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Subject: Re: SURVEY!!!!

Forum: SURVEY!!!!
i would either write, read, or use the internet. reading and writing are my two top hobbies that i have.

Subject: Re: Neatfreak or slob?

Forum: Neatfreak or slob?
i am a mix of both. my room is a disaster because it is my space, but anywhere else it has to be cleaned. i don't like it being all disorganized because then i can't find what i am looking for. but in my room i can stuff with no problem.

Subject: Re: Santa's HO HO HO

Forum: Santa's HO HO HO
okay if this is true then it is absolutely stupid. stick to tradition. santa says HO HO HO, not HA HA HA.
if i was a little kid, and santa came up to me with that deep bellowing voice saying HA HA HA, i would think is some maniacal lunatic, and it would just scare me more then HO HO HO does.
HO HO HO, just has that more comforting, and joyous ring to it then HA HA HA.
if i didn't know better, some santa coming up to me saying HA HA HA, i would think that it was IT the clown in disguise coming after that creepy clown is coming to

Subject: Re: Everlasting Life

Forum: Everlasting Life
i wouldn't want to live forever on Earth, like i am immortal. i want to live my time out, and when it is time for me to go then i will go.
i do believe in reincarnation though, so when i do go, will be made into something else, and see more of the Earth before. i will learn more then i had before. my next life could be better, worse, or the same as it is now.
one nevers know, but i know i am a mortal, and i wouldn't want to live forever in this life. i want to pass on into my second life, and learn, and experience so much more.

Subject: Re: Why can only whites be racists?

Forum: Why can only whites be racists?
well i am white and i am about to make myself racist against my own
i think this is because way back when their was prejudice a lot, whites were considered the supreme ruler and a lot of people were afraid of them so they were walked all over the ones that fell down in fear. they didn't try to speak up or talk back afraid of the consequences.
but now that a lot, not all, prejudice has been reduced, people aren't afraid of whites as much. some are, but not all.
so because of what people had done in the past, some people now think that is time to strike back at us and hit us where it hurts, because we had hit them where it hurt so long ago.
that is why we have to watch we say around certain people, and if they try to call us a racial slur, then remind them it is not right to call us slurs anymore. this is the now. not the past. we need to get over the past and learn from the mistakes that our ancestors made. if we don't then we could be doomed to repeat what our ancestors had done. not as bad, but bad enough.

Subject: Re: Do you go for looks or for personality?

Forum: Do you go for looks or for personality?
someones looks can sometime attract me so that is why i watch cautiously from the sideline to see the personality of her/him, if i get a feeling for them.
but i mostly go for personality. i don't wanna guy that looks the same as my best friend or next door neighbor. i want him to be someone i am happy and compatible with, and if i chose looks over personality i wouldn't be happy. because eventually you would realize his/her personality after you committed, and you are stuck asking yourself what happened.
like i have said before, "i want a man that walks beside me, not in front or behind me." or a

Subject: Re: Do you prefer baths or showers?

Forum: Do you prefer baths or showers?
i prefer showers over baths. especially since i usually take my showers in the morning before i go to school, so it is quick and easy.
they also give you more time to do other things also, because like many of the songs i listen to (country), they say life is short so live it to the fullest.

i rarely take baths. i usually take them when i am either really stressed, or i want to relax and wind down from something.

Subject: Re: What turns you off?

Forum: What turns you off?
i will say for both types cause i swing both ways.

GUYS- they act like somebody else when they are with their friends, they eye other girls while you are out with them, smoking, drinking, and drugs, bad hygiene, no personality, possessive, and treats me like a queen.
i want them to be a man "that walks beside me, not in front or behind me." i am not their slave, and they are not mine. we can walk side by side and treat each other just like we were friends except with some kinks cause there is a relationship going on.

GIRLS- they act like stuck up, snobby chicks, make themselves something they aren't, make themselves so skinny just to fit in with fashion and the world, plaster themselves with make-up


wow this "test" was strange. i had never played it before, i love the background music, it was just calming, and relaxing, and the questions made you think.
and actually some of the answers at the end were actually true for some of the answers I had given to the statements, etc.
such as money is not my top priority, and i usually interpret my partners as i have yet to find one that hasn't annoyed me. and my pride is my first some ways i could say that this is true.

i thought this was pretty intersting.

Subject: Re: Do you want kids?

Forum: Do you want kids?
yea one day when i am old enough, responsible, mature, and financially stable i will have some.
two for each hand, and then i will probably adopt because there are some many children out there that need a home and parents because they don't have neither.
the thought of giving a child that has never had either just sounds so special.

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