah I miss when I was young, I grew up in a big family, my grandmother had a property, 8 kids who kept coming back, and cousins running around the house, laughs and big dinners.

I have not had a home to go to since I was 15 when my mother passed away, grandmother shortly after that.. So, I guess the holiday season can be kind of depressing if I focus on that.

This year I'm going to volunteer, work those crazy shifts at our residential counseling facility so my friends can have the day off to spend with their loved ones.

And dance like hell on Halloween!!!!

And make a sweet snow man in the winter time.


Sincerely yours,


Subject: Re: How Often Do You Print Out Pictures?

Forum: How Often Do You Print Out Pictures?
Hiya ladyluck16!!

@3blackdogs, your comment about your thousands of pics of dogs and only 30 of your vacation cracked me up!!
So awesome. It's tradition now! haha

I used to use my cannon powershoot as my primary, but now, with camera phones getting so good, I typically just use that since I always forget my cannon at home.

I try to print them out as gifts for friends, or to brighten up my home about three times a year. Walgreens is super fast, and you can use a usb drive or even your phone. It plugs right in to their system! whoaaa!

I have noticed a lack of photo printing, I looked around my home one day two years ago, and thought, hey, this is really missing some soul!

I think it really helps to have those moments out there. :D

If I ever do get married again, heck yes, those pictures are going to be huge, and they are going to be in a special shrine like place with tons of cute little memory objects of our love- like cool drift wood from an adventure, tickets from our favorite show- that sort of stuff.

I'm a bit of a romantic.


This was fun!

Sincerely yours,


Subject: Re: What's On Your "I Should" List?

Forum: What's On Your "I Should" List?
@ladyluck16 ahhh the tyranny of the shoulds!!

When my alarm bell rings on my morning answer phone, the thoughts skitter through my electric mind vibes about the life I would like to grow.

gentle warm eye contact with strangers
a constant emptying water bottle
more days on my feet
weekly adventures in the woods or nature
monthly trips to a large body of water, waterfall, or river
an exercise plan I stick to for a month plus
get my license to officiate my best friend's wedding
paint monthly
make a budget
do my graduate reading on time
dance daily
get reiki certified
ride a jetski
put my tabs on the car
wash my car
and last but not least, forgive myself

I am my worst critic, as I'm sure plenty of us are. Recently, for one reason or another, it has simply been more difficult.


My inner Self beckons!

Blessings! May we all receive clarity in our goals, and a gentle breeze in which to assist us in our travels!

Sincerely yours,


Subject: Re: Do you go outside every day?

Forum: Do you go outside every day?
Hey guys, glad to hear the general love for mama nature.

Nature has always been the source of profound healing to my body and spirit.

Ever since I was a child I have sought solace amongst the gentle whisper of the wind, soft sand beneath my wiggling toes, and warm sun's caress.

I had a difficult childhood. I would run outside, the sound of the sizzling desert sand, crunch cracking, skittering lizards and leaping large crickets abound. I would climb onto my fallen joshua tree.

The day it fell, I lay witness to the lightening's swift and sharp judgment.

I was a superstitious kid, I believed that tree held great power.

It was my sanctuary in the storm. I would sit, meditating on the feel of the tree between my fingers, listening to the kangaroo mice and road runners chitter at the snakes passing by.

The sun, coasting through the blue skyline, painting the horizon, a dazzling new show each night, each morning.

Thank for listening.

Sincerely yours,


Subject: Re: Is it weird or....

Forum: Is it weird or....
Go get um @KaylanG!!!

To be honest, there is only one guy I can think of in the past eight years that did most of the work in terms of wooing and such, and, bless his heart, was about fifteen years older than me. In the six months we were dating told me he wanted me to have his children. I think we had something beautiful, but men who are unable to take their time romantically are an energy draw.

I felt most of the gestures he did initially were charming, but later became a, "you still like me right?" He was a Master in the field of Existential Psychology, one of the only in Seattle, a supervisor of two homeless shelters downtown, and of our job as telephonic counselors. However, I felt his desire to be wanted, to be validated by another person's love, in the end, to be too much of a burden. He needed to instead find the endless love inside of himself.

I hope he one day does.

The men I am drawn to as long term partners tend to be my friends first. There is a bit of the tension, and then the spark, ahh the bright bold beautiful beat of our hearts pulsating to a song all our own, eyes locking, power! ah ha, and then I know, and I make my move. The best of guys, oh, they want to be sure they are reading it right, they hold back, ask me, "is this what is going on? I want to be sure I am respecting you, and this is right, because I want it, but I love you already as my friend and I don't want to hurt you."

Yes, yes you caring loving man, it indeed is.

I enjoy that courtship dance, not a game, but a dance, intuitively felt connection with the patient man. The best friend. That love is deep, strong, enduring and from an abundance of love, not an absence or fear.

I have not gotten it right yet, but it has gotten closer and closer, and I know, my soul mate is out there, and I already love them, the transcendence of time.

All of yours are out there too, send them love now if you are not already with them.

Blessed be.

Sincerely yours,