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Subject: Re: Why is being gay wrong?

Forum: Why is being gay wrong?
There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. Im pretty sure God never said anything about hating ones neighbor...nor anything about pushing your religion on someone else. I'm Roman Catholic and I can tell you right now that NOWHERE in the bible does it say to alienate a group of people because of their personal preference. AND...i believe the bible also says to honor the sabbath, but i dont see every christian going to church each week, and i CERTAINLY dont see them always honoring their father and mother. and so..the bible is definitely not a valid argument for why homosexuality is wrong. find a different excuse.

Subject: Re: Inappropriate Books in School

Forum: Inappropriate Books in School
It all depends on the book and the grade. I think that students ninth grade and above should be able to handle almost any book or poem the teacher wants to throw at them. I mean, if they're mature enough to go out partying and date one another, Im almost positive that they're mature enough to any book. Honestly, I dont think censoring what they read will do them any good in the long run.

Subject: Re: A Man's "SIZE"

Forum: A Man's "SIZE"
Jeez. I wish I could answer this definitely. It shouldnt be important for any man to be any certain size and it certainly shouldnt be so important for a woman to be a certain size of anything. Everyone should be loved for who they are, not what they look like or what they have to offer in their pants.

Subject: Re: Would you like to go to study abroad?

Forum: Would you like to go to study abroad?
Personally, I would LOVE to study abroad, in more than one place if possible. Not only can you see things that just aren't the same in a textbook or in pictures, but you get to meet alot of different people and learn about different cultures. I think it'd be an amazing experience to go to Rome, Paris, Vatican City, Spain, Russia and so on. You simply cannot get the same information about cultures in the classroom than you can when you're actually there, experiencing it first hand.

Subject: Re: Teachers with Students

Forum: Teachers with Students
It all depends. In New York, the legal age of consent is 17, so technically, a 17 year old student can have sex with their teacher. Honestly, with a student that age, I don't think the teacher should be in any kind of trouble unless it wasn't consensual. If it was rape then OBVIOUSLY he should be put in jail, but as far as Im concerned it's fine if the student consents. I know its taboo, but teachers are people too...and they can fall in love...or fall in lust just as much as students can. Theres nothing different between a teacher-student relationship and any other one.

Subject: Re: Which foreign language do you like?

Forum: Which foreign language do you like?
I did love taking my six years of Spanish, but taking two years of Latin, which is required in my school, was an amazing experience. I know alot of people say its a dead language, but I don't understand how something that exists as the roots of so many other things could possibly be considered dead. Not only is it a beautiful language, but the culture behind it is too fascinating to describe. I look forward to taking not only more Latin, but Greek and as many other languages as I can in college.

Subject: Re: what is true love?

Forum: what is true love?
I could be really corny here and say that "true love is your soul's recognition of it's counterpoint in another", as owen wilson once said, but I personally believe that true love is putting another person before yourself as a reflex. It's like...a girl who stays away from the man she loves because she knows she'll get him into trouble or the mom who does what's best for her's indescribeable, but when you are truly IN love, I think you just..know it.


When I feel like crap, there are only three things that can really make me smile. One would be my best friend, always making some stupid joke I can't HELP but smile at, regardless of how ridiculous it is. Another is the feeling and release I get from singing and the third would be seeing a certain someone. All it takes is one smile from him to make my day a hell of a lot better.

Subject: Re: Leave Britney Alone

Forum: Leave Britney Alone
Honestly I agree. I think that Britney has alot of problems, most likely stemming from her lifestyle (the drinking, partying, etc.), her hasty marriages and traumatic divorces, being in the public eye from a very young age and from having to deal with being in the public eye now. In no way am I condoning her rash and irresponsible behavior, but I think that we (the public AND the reporters) need to give her the space she needs to overcome what she is facing now. We should all be praying for her, not making her life worse.

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