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Subject: Re: "I am a part of all that I have met"

Forum: "I am a part of all that I have met"
You know, I like this quote!

I can't say that everyone I have met impacted my life, though. Very little influences me.

I do believe that I affected most people that I have met. 2 things stand out about me. I am quiet and I always smile. Just these 2 things impacted a lot of people that I know of.

This is an awesome quote! I'm probably going to spend the rest of the day pondering about it :)

Subject: Re: do we learn from one's mistakes?

Forum: do we learn from one's mistakes?
Yes, we learn from mistakes. I believe that when someone sees something which in their opinion is wrong, they store in their memory, like it or not, to not do the same thing. However, some people do not listen to their conscience. They feel that they should be making "their own choices." Which is another way of saying "their own mistakes."

I am an observer. I usually don't engage in conversations. I like to hear other people's opinions and I make observations for myself- what's right and what's wrong. That's why I am more likely to learn from other people's mistakes.

Subject: Re: Senior Pranks

Forum: Senior Pranks
Last years senior prank was HORRIBLE!!! I don't know what we will do this year, though.

Last year, the seniors came and broke into the shed where the go carts are stored. They took them for a ride and then dumped them all into the swimming pools. It cost a couple thousand dollars to get everything fixed up. That was a bad prank. I think someone was caught and sent to jail for a couple of days. It was BAD.

Subject: Re: Is the pen mightier than the sword

Forum: Is the pen mightier than the sword
Pen is definitely mightier than the sword. The sword offers a fast, almost painless death. The pen, however, has a slow, cruel way of killing. The pen can damage the soul. It can torture people forever, until their death. The pen can blame us for what we did not do and it could make us believe that we did what we did not do. That's why it is mightier. What can the sword do? Swipe the head off in an instant? It cannot interfere with the soul or the deepest of our thoughts, as can a pen. Personally, I'd rather be dead than have to live the rest of my life with a restless and tortured soul and mind.

Of course, it also depends on who the owner of the pen and sword is.

Subject: Re: What you really believe in God?

Forum: What you really believe in God?
Yes I believe that God watches over us. He helps out very often, in fact.

Have you ever prayed during a test that you know you are going to fail? I do. And this time, in AP Chemistry, I got a 103% on my final, and I hardly knew what I was doing. That's a straight up miracle right before my eyes.

One time I prayed and asked God to let me have all A's on my report card. I had pretty bad grades before that, so I thought that what I asked was impossible. Sure enough, when I looked on the transcript, I had all A's, even in honors physics, where I had a D a couple of weeks ago. Prayer is a miracle. God is Amazing.

Subject: Re: What are you willing to do for your faith?

Forum: What are you willing to do for your faith?
I know this is a big step in life and that my whole future depends on this one decision, but I have to say that I am willing to die for my religion.

I say that this is a major decision, because what happened to that girl could very possibly start happening here in America. Kent Howand (I think that's his name), the Christian preacher is in jail right now for preaching the Word of God. It might be that soon the authorities would start putting people to death for believing in Christ.

Subject: Re: What Question would you ask god?

Forum: What Question would you ask god?
If I could ask God a question I would ask "Do you cry?"
I know that there is no pain in Heaven, no problems. But when God sees us sinning and falling so often, when He sees that we are helpless and ask Him to help us, what does He feel? He can't be completely oblivious to our pain.

Jesus cried when He was on Earth.

Subject: Re: Your real or other dream job

Forum: Your real or other dream job
I want to become a pharmacist. Which is probably what I'm going to be.

If I could, I would also want to be a biomedical engineer- creating artificial organs and body parts.

Being a scientist would also be fun. Or a scuba diver!

Photographer, artist, sculptor, fashion designer...

So exciting!!!

Subject: Re: Where Were You on September, 11th?

Forum: Where Were You on September, 11th?
On September 11th I was at school. I was in 6th grade at that time. We were still outside since it was early in the morning and were just getting ready to head into class. Everyone outside was talking, as usual, but I sensed something different. The day went by as usual. I was sort of ignorant, though. Near the end of the day, my mother came to pick me up from school, which usually doesn't happen. I thought it was wierd, but oh well. When I came to the car, my mother looked scared and she said "We're going to the store and buying tons of bags of rice because a nuke war is starting." I was like "WHAT?!?!" Anyway, that's how the day went. Since we don't own a T.V. we couldn't watch and I didn't feel like listening to the radio, so I didn't really understand what was going on until the next day. That's when I found about everything. Then we went to Home Depot because my dad had to get something and they were showing how the twin towers fell. Scary.

Subject: Re: If God is love, why does he allow evil to exist?

Forum: If God is love, why does he allow evil to exist?
Chris, I agree with everything that you said except one thing. You said that we are not responsible for the evil that happens. "Every 'bad' in the world is not a result of our own decisions."

Yes we are. The devil is the tempter, but it is our fault if we allow the devil to work within us. We create most of the evil. We have a choice to do good and evil, right? True, it is in the human nature to do evil, but with God's help, we could overcome this evil nature. That is what God wants us to do. If we overcome this nature, we would not sin and there would be no evil in this world. However, people seem to not care. And some people even encourage the evil human nature.

God is Love. He allows evil to exist because He promised to give humans a free will. He gave this promise before any "extreme" evil dominated the world. Now He cannot go against His promise. So He just lets everything grow together-the good and evil and later, He will reward those who did not allow themselves to be tempted.

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