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Subject: Re: Do you think leaving a dog in a car is abuse?

Forum: Do you think leaving a dog in a car is abuse?
Joonien, I have to disagree with you. While dogs are not human, they are very much a part of somebodys family. I also think what Michael Vick was doing is wrong too. I know in some parts of the world people eat dogs, but not in America. In some parts of the world, the cow is sacred and treated with respect, just as we treat dogs with respect here. It's just a matter of where we live and what is deemed "ok"

I don't like it when I see animals left in a hot car. They look so sad and miserable. I don't understand why people have to bring them everywhere they go. Leave them home or at a kennel service, but a dog would have no fun at Disneyland.

Subject: Where do you go for down time?

Forum: Where do you go for down time?
I'm sure everyone has moments in their lives where they just need to get away for a bit and be alone, away from people, disturbances and stress. Make some time to think things through.
Some might need longer than moments, but still, everyone has to get to that point where they need some down time all to themselves.
So where do you go, or what do you do, for down time?

Scrapbook, read, run, sleep?

Subject: Re: Transgenders and jail?

Forum: Transgenders and jail?
hmmm, that is interesting. I've never thought about that. Maybe they could put her in isolation, where she can't be "bothered" by other inmates. At least until they can figure out a safe solution for her.

Or on second thought, sounds to me like she was mostly female (all but the penis) so I think she should have gone into the female prison. Now you've got me thinking. I wonder who has to make that decision. Good forum!

Subject: Re: 21 and discouraged!

Forum: 21 and discouraged!
Honey, I am 26 now and still going to school. I took a few years off too (very much needed it) and here I am again. I won't finish until I'm at least 30. I am still having a hard time with that. Most other dental hygienist have 5 or 6 years under their belt by the time their 30 and I'll just be starting.

It doesn't matter what age we will be, what matters is that we took the effort, went to college, and finished!!! Won't that be a great day?!

Subject: Re: Sex Education

Forum: Sex Education
I think some parents don't teach their kids about sex because they are uncomfortable talking about it. They might feel embarassed.
I think this is definitely the wrong way to go about it though. I also don't think parents should wait to talk to their kids about it until "they are ready" or "they are old enough" They are ready, when you talk to them about it. They need to be educated early on so they are aware of the risks, dangers and everything else that comes with sex (emotional, mental, physical). If parents wait for their kids to learn it at school, they'll probably get some really random information. Who else better than their parents to teach them the cold hard facts of sex?

Subject: Re: do Ghosts exist?

Forum: do Ghosts exist?
I believe in spirits. I think it's very possible that people see spirits or see things they shouldn't have seen happen. I think sometimes when I hear noises or something just falls off the counter, that could be a spirit. I have never had an "encounter" and it would probably freak me out too, but I do think there are spirit vibes out there.

Subject: Re: If you could change time? What would you change?

Forum: If you could change time? What would you change?
where do I start?

Several boyfriends,
certain jobs,
all the school shootings,
buying our house at the wrong time,

there's more. But I can't change them either.

Subject: Re: The right to die?

Forum: The right to die?
I don't think either is wrong. I think if kept under control, with certain requirements, both should be allowed. Obviously, the person would need to be seriously sick/terminal and not just down with life and ready to split.
What was her name, the lady with the big controversy...she was on life support for so long. Her husband remarried while she was in this vegetative state, her parents kept her alive through a feeding tube for years and years. Finally the judge allowed them to pull her feeding tube out which would eventually, slowly kill her. In this case I think euthanasia is prime. It seems more humane to me to give her a high, lethal dose of something to put her to sleep forever, than to starve her to death.
I wish I could remember her name. Help?

Subject: No fuel days

Forum: No fuel days
I'm sure everyone has gotten those emails about a specific day coming up that everyone is supposed to boycott purchasing fuel. They do this in the hopes of ultimatly lowering fuel costs.

I want to know what everyone thinks. I've heard that it actually works opposite in that the gas stations will raise the price of gas the day before and the day after to make up for what they would have lost on the specific boycott day. Or do you think it really works and do you think there is really enough people that can come together and not buy gas at all on one day?

Have you participated in one of these before?

Subject: Re: What did you do for Valentine's Day?

Forum: What did you do for Valentine's Day?
This year my husband and I were fairly boring. We didn't even buy a card for each other. We spent the weekend in Vegas so we count that as our Valentines present. Tonight, we just sat around and watched LOST while I studied.

At work we passed around Valentines though. It's fun. Makes us feel like we're back in 3rd grade for minute...then it's back to work!

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