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Subject: Re: Why is being gay wrong?

Forum: Why is being gay wrong?
Adamoglebe16 nice post! Firstly, to say that the bible is the word of god in my opinion is a little hard to believe. Even biblical scholars are having a hard time translating the old testament. Some say there were even three different versions written and say that the translations of that time were actually to the beliefs of that time. This is 2400 years ago. I'm sorry but if I, no anybody today were to say that god was talking to them, they would be deemed as crazy and live out their life in a mental institution. Religion is a way for people to controll a bigger population and it was created by men. Being homosexual is human nature. As a whole there are more heterosexual people because our species must survive but we all have homosexual tendencies(some more than others) and who can say that that is bad. To agree or disagree with it is ok but to say that is bad... well are you that perfect to judge others???

Subject: Re: Why do you deserve the scholorship?

Forum: Why do you deserve the scholorship?
I'm sorry but for me this is wrong. I'm sure there are alot of people here that have it tough but to write it out looking for a pity vote is not right.
This is suppose to be for us to use to talk about many interesting issues that affect our society and to agree or disagree with them and more importantly to learn from one another.
So sorry Justapnut, no offense to you.

Subject: Re: Legalization of Marijuana

Forum: Legalization of Marijuana
when alcohol prohabition occured in this country, the same amount of people kept drinking as when it was legal.
the only reason marijuana is not legal is because the government cannot control it so instead taxpayers have to pay for inmates that tried making a living with selling a drug that is pretty level with that of alcohol which is legal.

Subject: Re: Illegal Immigrants!! FEAR

Forum: Illegal Immigrants!!
we are a nation of immigrants. now how we view immigration in this nation is very important. If you look at immigration through fear you will start to understand why immigration is all over the news today.
think all the way back when we first started to colonize this nation except wait we dont want to do any of the hard work so we force immigration to the african people and they get here into a world of fear but not through the african eyes but through the europeans that were here and scared, so they were looked down upon and enslaved.
the irish didnt have it as bad but they were also looked down upon and not wanted because they were different.
Japanese were sent to camps in this nation during the 1940s because of the fear during world war two.
now today its a different fear. today the number of immigrants that come far surpass that of any of our history and the census shows that at this rate by 2030 half of the kids in kindergarden will be of hispanic origin.
and alas brining fear to the people here.

Subject: where would you go?

Forum: where would you go?
It's installed in our chemistry to be nomadic people, that's a fact, so that's why so many people say that they like travelling.
I'm just curious if you had a chance to travel ANYWHERE in the world, where would it be?

Subject: Re: Over population=One Child Policy

Forum: Over population=One Child Policy
actually not everyone is only allowed one child...if you got the money you get the 2nd baby hence cabinet members of the government usually have more than 1 child. Its unfair but for their government its necessary.
their population is 1.3 billion where 900 million live in rural areas that live with under 200 U.S dollars a YEAR. Thats 3 times the population of the U.S
so who are we to say what is fair and unfair??

Subject: What were you meant to do

Forum: What were you meant to do
The question of our lives...what are we meant to be??
For me that question is not simply on a professional level but yet one on a more humane one.
We are blinded by our capitalistic society into thinking that the more we own the happier we will become. When in essence the more materialistic we become the more the materials begin to own us. Is that a good thing? Who know what is good and bad is? Nothing in life is ever 100 percent good or 100 percent bad. Now I’m not saying to give up all your riches and become a Buddhist monk, some people can have a beautiful life with the love of their material possessions and some people are happier with the love of another ones touch. I’m just saying that as a person you really need to know who you are before you know what is your purpose in this thing we call life, and that prosperity come to us in different shapes and forms. If you are truly meant to be what you want to be then the whole world will conspire for you to achieve your goals.
Some of us are meant to be presidents, some of us are meant to be street sweepers, as long as you have pride and most importantly are happy with what you are doing you are fulfilling your personal legend. Try to think what it was that you wanted to be as a child and see if it isn’t what you still would like to be.

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