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Subject: Re: PICK AN ERA

I would like to live in an era when people don't type in all CAPS. Haha, just kidding. Well, kind of.

I would like to live in Scotland in the 1300s and the person I'd like to meet the most is Robert the Bruce. My ancestors, the Kinkades, were close friends (?) or something and were given land in Ireland for their loyalty to him. Something like that. But I'd like to meet him myself.

Subject: Re: Killing Xmas?

Forum: Killing Xmas?
Has anyone ever seen the famous "Mr. Hankie" episode of South Park? The school is putting on a Christmas play, but suddenly they can't call it a Christmas play because not everyone is Christian and it might offend them. Then they can't sing any songs mentioning Jesus or Santa Claus, they can't have a star hanging above the stage, etc. I think it is stupid to go to such extremes to please someone. Because then you've just pissed off the people who want to be wished a Merry Christmas. No matter what, someone is going to be unhappy.

However, I do not believe that saying "Happy Holidays" kills the Christmas spirit. It's the growing materialistic views of the world that kills Christmas and Hanukkah and every other religious holiday that happens this time of year. The reason businesses tell their employees to wish someone Happy Holidays is because they don't want to offend a customer who will then never come back to the store. They're afraid they'll lose hundreds of dollars...THAT THEY DON'T NEED! Not to be cliche here, but what about rundown orphanages that can barely support children? What about the millions of homeless, jobless Americans, not even to mention the millions of people with AIDS in Africa and the people who don't even have safe drinking water. But I'll stop there because now I'm off on a totally different rampage.

Subject: Re: a story that couldn't wait

Forum: a story that couldn't wait
I don't care how hard prison is for child molestors because it's just wrong. Preying on an innocent girl who cannot even put up a fight is just disgusting. I can understand being on by having someone fight against you, but when you are raping a four-year-old, what fight can they really give? How can you get pleasure from that? It's just plain disgusting.

As for putting it on the internet, how much more twisted can you get? It is disgusting to think that one person has no heart and rapes his four-year-old daughter, but it is even more disturbing to think that people watch this stuff! Where has that part of them gone that realizes how terrible this is? They are ruining this girl's life.

Subject: Re: Cat people vs. dog people

Forum: Cat people vs. dog people
It makes perfect sense for a cat lover to also love dogs. The loyalty of a cat is extremely hard to obtain, but once you do, they are just as loving as dogs. I have found dogs to be harder to train, even if they will listen to you better. I have a cat and I don't know what I'm going to do without her when I leave for college. I also have two dogs that are adorable (one is incredibly dorky) and I love them very much, too.

As for the stereotype of cat lovers being smart, sophisticated, and patient, that makes perfect sense as well. You have to be smart to figure how to win over the heart of a stubborn kitty. Cats are considered very sophisticated as well, so sometimes in order to gain their respect, you have to mimic their actions. And patience is necessary to go through so much to get them purring.

Subject: Re: Reality show guilty pleasures

Forum: Reality show guilty pleasures
I loved Tila Tequila. And again, I wish she had picked Dani. I mean c'mon, like all three of them said, she was the best of both worlds!!! She was sweet like a woman, but strong like a man (firefighter, hello!)

Nip/Tuck rocks my world as well.

I'm a huge fan of the competitive "Next Top blahblah" shows. I'm obsessive over America's Next Top Model, Top Chef, and Project Runway. My mom DVR's all the Project Runways....of course, she's a freelance costume designer, so she has an excuse.

Subject: Re: America Stinks...

Forum: America Stinks...
Maybe it's the celebrities that stink. It seems that all of the new "hip" perfumes/colognes are endorsed by celebrities: P Diddy, Mariah Carey, Brittney Spears, Jessica Simpson, etc.

Subject: Re: Drinking age?!?!

Forum: Drinking age?!?!
You know, I don't think it matters much, except for the number of underage drinkers. I think if we lowered the drinking age to 18, people would start drinking younger and younger. I'm sure we already have 10 year olds wandering around drunk off their a**. And then we've got the teenagers who think it's soooo cool until they get date-raped, alcohol poisoning, or get into a serious accident. Even then, sometimes they don't learn.

The part of your brain that controls the ability to reason and weight decisions is not fully developed in most people until the early to mid twenties. So I believe that the current drinking age is fine. Yeah, it might suck for some who are waiting until it's legal to at least experience a buzz (yep, that's me!), but it's so much safer.

Subject: Re: Relationship vs Dating while in College?

Forum: Relationship vs Dating while in College?
I am a high school senior and I've been dating a guy for 3 years now (as of Dec. 8th), so I've been with him since my freshman year. Usually in high school people really question having long-term relationships because everything is about fun and finding out what you like to do. For some people, like me, it wasn't. I found someone that I have fallen in love with and stayed with for a long time. He is two and a half years older than me, so it has been hard, even with him staying at the community college here. With both of us having jobs, me being in the school play, and various activities we've been involved in, it is extremely hard to find time to be together and time for each of us to be alone. For us, college will be the true test of our relationship. If we can last through college, I will probably end up marrying him and starting a family.

I think that for everyone it's different. Some people aren't ready for a long-term relationship in college. Some people don't want to go through the stress of dating. I would just suggest to make as many friends (of the same sex and the opposite sex) as you can and if any of those opposite-sex relationships blossom into something more, go for it.

Subject: Re: Replying to forums

Forum: Replying to forums
I usually post right away with my opinion.....then I go back and read posts. When someone brings up a point that I find particularly interesting (whether it contradicts my view or agrees with it), I'll reply to them and give some more of my opinion.

Subject: Re: Do You Believe that The Devil Exists

Forum: Do You Believe that The Devil Exists
I believe in a balance of everything in the world. With there being this glorious being (or beings in some religions) that is so pure and full of light, there must also be a horrid person (or persons) that is corrupt and full of darkness. Whether the name is Satan, Hades, etc. I believe. I do not necessarily know that this evil in the world comes together as an actual being, just as I'm not so sure that the higher power of this world is a being, but it is present. Satan and God may merely be symbols we have created as manifestations of this good and evil.

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