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Subject: Re: Where does the love go after a breakup?

Forum: Where does the love go after a breakup?
In my opinion I think love after a break up goes to yourself. Depending on how long and if the relationship was toxic that love you had for that person will eventually die within time. I think in time also it is put into oneself. I was always told when ending a relationship however long you were in that relationship you should spend that same amount of time getting back to yourself. Take the time to finding yourself and getting ride of those bad habits you created in the previous relationship that way when you do enter a new relationship you don’t take those bad habits into the new relationship. Also, during that time of getting back to yourself after a breakup elevate what you’re looking for and want in your next spouse and relationship that way you won’t settle for any and everything. So that love is given to yourself.

Subject: Re: Secret Santa

Forum: Secret Santa
This was actually my first time ever doing secret Santa. I actually organized it. Instead of secret Santa we did dirty Santa. Our gifts dollar amount was $10. So what we did was say in a circle and started with our own gifts. The we read a revised version of ‘Twas the night before Xmas with the directions LEFT and RIGHT inserted in the story and every time it gave a direction we switched. It was so fun even though we ended up with just having one gift over from our left.

We also did a Christmas luncheon and the theme was Cajun Creole. I cooked us crab legs, crawfish, jambalaya and we ordered beignets, which was a first but they were awesome. The beignets taste like fluffy funnels cakes. So for my first company secret/dirty Santa it was fun and it’s a definite event we will do next year.

Subject: Re: How did you find out Santa wasn't real?

Forum: How did you find out Santa wasn't real?
I don’t remember exactly how old O was when I found out Santa wasn’t real. I think I was around 9 or 10 years old. I do remember on Christmas Eve I went down stair to get something to drink and as I walked down the stairs I felt a cool breeze. Remind you I’m half asleep as I walk towards the kitchen I peek around the corner to see where the breeze is coming from and behold it’s my mom and her boyfriend with the front door open. I can see the car is backed up to the front door and they’re bringing in presents. So I proceeded to get me something to drink and went back upstairs. The next day I asked my mama why were they bringing gifts in from the car and she just straight up and told me the was no Santa. I was more upset that she had lied to me this entire time.

Subject: Re: How do you keep up with the news?

Forum: How do you keep up with the news?
I just got into watching the news within the last year. I particularly didn’t like keeping up with the news due to it being depressing.

But the way I keep up with the new now I turn it on and listen to it every more while getting myself and my family ready in the morning for school and work. I do like listening to the news now because it lets me know what’s going on in the city I live in and I mainly listen to it for traffic and weather update for the week. I do have the fox17 application on my phone for major alerts. I really don’t watch the news for political views unless it around voting terms.

Subject: Re: Christmas list & the hardest person to shop for?

Forum: Christmas list & the hardest person to shop for?
This is easy for me because I don’t get many people things for Christmas. My mom and daddy are totally easy to shop for. My nieces are young and easy to shop for also. Although my husband is really picky about everything I usually just ask him what he wants for Christmas. This is my sons second Christmas so he gets whatever we buy.

I’m ok with getting gift cards for Christmas. Usually that’s what I give my dad if he doesn’t ask for anything in particular but he always gets a gift card from Bass Pro Shop he love that place and since he lives in a small town that doesn’t have a store he shops online, plus he is picking about using credit cards online so he loves his gift cards.

Subject: Re: Grocery Lists

Forum: Grocery Lists
Yes, I make my grocery list before grocery shopping. I actually find recipes for the week. Then I make out my grocery list of the ingredients I’ll need for my weekly recipes and other food items my family and I need and want. Most of my ingredients I saved to my Kroger shopping list, which I have on the Kroger app. And due to me having a very active child I use the Kroger click list. Which I love.

Oh by the way I find my recipes on Pinterest.


I’m fine.
If CNET voting was anonymous I think it would be better.

I don’t think it would create any issues.

I do think I would vote differently because it would be less controversial. Some people can’t take opinions and feel they need to voice and debate with your decision.

Subject: Re: Sonic

Forum: Sonic
I love sonic corn dogs. My sons loves them also. I love mustard on my corn dogs. It’s awesome that they have them for 50cents during happy hour. But my favorite food at sonic is cheese stick but I won’t eat them without marinara sauce. So whenever they have them for 50 cents me, my husband and my son has to go. Sonic can have my money anytime. Especially when I broke and don’t have time to cook being busy as a mom and wife.

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