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Subject: What are some of your Christmas traditions?

Forum: What are some of your Christmas traditions?
My family doesn't have much traditions. Sometimes we get a present on Christmas Eve but thats about it. How about everyone else?

Subject: Re: How much Snow do you Have?

Forum: How much Snow do you Have?
Absolutely None.
I hate it. I love snow. I think its crazy amazing. But except for the LITTLE quarter inch we got 2 years ago we havent gotten any and prolly wont this year.

Subject: Re: What turns you off?

Forum: What turns you off?
Ah, guys- I CANNOT STAND when they argue... like you will say something and they will just argue about it even if its stupid i guess just to make them feel better? It's kinda like okay shut up your making a fool out of yourself and annoying me.
I definately HATE smokers. No way no how.
If you can't listen then get away, now.
I'm not mean, I just can't stand when you say something that you don't like but they just keep doing it.
Sorry =].
Some guys I just don't understand.

Subject: Re: Scholarship money...

Forum: Scholarship money...
Of course college, or what ever else I need to pay for depending on grant money.
I'm going into hopefully majoring in business and minor in premed.
Difficult for suree.

Subject: Re: Do you prefer baths or showers?

Forum: Do you prefer baths or showers?
Great question. I actually was JUST now talking about that. I haven't taken a bath for a long time (for myself, before was for an infection) and I usually just take showers, but tonight I was just so worn out that I decided to take a bath it was really relaxing and helped me out alot. But normally showers are nice and easy for me. But like tonight I took a bath to relax then rinsed in the shower afterwards for a few minutes and to wash my hair.

Subject: Eating Out Vs Home cooking

Forum: Eating Out Vs Home cooking
Lately we have been eating out alot. And I was wondering if it's not just my family that has lost that home cooking alot. If we do cook its usually out of boxes and not some recipe that my mom made up just to have fun. How many people eat out more than they eat a home cooked meal and do you prefer it better?

Subject: Re: Do you want kids?

Forum: Do you want kids?
I simply adore kids. I babysit a little 7 year old and he is a pain in the butt. But I love it. They are so random and they bring out the best in a person. Also the worst though. I want about 4 of my own and to atleast adopt one. I realized how little of an imagination that I had left when I started babysitting. He makes rockets out of all sorts of stuff and he is so creative. I just don't know how to keep my self occupied like that anymore. I think it's simply amazing.

Subject: Re: Holiday A-Z

Forum: Holiday A-Z

Subject: Re: Who falls in love faster? Men or Women?

Forum: Who falls in love faster? Men or Women?
I definately think women over all. But the guy im with right now fell WAYYYY before I do. Women are more likely but jeez there are guys that can manage to pull it off first. Kinda scary sometimes though. Lol.

Subject: Re: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Forum: What is your biggest pet peeve?
Lol I like this topic.
I hate it when forks scrape against plates... I can not stand that sound... It makes me just wanna scream when I hear it.
I hate people that chew with their mouths close and leave the microwave uncleared... I have to make sure its cleared everytime I walk past.. Hmm.
People that judge me because I have two rabbits and I treat them like my kids. I love themm =].
And people that complain to me that I shop to much and dont save any money.
Its like well I dont know about you but I only live once =].
Lol lots.

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