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Subject: Re: Do you have a "bucket list?"

Forum: Do you have a "bucket list?"
Hey Jon!

I have a bucket list in the notes of my phone, that started as restaurants my boyfriend and I should eat at that we haven't tried in Chattanooga, Tennessee. From there it spiraled into things we wanted to do together and the first one we checked off was "go to Six Flags". Simple, but fun and it lead us to come up with more things we wanted to do. We have sky dived and gone to Cancun, Mexico to just name some. We really just dream something up, put it on our list, and do everything in our power (aka bank account) to check it off! :)

I think that's a great resolution! It will be fun!
Thanks for the post!

Subject: Re: Do you know how to swim?

Forum: Do you know how to swim?
Hi Becky!

I love to swim! I was never on a swim team, but I was a lifeguard all through high school. I still love spending my summers in the water, preferably in the ocean! The winter always makes me sad, and one day, I plan to move further south (closer to a beach) so I can be warm and happy and swim year-round :)

Thanks for the fun post!

Subject: Re: Do you stay in touch with your childhood friends?

Forum: Do you stay in touch with your childhood friends?
Hi Grace!

I hardly ever see my childhood friends anymore. We are still friends, but we have drifted apart over the years from living in separate towns. I still love them dearly, and would do anything for them obviously, but we've just grown into different stages of lives. Like you, my college friends are who I'm closest with. I talk to those friends just about every day and we hang out at least twice a week. Childhood friends are who you grow up (physically) with, but college friends are who you grow up emotionally and mentally with and I feel like those are both special bonds, but definitely different types of bonds.

Thanks for getting me all in my feels ;)

Subject: Christmas Traditions

Forum: Christmas Traditions
Hey CNet!!

With Christmas comes Christmas parties, ugly sweaters, Christmas pajamas, etc. (Yayyyy! I love all things Christmas!!) Do you and your families/significant others have any fun Christmas traditions you do every year? My family always opens one gift on Christmas Eve, and it's always our Christmas pajamas! We've done this for years and years.

I want to hear your Christmas traditions! :)

Subject: Re: White Noise

Forum: White Noise

I seriously can not fall asleep without a fan/fan noise. I hate hearing myself breathe, and i'm also a scaredy-cat and somehow the fan noise makes the dark less scary, HA!! If there is not a fan wherever I'm sleeping, I have an app on my phone called "sleep aid fan- white noise". This app plays a fan noise with different levels and allows you to lock your phone screen while still playing it. It also has a timer you can set to have it automatically turn off after you've fallen asleep. It's good, but not as good as a real fan.

Fun topic!!

Subject: Re: Solve my Riddle

Forum: Solve my Riddle
10 didn't!!!
HAHAHA this is funny! :D

Thanks for the smile!!

Subject: Re: How did you find out Santa wasn't real?

Forum: How did you find out Santa wasn't real?
Hey Becky!

I was in 4th grade I think when some kids at school ruined it for me.I was devastated, and really in denial until I got home and asked my mom. As disappointed as I was, it was still fun getting to play along with my parents for my younger sisters, who still believed.
I love Christmas, and we are all old enough now that no one in our house believes in Santa, but my parents still put presents out from "Santa" to surprise us.

19 days til Christmas!!! :D

Subject: Re: Riddle Wednesday!

Forum: Riddle Wednesday!
I love riddles! Here we go..


2. frosted flakes

3. a joke

4. a clock

5. a nose

6. ?

7. a memory ?

8. ?

9. ?

10. Dandelions

Ok, I'm worse than I thought lol!
But this was fun, thanks!

Subject: Re: How do you keep up with the news?

Forum: How do you keep up with the news?

I don't really keep up with the news, mainly because I don't have cable at my apartment, just Netflix. The most common way I hear about news updates though, is through Facebook. Doing it this way makes it a little more entertaining as well, since you're able to read everyone's comments and such. Gotta love social media! :)

Thanks for the post!

Subject: Sonic

Forum: Sonic
Hey guys!

Today, Sonic has 50 cent corndogs all day! Go grab some, there's still time! I've already been twice today, and I'm not even embarrassed to admit it because I'm a broke, hungry college kid. I love corndogs and I love Sonic, so I always take advantage of this deal, but almost every time, they only put mustard in my bag. I realize mustard is the preferred condiment on corndogs, but I hate mustard and eat ketchup on mine. So my question to you is: Which is better on corndogs? Ketchup or mustard?

Let me hear your opinions! :)

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