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Subject: So So Sorry

Forum: So So Sorry
to all those who have voted for me and have not recieved votes back I am sorry.
You see i got a new phone number, and i do not knwo hwo to change my account, so i can not vote because the code gets sent to my old number.
see i have an issue,
If anyone knows hwo to chnage that it would be great!
again i am sorry

Peace and Love,

Subject: Re: Erin, I have a strategy!

Forum: Erin, I have a strategy!
but let me just let you know
karma comes back around
be nice,
it might help you one day,
do not judge,

Subject: Money Money Money!!

Forum: Money Money Money!!
Everyone needs money,
it is a problem
so i am wondering,
what you think the best way to make money is, for a college student,

Subject: SLURPEES!!!!!!!!

Forum: SLURPEES!!!!!!!!
I have discovered that this generation is obsessed with 7/11 slurpees.
so here is my question.
What is your favorite slurpee flavor( or combination of falors)?

Mine is the sour melon one.

Subject: Re: feminism--gone too far!!

Forum: feminism--gone too far!!
truth is that i believe in feminism but there should be limits.
A feminist shouldnt get mad because a man opens the door for her, but on the other hand she should not expect it either.
It is a nice thing to do, but the truth is that it is old fashion.
Men and women are equal.
women have faught for their rights and now they want to enjoy them,.
Feminist are taking measures to show their equality,
that is it.
it is just what they belive.
I believe that women are equal to men, but i also like it when a boy opens the door for me,

Subject: Re: Huck Finn: Ban it in schools?

Forum: Huck Finn: Ban it in schools?
America prides itself on being open.
we have ammendments that protect our freedom and right to express ourselves.
i beleive that no bbook should be banne form schools.
if books are not read then how will the children leanr how things are all over the world.
In order to learn you need ot knwo both sides of the story.
We are in the 21st century. why are we going backwards?
freedom to read what we want, should always be upheld.

Subject: Re: Chuck Norris

Forum: Chuck Norris
-Superman wears chuck norris pajamas.
-Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table of elements because he only belives in the elemnt of surprise.
- when the boogeyman goes to sleep everynight he checks his closet for Chuck Norris
-Chuck Norris counted to infinity -twice
-Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding.
-contrary to popular belief, America is not a Democracy, its a Chucktatoship.

These always make me laugh
i thought i would share lol

Subject: Planes, Trucks and Audomobiles!!

Forum: Planes, Trucks and Audomobiles!!
Ok so i have been thinking about cars lately.
I really want a car.
But i am going away to college so my parents will not buy me one, and i do not have the money to buymy own.
But i can still dream about them.
I would love to have a convertabile.
I love toyota solara, but of course i wouldnt mind a lamborgini.
I would also love to own a jeep wrangler, in green.

I am wondering.
What is your dream car???????????

Subject: Re: Pay It Foward!!

Forum: Pay It Foward!!
well i just think that if some one says a nice thing they have done, then maybe that will inspire other people to do nice things as well

Subject: Re: Forgiving

Forum: Forgiving
a lot of times people have trouble letting go.
Not forgiving someone means that you are letting go of the realtionship, and sometimes you are juts not ready for that.
It also depends on how close the person is to you.
If your best friend does somehting he=urtful, then you might have a harder time for giving him/her because you trusted him/her. so it hurts more.
But on the other han dyou also know that you will be able to get through it somehow.
Sometimes, your heart just tells you things, and the force is to powerful for you to argue with.

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