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Subject: Re: What ticks you off?

Forum: What ticks you off?
Well there are two big things that tick me off. One has a story to it. I dated this guy name Rich for almost a month. The night before our 1 month he goes to this teen club called Baja in B-more with a few ppl. Well the next day we break up. My friend Sammi was there that night. She told me that he had said shit about me and was trying to hook up with all these girls....and then when I comfronted Rich about it he said that none of that was true. Thats what I hate. In the end someones a it her or him. And it gets me so frustrated and angry. And the second thing is when someone pretends to be buddy buddy with u and then u hear from someone else that they said they hate u. Someones lying in that too. Just be real with me u know?

Subject: Re: Teachers paying YOU to go to school..hmmm..

Forum: Teachers paying YOU to go to school..hmmm..
I've heard of's gone on in a few Baltimore county schools as well. Sadly I do think this will decrease the drop out rate. now I say sadly because I feel that kids shouldn't be paid to go to school. In the county that I use to go to school in it was a law for kids to go to school. And if they didn't the parents got chewed out for it. I think they need to inforce a law like that in some schools. I don't think we should be briving kids to get an education cause then they'll go throught thinking that they have to get something back in order to give something. And I believe they'll become selfish and it'll be a negative experience to teach them.

Subject: Re: why do you have that?!

Forum: why do you have that?!
ok This is the most amazing and yet weird thing I have in my room....This past christmas I got a claw machine to put in my room...and I got candy to go with it lmao.

Subject: Re: College: PC vs Mac?

Forum: College: PC vs Mac?
Well Im going to a school that you have to have a labtop (and a certain kind of lab top) so if I were you I would check with the college ur going to to make sure they don't have a certian thing you have to have....and after that maybe ask someone at the college (maybe a student or something) what kind they have and if it helps.

Subject: Re: Will The World End In 2012?

Forum: Will The World End In 2012?
See this is what happends when people read thoes newspapers that talk about Aliens invading and women that are over 4000 pounds (tabloit sideshow act magazines). I've seen something like this in thoes newpapers but the last time I checked it was already suppose to happen and it didnt. Granted I believe that sooner or later this world will come to an end (especially if we don't stop the madness in Iraq) but I highly doubt it will end in 2012.

Subject: Re: If Obama is the Antichrist...

Forum: If Obama is the Antichrist...
WOW! I just scimmed throught this and I just want to say 1st im a christian. 2nd I've never heard that Obama was the anti-christ...and I agree that the anit-christ would be probably liked by more people because (he or she) would promise certain desires to people to lure them in. And someday the world will come to an end but I thik that if it was gonna end now than Hilary would be going against McCain instead of Obama (lmao j/k)

Subject: Re: When do you draw the line...

Forum: When do you draw the line...
In the end I feel theres a different treshold for everyone. And example is my 1st love. I let him get away with so much stuff that I would NEVER let my bf now get away with. In the end I feel that u have to decide when you've had enough...and when you have you'll let him go, and no matter how much he / or she tries to sweet talk his or her way back into your heart you'll stand your ground. If you don't stand your ground and stay firm on ur decision than you still want more (reasons are endless as to y you wouldnt stand your ground).

Subject: Re: what's love? Really!

Forum: what's love? Really!
I believe that sometimes love can feel like a fairytale...and sometimes it can become a nightmare. Ireally cant tell u how u will love cause my definition of love is "It's the feelings that persons interprites". Which means to me what I may feel is love for someone, you mite not. All of us have very different ways to lookin at love. So in the end love for you mite be like a fairytale. Sadly for me thats not even close to being love. Because I believe (for me) love isn't perfect. You go through ups and downs and yet he stands by u no matter what. But thats just me. I really hope that person you find makes you feel like ur in a fairytale and in the end u and that someone will live happily ever after :)

Subject: Re: SEX

Forum: SEX
I feel it all depends on the person. I mean myself I believe sex is a physical way by telling someone you love them. So not only do I sleep with someone im in Love with but I have to be dating them. However there are people oput there that have sex with anyone they feel cause they feel thats fine. I think it also has to do with morals, mine say I could never do it with some random person where as someone else morales might say in some circumstances yes I can see myself doing that... and niether one of us are right or wrong. In the end it's all on how that person is.

Subject: Re: Sex and Rape in Movies

Forum: Sex and Rape in Movies
I believe the reason why movie industries sometimes put sex scenes in their films is because in a corporation like that sex sells. When I was taking Media Productions last year I learned back in the day when films were just beginning to make a giant wave across this nation you wouldn't even see sex being done on film because there were rules that you had to follow such as you couldn't have a film with someone birthing a child and things of that nature.But now that thoes rules have been forgotten by the corporations and left as just a simple memory in the back of our heads corporations decide to put sex in scenes for one main reason and that is raitings. I think in some movies sex scenes are needed like in romeo and juliet there was a tiny sex scene to show the passion between Romeo and Juliet HOWEVER, some films have no need for sex. I think thoes type of films are clesayed. It's like to them sex isn't even cherised anymore. Now the issue with rape in movies is for a purpose sometimes I believe a rape scene is what is needed in the story if it has to do with the message your trying to get out. An example of this is the episode of degrassi when Paige was raped by Dean. There was a message in that and the few more shows that came a little while after that and at the end of the show they even said something about that message. I honestly beleieve if corporations that are involved in the filming industry are going to insist on have rape scenes in their films after their film is complete they need to have a little part set aside for the character to talk about what their purpose was for it.

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