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Subject: Re: No God - What if?

Forum: No God - What if?
I think it'd be pretty interesting if there was proof God didn't exist. I don't believe in God now but if there was irrefutable proof I'd have a lot of questions. I know that God didn't write the Bible to begin with, but with there being no God I would really wonder where the Bible came from. Who made it up and why? What did they gain from this giant scam? Would people still live by the Bible and the Ten Commandments? Though I don't believe in God, I think it is something many people need to believe in, so without something to fall back on, would these people go crazy? I mean I think so some people it would be like saying the world is flat after all. It'd be hard to have all your beliefs stripped away in an instant.

Subject: Re: caliber of topics...

Forum: caliber of topics...
If you think topics are bland Steve why didn't you come up with anything better to talk about rather than complain about other people. If you think its so easy for people to come up with new, never before done topics then where are your good topics? You already got a scholarship and you obviously have nothing interesting to post other than complaining so why do you still log on?

Subject: Re: Religion in school?

Forum: Religion in school?
Religion should never be in school. That's why there are private schools. At every school I've gone to (elementary-high school) we had holiday decorations but it had nothing to do with specific holidays. We just had like bulletin boards covered in blue paper with some snow flakes. And it would say "happy holidays" or "have a great winter break" it was never holiday specific because schools aren't supposed to do that. I think its really unfair to non-christian kids. We shouldn't force our holidays and religions on them. You never see a large group of hindus or jews or anything trying to force their holidays on everyone else.

Subject: Re: Should your 1rst apt. be with a significant other?

Forum: Should your 1rst apt. be with a significant other?
I think your first apartment should be by yourself or with a roommate of the same sex .
I think its really important for you to know what its like to be by yourself before you live with a boyfriend. You need to know what type of person you'll be like with no one there to tell you what to do. Maybe you'll be really messy or a crazy neat freak. Your boyfriend/girlfriend also needs to know what their like so that you guys won't be surprised by each others habits when you do move in together. Also I've heard that couples who live together before marriage have higher divorce rates than those who wait until after marriage. I think its because you don’t take marriage as seriously, or you don’t want to get married yet but you know you have to do something to show that the relationship is getting more serious. Also what happens if you break up? One of you has to move out and that’s a bad situation to be in.

Subject: Re: Favorite Books

Forum: Favorite Books
I love No One Here Gets Out Alive and Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. I have The Rum Diaries but I haven't started it yet. I will read anything by John Irving, Tom Wolfe and Hunter S. Thompson. d.culbertson you should try "The Dirt" about Motley Crue. Also you should try reading some Tom Wolfe if you really like Thompson. My favortie series is definitely Harry Potter because I'm lame like that.

Subject: Wedding Rings

Forum: Wedding Rings
I’ve been with my boyfriend for two years and we are nowhere near marriage but we joke about it a lot. We talk about what things would be like if we were married. One thing we’ve talked about is wedding bands. I told him how some people now pin their wedding bands to their underwear so technically they’re wearing it but single people might still hit on them. Also I was talking to a customer last night at work and he mentioned his wife but I noticed he didn’t have a wedding band. At first I was mad because I know he lives in Auburn so I thought maybe when he’s in Atlanta he takes the ring off to try to pick up women. But I talked to my boyfriend and his dad has never worn one and he doesn’t think he would ever wear one either. I know his parents have a great marriage so the ring isn’t a big deal to his mom but I think it would bother me. He says he’s not a jewelry person but I really don’t consider a simple wedding ring jewelry. So guys would you wear one and girls would it bother you if your husband didn’t wear one?

Subject: Re: Why is being gay wrong?

Forum: Why is being gay wrong?
Reach 4 the stars I don’t know if you are a guy or girl but either way even you should be offended by what you wrote. Either you are a “strong, mean, demanding man” or “a fragile, caring, emotional, helpless being- a woman” Have you ever heard that some gay guys are a little more feminine than others and that they find more masculine partners? It’s the same with lesbians. Have you ever seen a woman that was mean and demanding? I have. So what kind of man is she with? Isn’t she going against God by playing the “leader” role that god said was for men only?
“Men are not emotional (barely), so they would constantly pick fights, wouldn't listen to each other and there would be many other problems. If that same man was married to a woman, that woman would probably forgive him, because she is fragile and emotional. If 2 women were together, they would never reach anything.”
There are these two things called ESTROGEN and TESTOSTERONE and they sort of determine how feminine (emotional) or masculine (mean) you are. So saying that men are never emotional is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard. It all depends on his hormones, but I guess that’s another thing those devil scientists are lying about. Also if a guy is NEVER emotional then things wouldn’t make him mad….so why would he constantly pick fights? Can you contradict yourself some more?
First you’re saying that in a hetero marriage the man would yell, fight, not listen, not care and (we can assume) beat his wife. And his “fragile, emotional, helpless” wife would take it. I’m sure God thinks that’s right. Second you said that with two women together they would never reach anything. Well of course how could two worthless helpless emotional fragile beings do anything? Especially when there are two of them? How did any woman ever do anything? Geez I’m so helpless and emotional I can barely understand how I’m typing. Man why do I go to school with all those menfolk? Why do I work with them big mean demanding men? Surely I’m not equal to them because I’m so helpless and emotional. I wish I weren’t so offended by your post…I guess its cause I’m so fragile.

Subject: Re: What Brand Do You Prefer?

Forum: What Brand Do You Prefer?
I've used Motorola, LG, and Samsung phones. I hate Motorola, Lg is definitely the best but Samsungs are like the middle ground between the two. I had an Lg phone that I would drop (on accident) or throw (on purpose) all the time. I dropped it in a full bathtub, my boyfriend spilled water on it and I dropped it into a daquiri and it still worked fine. It wasnt until someone threw it and lost the battery that it stopped working. It wouldnt accept other batteries and I had to give it up. My next phone will probably be LG but Samsung is fine right now because its cheap, durable and I break my phones too much to have a nice phone.

Subject: Re: Legalization of Marijuana

Forum: Legalization of Marijuana
No one knows the long term affects of pot but it can't be that bad. Smoking it yourself or being around seconhand smoke is so much less harmful than cigarete smoke since it doesn't have things like tar and arsenic. And the thing about "the crazy things people do on drugs" well when people are high (just on pot) they don't do anything. Its meth, crack, heroin, cocaine, and prescription drugs that are causing people to do insane shit. Those commercials about kids smoking pot are so retarded. Like the old one where two guys get high find their dads gun and one shoots the other cause hes high. That would never happen. Your brains don't turn into scrambled eggs when you smoke pot. You don't run over your younger brother, you don't decide to rob people or kill people. The only slightly realistic commercial is the one where a bunch of guys are on a couch stoned and thats all they do. People usually talk, watch tv, play games, play music, entertain themselves but yes they do hang out in their house. Safe where they cant hurt anyone! How can that be so crazy and scary? And I'm not saying all this because I smoke pot. I used to though so I actually know what I'm talking about.

Subject: Re: 50 States represent!

Forum: 50 States represent!
Oh my god I love Wisconsin accents! One summer at camp I met a bunch of Wisconsin kids. I love how Wisconsin people say bubbler, station way-gun instead of wagon and Bag-el (like a shopping bag) instead of bay-gel. Also it was funny at meals when we would have sweet tea or water, they didnt understand why we only had milk at breakfast and then it was only in our cereal.

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