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Subject: There their they’re

Forum: There their they’re
Correcting others misuse of there, their, and they’re seems to be some people only joy in Internet forums or groups.

Does it really matter? As the reader I always know what they meant. Is it really nessisary to practically harras someone because there phone or computer most likely autocorrected to the wrong use of a word.

I can see the importance of you are in a professional setting or doing a report or thesis, but on Facebook and other social media’s how much harrasment over spelling and punctuation is absolutely necessary?

Have a good day!

Subject: Re: What’s your game plan now?

Forum: What’s your game plan now?

I’m pretty new to CNET (2 weeks) and I found it through a book I bought called The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2019 edition. This book came highly recommended.
I will continue to use that book and see if I can find anything else like CNET! And apply for more scholarships. It list thousands of them in the book.

If I do find anything like CNET I will let everyone know!

Have a great night.

Subject: Re: Encouragement For the Rest of the 2018 Year!

Forum: Encouragement For the Rest of the 2018 Year!

My word is AMBITION!
If your ambitious about your goals and dreams then they will come to fruition!!

Fun post.
Best of luck to everyone in the future!


Subject: Re: How do you feel about silence?

Forum: How do you feel about silence?

Great topic!
I think for a lot of people, silence is scary or awkward. I used to feel that way also. I now have come to cherish silence. We live is such a loud world, it is hard to find silence. Also when it comes to silence umongst friends I also think it can be good; time to reflect on your conversation or thoughts, allowing you to better understand and respond. Like beauty I think awkward is in the eye of the beholder and awkward silence only exists if you think so.

Have a great night!


Subject: Re: When I heard CNET was closing...

Forum: When I heard CNET was closing...

I was confused at first and had just glanced at the post and thought they were just closing for 1 day, like for Christmas or something. Later I came back and read the whole thing.
I was a bit confused and upset. I’m upset that I just learned about CNET a few weeks ago and was just getting the hang of it. I was really looking forward to the scholarships!


Subject: Happy Hour!

Forum: Happy Hour!
What are your thoughts on happy hour?
Do you have a favorite place?

Why do places have happy hour? Do you save money during this time? Or do you end up spending just as much but we’re enticed in with the bargains being offered?

I think happy hour sounds good but, I feel you get way less food or weaker drinks most of the time and end up getting more and more to make up for it.

I did have a favorite happy hour place, but it closed down here. It was Baker Street Pub. I remember thinking the drink deals were great! I don’t go to happy hour anymore. It is always too busy at places during that time as well.

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Name A Food That Starts With ...???

Forum: Name A Food That Starts With ...???
Asparagus!! Yum!

Subject: What personality trait do you wish you had?

Forum: What personality trait do you wish you had?
My choice would be Grit. Haveing more Grit when I was you set would have helped stick to my goals and try harder at all the rings I did.

What about you?
Have a good day!

Subject: Re: Is your inbox full? How many emails are in there?

Forum: Is your inbox full? How many emails are in there?

I can’t stand when I have unread emails. I check my email a few times a day and delete all the junk and browse at the important ones. If it’s important enough to come back to I mark it unread and go back to it later. The total amount of read emails in my box is a lot. I’m not sure how many. But they are all read.


Subject: Re: Reusing bath towel

Forum: Reusing bath towel

I’m with you on this one. I’m drying off after I’m clean, so I reuse the same towel a few times.


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