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Subject: Re: Should assault weapons be banned?

Forum: Should assault weapons be banned?
I dont even understand how we're still asking this questions as a society. Haven't we had something like 160 mass shootings just this year? NO other country experiences that. We're doing something wrong.

Subject: Re: Best frugal hack?

Forum: Best frugal hack?
This is not secret but i use the fuel rewards club where you get points for grocey shopping and then you get a few cents off gas at the gas station. its not a lot of money but every bit counts.

I also go to kind of an expensive school. I took a couple of online classes at a cheaper school and transferred in the credits. It helps me get done faster and also saves me a lot of money.

Subject: Re: What kind of cell phone do you have?

Forum: What kind of cell phone do you have?
iphone. i tried to get other cheaper phones, but honestly the ophone is unfortunately the best. unfortunate because of $$ and planned obsolesence

Subject: Re: What are you looking forward to binge watching?

Forum: What are you looking forward to binge watching?
I've been watching the Ozarks a lot. I also can pretty much guarantee you that you'll never see a better show than the Wire.

Honestly though, these days if I have time to bingewatch anything it's football. Does that count?

Subject: Re: Smash or Pass?

Forum: Smash or Pass?
I would totally smash both of those things. I am vegetarian, so they both sound really good, and Asian and middle eastern foods have way more options for vegetarians.

Sometimes I take whatever fake meat I have like veggie burgers and deli slices and but them on bread or a roll and melt cheese on it and make it like a grinder (a hot hoagie). Throw some ketchup, mustard, and pickles on there and I think that its pretty great mucnhie food!

Subject: Re: What is your age?

Forum: What is your age?
I'm 38 and went back to college after working in construction. I'm not sure what I think of collegenet yet but i think im starting to like it more

Subject: Re: HALP!! (Also, some advice for newbies!)

Forum: HALP!! (Also, some advice for newbies!)
Kyle, I saw that discussion on your page and while at first I was a little put off because I thought maybe people were making light of a serious discussion whose time has come now I can see that it has actually provoked a lot of good thinking and in this case collegenet isnt just about people posting to get votes, its also about being thoughtful and being productive in making ourselves critical thinkers. That's good to see. Good luck to everyone.

I don't expect to win, but I think one day I will learn from you guys.

Subject: Re: Climate Change

Forum: Climate Change
I'm always surprised to find that some people think that climate change is something you cna believe in or not. It's here. It's happening. I'm very worried about what it means for my children

Subject: Re: What's Your Favorite Kind of Ice Cream?

Forum: What's Your Favorite Kind of Ice Cream?
I know it sounds boring but I really like vanilla.

Subject: Re: How do you prep for a better week?

Forum: How do you prep for a better week?
I pack all my lunches for the week so I can sleep in in the morning.

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