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Subject: Re: What does your future goals consist of?

Forum: What does your future goals consist of?
My goal is to live my life for Christ and touch the future by teaching.

Subject: Re: The Superbowl

Forum: The Superbowl
The team who scores the most points.

Subject: Re: would you convert?

Forum: would you convert?
Does religion matter to me? yes
I could not convert to Judism - I believe in the New Testament, Jesus Christ came to earth and will come again.
I could not convert to catholicism - there are too many exclusions of people that are not biblical.

Not because of religion but I did marry someone who was of the same belief values as myself. I have continued to grow in Christ: understanding and in my heart/life.

Subject: Re: Which side of your brain do you use?

Forum: Which side of your brain do you use?

Subject: Re: BIRD

Forum: BIRD

Subject: Re: Super Bowl 43: Pittsburgh vs. Arizona

Forum: Super Bowl 43: Pittsburgh vs. Arizona
OK, I have finally decided who I will root for. I almost always go for the underdog because that is me. And if ya can't root for yourself then who will???


Subject: Re: Jeremiah 29:11

Forum: Jeremiah 29:11
This verse is the theme of my life at the current time. It has been now for about 7 years.

It has given me the focus and hope through the loss of 2 jobs by dirty politics, breast cancer with reconstruction surgeries, chemotherapy, and feeling like I wish I was dead. Since I am still here (this was my 2nd bout with cancer) I feel that God is not done with me here on Earth.

I have returned to college to complete a life long dream - to become a teacher. I am currently student teaching and will then have my certification complete. I hope to work for a couple of years before finishing my Masters degree in education.

You are never too old to return to college, have dreams,. and pursue them. That's God's plan.

Psalms 121 is a good one too.

Subject: Re: Does God care about the environment?

Forum: Does God care about the environment?
Does God care for people? cats? dogs? trees? ants?

Sure He does - he created it all and said "it was good"
We're the ones messing it up and that makes him sad. But he will have the last say. . .

Subject: Re: Who enjoyed going or watching the Inauguration?

Forum: Who enjoyed going or watching the Inauguration?
My only regret is not being there myself. I did enjoy watching it live on the TV and following stories on the internet. I think about other big events on the National Mall and there have not been too many. MLK's speech, some protests but nothing of this magnitude.

I felt a little miffed when so much seemed to be focused on the black community. How THEY had made this happen, THEY will reap to much from this man, THEY are free at last. Then I got to thinking, it IS a big step for the black man in America. They deserve to celebrate - it was neat to see so many blacks/whites/hispanic/asian/ etc side by side.

In regard to all the money spent at a time of recession- I say GREAT. Think about the jobs this provided, the income to local businesses, restaurants, hotels, not to mention all of the bus companies and airlines. We have had little to celebrate as a nation for a long time. A lot of these expenses were picked up by organizations and departments. It put money into the economy.

Who of us does not spend a little extra on a birthday present, out to dinner (other than Mcdonalds), splurge once and awhile. Yes, this was on a large scale but look at all of the people who were able to celebrate at the dances/ balls, the youth ball, stuff for kids/youth, the bridging party gaps for at least one day as Obama held a dinner in honor of John McCain. And did you see all those sites across America where people gathered around a jumbo- tron, or restaurant/bar TV to celebrate from where they were in America. These put money into the local economies and kept some people working for another day.

And now the balloons are gone, the gowns are back in the closet or returned to the person that it was borrowed from, the tuxedos are at the cleaners (jobs), and everyone is getting down to business. I heard a lady on the radio say that there were so many kids waiting at the bus stop for school Wednesday morning. When she asked why the sudden decision to go to school for many, they replied that
President Obama says we gotta help get America back on track. We are doing our part. (many of these students were black.)

If this kind of excitement can carry over into such things as why kids go to school, so be it. Keep the celebration in your heart and support our new leadership.

Subject: Re: Identity Card for ilegal people in San Francisco

Forum: Identity Card for ilegal people in San Francisco
That sounds like such an oxymoron to me: Identity card for illegal people

If someone knows they are illegal and working, why aren't they in the process of either earning citizenship of getting the appropriate work permit??

The city is taking on a responsibility that the employer should be doing. Some businesses have the option of leaving taxes up to the employee to pay but not all that many. Plus, employers over a certain # of employees have to pay their fair share into unemployment or something (I'm not very knowledgeable on this).

If this is one way that the city and hopefuly federal government can collect what is due them, then more power to it. It would seem that this puts that "illegal" on the records somewhere and therefore should be a step toward becoming legal or being returned to their own country.
I still stand by my belief that the employer who knowingly hires an illegal person should be fined big time.

We must come up with a solution to this problem but it will take cooperation from the employers too.

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