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Subject: Re: Mental Illness: Is there still a stigma?

Forum: Mental Illness: Is there still a stigma?
Hey Maggie,

Thank you for sharing that story with us, I’m sure talking about your Dad is no easy feat. Your Mom turning a blind eye to his anger didn’t serve your family or your father. I understand why she did, though. Talking about mental illness is seriously difficult to do for a lot of people.

There is a stigma, to this day. I’ve seen it in my own family. My sister had an eating disorder when she was in high school and my parents decided to ignore that it was happening. Instead of offering her help, they ignored her behavior and the warning signs. My sister finally had to ask them to take her to a doctor, because she literally couldn’t keep food down anymore. Her stomach was injured to a dangerous point.

I think, with my family, the stigma comes from a desire to “keep things cool” or maintain the status quo. My parents are hesitant to address mental illness in the family because acknowledging it would confirm that it exists within our household. I have this same qualm with my father who, when I was in high school, never offered to guide me through sex or talk to me about it. I think in his mind, if he didn’t mention it, it wasn’t happening.

Some stigmas come from people wanting to pretend something doesn’t exist because it’s hard and possibly disturbing to address. That, along with the historical context of the way our society has treated the mentally ill in the past, makes for an attitude that is not conducive to getting people readily available help.

Thank you for bringing this up during our last couple weeks here. Awareness and advocacy are key to identifying and treating MI. Some people in our own lives might need help that we’ve never thought to reach out to before. We need to be willing to have more difficult conversations.

Subject: Re: How do you feel about silence?

Forum: How do you feel about silence?
Hey Wanderer!

In response to Maggie’s post up there, I’m exactly like her husband. 6’ 1” and LOUD! My wife can handle it most of the time, but she too needs to recharge with silence.

I’m an extrovert, so I naturally draw energy from being around and interacting with people. The more activity and noise around me, the more comfortable I feel. That of course is when I’m relaxing. If I’m working, I still enjoy noise, but it needs to be music without lyrics. If I’m studying or reading with lyrical music, the words conflict and it obliterates my ability to think.

Silence is good... occasionally for me. If I sit in silence too long, I start to think about stuff I don’t want to think about. Unfortunately, the darker things start to creep in. I need to work on that. I know I need to work on being more comfortable in my own headspace and not constantly fill my time with distracting noise.

But! In my defense! There’s too much music to listen to before I die! So many hits, classics, and emerging artists and there’s more every day. I need to get on it!

Subject: Re: You come to a stop sign....

Forum: You come to a stop sign....
Hey Kasey,

I’m feeling the same way too. It sucks, plain and simple. We do have $600 left to possibly earn though, so, as the Internet’s biggest memers say, “let’s get this bread”.

I’m like you, #1 and #2. If I’m rolling around my in-law’s quiet neighborhood, I’ll rarely make a complete stop at a stop sign. There’s nobody around! Maybe that habit will bite me someday, but when in the neighborhood it saves a lot of time.

When I’m out and about, though, full stops it is. What do they call treating a stop sign like a yield sign? A “California Stop”? Lol, I’d argue it’s grown far past California as a habit. Arizona drivers can get pretty bad xD

I’ll share a quick example- the highways around the city have a limit of 65 mph. Everyone always does 80 when traffic is clear. What sucks is if you’re trying to follow the law, you get honks. Even the cops go 80+!

Subject: Re: Do you buy things you can't afford?

Forum: Do you buy things you can't afford?
Hey Teebeetoo,

Mr. Money Mustache is a great site! A coworker turned me on to that a while back. There’s a ton of great financial advice to be garnered there. I have a friend who is exactly the same way. He’s laden with credit card debt, delinquent student loans, and a car payment that is in the $1000/month range. Yet, he still buys things that are completely unnecessary and burns through big paychecks when he gets them from the dealership he works at.

That lifestyle makes no sense to me, and I’m honestly worried for him. I feel like his parents never imbued sound financial habits on him, and now he’s in this ever growing hole of debt that he doesn’t care to climb out of.

I’ve always been very careful with money. I’ve made a few bad calls in the past, but those calls hurt enough to make me super cautious with hard earned cash. Whenever a big purchase might be on the horizon, my wife and I sit down and scour every single reason, possibility, alternative, and motive related to it. “Do we really need this?” And, if that question can’t be easily answered, “will this purchase be an investment?”

That last question is what I’m currently asking myself about a Nest Smart Thermostat I’m considering buying. We live in Phoenix where the summers are absolutely unbearable. I’m trying to find ways to reduce our power bill by being smarter about cooling. I suspect that this thermostat, even though it’s a couple hundred dollars, will save us money in the long run. What’s more, there’s a rebate right now with the power company that makes it affordable.

I sincerely wish I had the disposable income of a tech tycoon or billionaire. I wouldn’t have to spend much energy weighing pros and cons. But, as your approach to finances proves, whatever money you’re spending on X, could be spent freeing you from debt. It’s a hard decision to make, because paying down debt doesn’t have the same dopamine release that buying something new does. But, I can guarantee that there’s no buyers remorse when you chip away at a loan.

Subject: What’s your game plan now?

Forum: What’s your game plan now?
CNET is closing. We’re all discussing it, so I thought I’d ask this question: what is your game plan? Where will you go pursue scholarships now? Maybe we can all brainstorm here and find something on the Internet that is similar to, or better than CNET.

My wife and I are currently at a loss. There are Social Work scholarships out there, but they require a massive time and work commitment to achieve. We’ll need to search far and wide, or cinch our belts unrealistically tight to put her through more school and pay off her existing loans.

Subject: Re: College Email Accounts

Forum: College Email Accounts
Hey Raeanna,

I’m sorry to hear the power company is shaking you guys down! Here in AZ, APS definitely allows a few months of leeway before they shut the power off. This company seems really strict. I wish you the best of luck with your Internet and power troubles. I wonder if the power company issues gift cards? That would be a good stocking stuffer...

It’s funny you ask about old college email accounts. I was just using mine today, after leaving it dormant for almost a year! It’s become this awful repository for junk mail- all of which is my fault. I subscribed to so much before I graduated college, and it’s just piled up from there.

NAU is generous because they provide you with a Gmail account and an unlimited Google Drive account! I still have access to that feature as an alum! I can only wonder what the total bill from Google is for that massive service. These are the reasons why tuition gets hiked every year :-/

I have all of my resume stuff in my NAU google drive, and I’m currently looking to switch jobs, so I’ll be using it a lot over the next few months. A nightmarish thought crossed my mind today, actually. What if NAU discontinued my email account without telling me? All of my progress would be lost O.O ...maybe that’s what I’ll do after I finish CNET tonight. Migrate my important documents to my personal account.

Subject: Re: Do you carry cash with you?

Forum: Do you carry cash with you?
Hey Kyle!

Nicely done in the election today! You’re totally right about the diversity of posts this week. There were great topics to choose from all around and everyone was civil, which is nice to see.

Did you see that announcement just posted by CollegeNET admin? They’re shutting CNET down! We’ll go from 5 posts a day to 0 posts a day :-/ Dang, and I was just getting started. You’ve only been around since October yourself! I wish we joined earlier.

As for cash, I rarely carry it around. I’m sorry to hear that you and your family had that experience! You dearly want to contribute, but your hands are full of groceries and you don’t have cash. Salvation Army should see if they can get proximity sensors on their red cans. People can use Apple Pay to donate!

I’ve been in a predicament for about a year now regarding my debit card. Along the way, the swiper got damaged and it doesn’t work. The chip still works fine, but only about half of places take the chip. So there have been many situations where I’ve found myself asking a person to manually enter my card info for me.

Ever since proximity readers came out, though, it hasn’t been too much of a problem! Even my local gas station has pumps that have proximity readers. I know what you’re thinking- why not get a new debit card? Well I’m lazy! Changing my debit card before it expires would prematurely force me to reset my payment information for like a thousand things. Ugh, I’m not looking forward to that.

Subject: Re: What languages do you wish you could speak?

Forum: What languages do you wish you could speak?
Hi pancake!

This is the first time I’ve had the chance to respond to one of your forums! I see you’re an aspiring software developer. That’s so cool! What kinds of software intrigue you the most? I’m considering going back to school to be an IT full stack developer. I’m not sure what it all entails, but being able to manipulate computers and software in advanced ways sounds so cool.

I was required to take a foreign language for my undergrad, so I decided to take French 1. I had a great time in that class! The professor was knowledgeable and nice and taught the content well.

I decided to take French because I was a film major, and French is the language of film. The Lumiere Brothers basically invented the modern film camera in France! I downloaded the Duolingo app to help me outside of class, and I seriously pursued learning the language all semester.

Then, the class ended, and so did my motivation. Life and the rest of my undergrad got in the way. I could have minored in French, but I decided to minor in environmental sustainability instead.

I think French is an attractive language to learn because you can get around a good portion of Europe and Africa with it! Or at least I think you can, in the Africa case. I know, with my personality, that I’ll never be bilingual unless I have a real pressing reason to be. Here’s to hoping a real reason comes along!

Subject: What comprises your identity?

Forum: What comprises your identity?
How do you determine your identity? Is it the clothes you wear? The car you drive? The way you eat? The things you value?

Tell me what makes up how you see yourself!

*Good luck today!*

Subject: Re: Choose your spirit animal

Forum: Choose your spirit animal
Hi Jess!

I think this is the first time I’ve had a chance to respond to one of your forums. Nice to meet you! I took a look at your profile and saw that you’re on the way to being an architect! I think your focus on green homes and efficient buildings is awesome. Experts say that one of humanity’s biggest power draws is our buildings. We can be a lot more efficient than we currently are. I’m here you’ve learned about LEED certification? The office building I work in is LEED Gold certified because they have showers! I guess that encourages people to bike to work, get sweaty, and then shower off. Anyways!

My spirit animal would be an observant one. I’m always observing and pondering. I identify heavily with dogs, because of their joy, but my personality is calmer than the curiosity of a dog. Um...

Maybe a brown bear? I feel like brown bears, black bears, and all kinds of common bears care deeply for their pack, observe the forest around them, and just try to get along with other animals. They won’t fight you unless you provoke them or threaten them, and they have wise, gentle souls. I like those qualities and want to strive to be like them myself.

^ ^
E 3

^Thats my best attempt at drawing a bear emoticon haha the E and 3 are his claws

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