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Subject: Re: Recovered memories

Forum: Recovered memories
Megz, I pretty much agree with what you say. I'm not sure that it would be impossible to differentiate real memories from planted ones, though. But then again, you may be right. The brain is very complex and capable of illusions.

I myself believed for 19 years that I wasn't raped during an attempted murder when I was 21. For me, though, the rape happened while I was unconscious and I didn't come to until the very end of the rape. I completely blocked it out, along with most of the emotional reactions to being attacked until some well timed triggers brought everything to the surface 19 years later. Ironically, at that point my body remembered it all perfectly but my brain stored the memory in an unconscious place. Very weird and hard to explain or understand.

I'd be doubtful of accusing and prosecuting people based on retrieved memories if they are retrieved with the help of a therapist. I would hope that tape recorded sessions would be needed for evidence to prove that the memories are real and not planted.

Subject: Re: George W. Bush

Forum: George W. Bush
George Bush sucks the big wang as far as I'm concerned. We spend a billion dollars a week on this stupid war, killing, maiming, destroying, and for what? Security? Democracy? Domination? Control? Most of our military are overseas, who's left to secure our own country? People are swarming over our borders unchecked, we'd be safer if we had the majority of our military resources here at home. It didn't take 150,000 terrorists to take out 3,000 of our citizens for 911. We could do things alot smarter and alot more economically, but noooooo, Baby Bush is too stubborn to admit he screwed up and keeps us embroiled in a go nowhere war out of pride. If you think Bush is bad, McCain will be more of the same, maybe even worse. McCain wouldn't mind if we stayed in Iraq for 100 years, I heard that with my own ears coming out of his mouth. How are we supposed to foot that bill? We already borrow billions from China. It's ridiculous. Hopefully Obama or Hillary will turn things around and clean up this mess, although it won't happen overnight and will probably take years. If McCain wins, things will go downhill fast, just watch.

Subject: Re: Would You Compete at cNET If It Only Offered $100?

Forum: Would You Compete at cNET If It Only Offered $100?
Holy crap! 1000 points or more must take a huge amount of dedication. I read somewhere that some of the early winners on cnet won with 400 or so points. Those who come back now to win a second time are up for a rude awakening when they realize they can't win on great posts alone. Too bad, but that's how it is.

All I can say is good for you for working so hard to win, you definitely deserve it! Wow, I'd be curious how many points you end up with, although it might be discouraging to many people. It'll be worth it when you win so don't slack off here at the end after all your time and effort. Good luck!

Subject: Re: Is the world ready for a Black President?

Forum: Is the world ready for a Black President?
It's true that racism or sexism won't magically disappear if Obama or Hillary are president, but it's a start and an encouraging step towards equality. Besides, people are what they believe, and if there's alot of people believing that racism can be a thing of the past because of Obama, then we're on our way to making it happen. If it's one step and one person at a time, so be it.

Subject: Re: Is the world ready for a Black President?

Forum: Is the world ready for a Black President?
I believe a huge chunk of this country is ready for a black president. There will be some who hang on to their prejudices, of course, but not enough to lose him the presidency. He may have more concerns over assassination, but every president takes that risk regardless of color. He stands a better chance at beating McCain than Hillary does because I have a feeling that there is more prejudice against a woman as president than a black man.

Part of Obama's appeal in my eyes, isn't so much his promise of bipartisanship (I have my doubts about that) but his ability to bring people of all races together. I know a a couple of people who were previously a little on the racist side, but are now behind Obama. Now that's cool, right on, man! That alone is progress and change!

Obama is inexperienced in many ways, no doubt, but surely he'll surround himself with people of experience that will advise him. The president doesn't act alone.

A message of hope is a good thing, it's a positive energy that the world needs in order to evolve beyond conflict and prejudice. And he does have specific plans, plans that aren't a whole lot different from Hillary's. I think people are flocking to him because yes, he's a good speaker, yes, he preaches change which people crave, but also, he can break the dynasty of Bush, Clinton, Bush.....(Clinton)? That also is a big change and one I look forward to.

Maybe he can't cross over party lines like he says, (that's what America's not ready for!), but he crosses the race lines and inspires people with a positive message, which might be the biggest difference between him and Hillary.

What we don't need is a war hero with an alleged temper and post traumatic stress disorder who sees no problem with staying in Iraq for 100 years. Screw that, man! Bring our troops home, put the money we spend on killing and being killed into our own health, security and resources right here at home! Let the middle east battle it out the way they always have and probably always will despite our intervention. Cold blooded on my part? Maybe, but I'd bet money fewer people would be killed overall if we were out of the picture.

Subject: Re: IF God created us, who created God?

Forum: IF God created us, who created God?
If God is energy, energy can't be created or destroyed but it can change form. Maybe God started as an energy mass that over eons of time evolved to be capable of intelligence. From there, God split off energetic pieces of himself, each capable of sustaining the conditions that create physical life. This would mean that everything in existance is a part of God. Or maybe Dr. Seuss had it right in "Horton Hears a Who" and we're just a speck of dust in a much bigger picture.

In other words, I don't have a clue!

Subject: Re: A person winning after being here for only a month

Forum: A person winning after being here for only a month
felt like the wind,

My daughter won the $5000 scholarship in November. So which one is she? The one who used sympathy to win, the greedy little snit, or the one who wasn't worth it? To say those things about any of those kids is unnecessary whether you were referring to her specifically or not. She worked her butt off the entire time she was on cnet as have all the other winners, that's what it takes to win. I'm very proud of her and was impressed by her committment. She no longer has time to post, she's involved in other scholarship efforts in order to raise the rest of her tuition and housing costs, but she does get on here to cast votes.

It takes a combination of strategies to win on this site. Posting the maximum every day at the times when there's the most traffic, using proper grammar and spelling, starting forums, making good posts, and recruiting people to vote for you. Maybe it doesn't seem fair to those who have been on here forever and haven't won. I can understand how frustrating that is. You'll have to roll with the trends, network inside and outside of cnet, and use every strategy to win, it's just a fact. Apparently it's taking more and more points every month to get into the top 5 probably because of the amount of outside voters.

Good luck to everyone.

Subject: Re: Obama Spin

Forum: Obama Spin
Correction: The CNN debate is Thursday Feb. 21, 8 p.m to 9:30 Eastern time.

Subject: Re: Obama Spin

Forum: Obama Spin
Here's a link that spells out Obama's stand on the issues


There's another site where you can see his voting record, I think it's called votesmart.

Obama needs to get into some good debates with Hillary. There's a debate this Wednesday evening on cnn that I don't want to miss. Actually I need to doublecheck that info. to make sure it's correct.

He's weaker in a debate situation with no teleprompter to lean on which is why Hillary's going after him so hard in this area. Many of the speeches we've seen so far have been more about inspiring us with a Martin Luther King type energy than about specifics. It's worked for him, people are listening, so now he'll start spelling things out. I think he's run a really smart and strategic campaign.

I'm starting to think that Obama stands a better chance at winning against McCain than Hillary. I've been hearing some males say that they would vote for Obama over Hillary because they don't want a female president. As much as that sucks, I think this might be a more common sentiment among males than we think. I thought we were beyond this type of prejudice but maybe not. At least we seem to have gotten beyond prejudice about skin color, although I suppose there will be those who vote for McCain because they don't want a black president. So stupid.

Hillary seems to be more tied to special interests and lobbyists than Obama which I don't like. I've always admired Hillary, she's so smart and such a good example of a strong woman. I'm just worried that she's got baggage and connections from the past that'll keep us entrenched in the status quo. Also, she wants to make healthcare mandatory for everyone and if you don't get it, there will be fines. I don't go for that. I don't like having my choices taken away from me and I'm concerned that she's the type who will make other things mandatory as well. Obama also wants universal healthcare, but would make it optional which I like better.

I'll be watching the debate this Wednesday on cnn.

Subject: Re: Saudi Arabia to execute woman for 'witchcraft'

Forum: Saudi Arabia to execute woman for 'witchcraft'
WHAAAT!!!! Boy, nuthin' like escaping to freedom only to be followed by your persecutors court system. Well, hamiltmc, you and I are in agreement! Good Gawd it's a miracle! hehee.

I'd feel outrage by that type of persecution going on here in America even if was acceptable to the immigrant community. If they're in this country, then they need to live by our laws, be judged in our courts and abide by our value of human life. But unless there's a legally mandated worldwide law against repression, individual countries are going to get away with their atrocities and abuse within the boundaries of their own country.

This candidate's