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Subject: Re: 1 thing you would tell your childhood self

Forum: 1 thing you would tell your childhood self
I'd tell her "Don't try to hard. Let go be yourself. You're funny. Don't let anyone boss you around. EVER. You're worth something."

Just some thoughts off the top of my head.

Subject: Re: The power of touch

Forum: The power of touch
"I think that touch is pretty much fantastic. I love that little jolt of electricity that you feel when you brush against a girl you're attracted to."

Your right! Thats what makes it so amazing would it be if you had that with only one person?

"I really think it's sad that certain religions frown on the expression of human sexuality."

On the contrary my religion encourages the idea of sex between and man and woman who commit themselves to marriage. The intimacy between husband and wife is regarded as one of the greatest physical AND spiritual pleasure in the world.

I apologize if I'm sounding preachy at all...I don't mean to be...

Subject: Re: The power of touch

Forum: The power of touch
In a business setting or depending on the social setting handshakes are allowed so as not to embarrass or insult the person...

Shomer Negiah is the same for women AND men. Its more focused on women sometimes because they are more likely to feel connection and emotion to a man who touches them than a man who is less likely to.

Regardless its not only and opinion, but a law in the Torah in order to prevent sexual immorality.

I guess that also sounds radical...let me explain...

Sometimes when you touch someone you like or are attracted to you want to touch them more. You know the saying when a person is explaining a hook up and he/she defends his/herself by saying: Well one thing led to another...

There are a few more reasons, but I don thnk I can explain them correctly right now...if anyone is interested in learning them message me and Ill find you sources and better info...

Subject: The power of touch

Forum: The power of touch
So if you read my profile I am studying in Israel for the year. I decided to dedicate my year to only studying religious topics and nothing secular at all.

The following topic is something I've been struggling with. This topic is called shomer negiah, which literally means guarding touch- according to this law unmarried men and woman cannot touch each all!

It's hard to believe in todays society when one night stands have become accepted as the social norm. And I sure as most of you read this, unless you had prior knowledge of the subject, you're wondering what's up with this concept.

I recently read a book called, "The Magic Touch", by Gila Manolson. The book explains the power that touch has over people.

I'll give a few scenarios to start this off:

1) How many times have you found yourself with the wrong person, but couldn't resist because of physical attraction?

2) Have you ever regretted a past hook up which began with a simple touch?

3) Women: Have you ever come into close contact with a man, like hugging, and felt an instant connection you never felt before?

I know I'm sounding pretty radical right now. This is something I struggle with, I argue with myself constantly on whether or not to commit myself to this...

What are your thoughts? I'm not preaching here, just looking for objective opinions...

Subject: Re: technology

Forum: technology
Technology is becoming way to advanced. I tihnk scientists sohuld take a breather. Everything is changing so fast. I myself don't want the world to become more materialistic and spoiled than it already is.

I think all the scientists working on the ipods, computers, phones, etc. should focus on more important issues like curing cancers, etc.

Where would we would be with out this technology?

We would be back where we started, in a time more like the 70's and 80's. Not so bad.


So there was a movie being filmed in my town the last few days and frustrated because I couldn't see the film's star I struck up a conversation with a photographer standing outside. He was frustrated himself as the actress/singer Beyonce was so covered up that any picture of her would be pointless.

Soon he was telling me about certain pictures he had taken. One of Mischa Barton eating ice cream- the picture sold for $3,000!!!

Back to Beyonce, basically there is a $50,000 reward for anyone who gets a picture of Beyonce in costume for this movie. That's insane...that's more money than a lot of us need for college!

Anyway does anyone else think it's crazy that we need to know everything about these people so much that a simple picture could cost so much money?!

I never really understood the idea of worshiping celebrities. Anyone read US Magazine? They have a two page spread to "stars...they're just like us!". I don't understand what the big deal is when Brad Pitt does his laundry or if Fergie eats a hot dog.

What's the world coming to?!

Subject: Re: My Personal Opinion on Abortion...

Forum: My Personal Opinion on Abortion...
Here is my opinion on abortion:

Personally, I hate the idea of abortion. I don't think I could bring myself to that when a baby grows inside of me...hopefully I'd never have to be in the situation. The thing is while I am personally against it it's still not my choice to condemn others for making the choice to have an abortion.

I am pro-choice because it's not my body. The woman who gets pregnant should have the right. Combining the ideas of consequences of sex and regretting the abortion- having an abortion is a major consequence. I beleive that by aborting your child you lose some part of yourself.

Abortion is a hard and devastating decision, but it's not and should never be up to anyone to decide other than the woman who is pregnant. As I keep saying it's HER CHOICE!

Subject: Re: You're so vain...

Forum: You're so vain...
Great true I'll check myself in the mirror a lot it's a terrible habit!

Usually it's to rearrange my shirt and fix my hair. Other times if I'm alone I'll just practice smiling, I'll even make silly faces...yeah I'm pretty cool like that haha


I can't deal with school anymore. Three weeks and counting until finals. I'm just so antsy. I know I'll be getting tons more work when college rolls around, but it's getting warmer...I'm getting lazier.

My senioritis is becoming more severe.

Anyone else "suffering" from senioritis?

Subject: Re: Bogus Disorders

Forum: Bogus Disorders
I completely agree. They're weren't so many diagnosies fifty years ago and most of the "bad eggs" probably turned out ok. I was one of those "bad eggs" I was told by my teachers I had ADD and I was almost put on Ritalin. I wasn't and today I'm a pretty good student with no problems. Medicating kids is not always the answer!!!

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