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Subject: Re: One Small Thing That Speaks Volumes To You?

Forum: One Small Thing That Speaks Volumes To You?
Hey Christi!

I agree with everyone that how a person treats others tells a lot about who they are. I think how they treat people who work in the service industry is a great way of telling what type of person they are. I really like your comment about how they act when they are facing adversity. I believe you really don't know someone until you have had a chance to witness their behavior in a difficult or frustrating moment. That is usually when people show their true colors. You can learn a lot about someone watching them during a crisis.

Great post Christi!

Have a good one!


Subject: Re: Will you keep trying?

Forum: Will you keep trying?

I will definitely keep trying. Every little bit helps. I am still hoping that they are just reinventing themselves and that they will come up with something that will allow all of us to still compete for some amount of money! Even if bigger scholarship went to those who were considered economically disadvantaged but we still had the chance to compete for something.

I am looking for other options but so far I have not found anything.

Keep posting!


Subject: Re: What was the last picture you took on your phone?

Forum: What was the last picture you took on your phone?
Hey Grace!

The last picture on my phone was a picture of my catch lounging on the couch with me. I took it because my girlfriend asked me what I was doing so I took a picture to send her as a reply! I don't really take a ton of pictures. I have a lot of screen shots of different things such as information I want to remember of screenshots of posts from other people that I find funny and want to share with others. Other than that, it is my cat and my girlfriend. LOL

Have a good one!


Subject: Re: Encouragement For the Rest of the 2018 Year!

Forum: Encouragement For the Rest of the 2018 Year!
Hey Christi!

My word is Kindness. A little kindness goes a long way! As a society we are not nearly as kind as we could be to one another!

Great post and I love your word!


Subject: Re: Are you all ready for Christmas?

Forum: Are you all ready for Christmas?
Hey Becky!

Yikes! NO! It is coming too quickly! LOL I have bought gifts for my girlfriend and one of my siblings but I have nothing else done! I went shopping with both of my siblings yesterday and it was a total bust. We came back home with nothing to show for it except the food we bought when we got frustrated with shopping!

I am going to have to shop hard this weekend!

Have a good one!


Subject: Re: Should sex offenders be allowed on school property

Forum: Should sex offenders be allowed on school property
Hey Katelyn!

I guess I honestly thought that convicted sex offenders weren't allowed anywhere near school property. I didn't really consider the fact that they may have children of their own. Obviously, they should be allowed to take their own kids to school, but I don't think I am ok with them volunteering. I decided to look up the law in our state and this is what I found...

A sex offender cannot live or loiter within 500 feet of community safety zones. A sex offender cannot live within 1,000 feet of schools, childcare facilities, or the victim. The state parole board decides how close to a child safety zone a paroled sex offender can live or visit.

That makes it sound like the judge can put restrictions on where they visit such as schools. It also implies that there are sex offenders that can be on school property or in other locations where there might be children. I am not really ok with that, especially if the offense involved a child.

We all have to face consequences for our actions. Some may argue that jail time and probation is enough of a consequence, however, I disagree. I would want to know that my child is safe at school. I wouldn't want to worry about the person supervising them. Again, I though everyone had to pass a background check, but it appears as though that is only for people who are going to be alone with kids. It seems as if there is a loophole that allows offenders to be near children as long as they aren't alone with them. I am not OK with this.

Great topic


Subject: Re: When I heard CNET was closing...

Forum: When I heard CNET was closing...

I was just shocked. I couldn't believe what i was reading! I honestly just sat there and stared at the post for a while absolutely speechless. I literally gasped out loud audibly enough that my family asked me what was wrong. Then I just sat there reading it. I was hoping I would come to a place in the post that said "don't worry though, we have a new option for all of you'! Clearly that didn't happen. I think they have this one wrong. The economically disadvantaged, which includes some of us, have the same opportunity as the rest of us to post and earn scholarships, however, we do not have the same access as they do to so many scholarships that are only for people below a certain income level. I would like to know that stats on people who are handed free money vs. those who have to work for it. Do economically disadvantaged people who are handed money finish college at the same rate as people who work for their scholarship money? Which group is more likely to appreciate what they have? I believe the stats would likely support earning your money as opposed to it being handed to you based on income.

Please don't misread me, I am not angry just really disappointed that they don't value the need the middle and lower middle class has for scholarship opportunities that are not based solely on financial need. We all need the money or we wouldn't be here!

I hope they reconsider their decision!


Subject: When does Boyfriend/girlfriend meet the family?

Forum: When does Boyfriend/girlfriend meet the family?
Hey Everyone!

I have spent a lot of time reading all the posts about CNET closing. I am shocked and saddened by the news! I am still trying to put all of my thoughts together on the subject. I wish I would have found them earlier!! I am at a loss as to what to do for college for next year! Just like many of you I will need to begin searching for another way.

On to the topic! When do you introduce someone that you have been dating to your family? What is an appropriate period of time to wait to make introductions? If there is an event that occurs, such as a holiday, that is sooner than you would normally introduce them, do you use it as an excuse to make introductions, or do you spend the holiday separately and skip meeting the family? Who do they meet first? Siblings? Parents? Grandparents? How do you decide? Is it based on who lives nearby? Is there a "too soon" for introductions? Does it just happen whenever it happens or do you not make introductions at all unless it is someone you are very serious about?

Thanks in advance for your comments!


Subject: Re: Do you fall asleep quickly?

Forum: Do you fall asleep quickly?
Hey Katelyn!

I usually fall asleep fairly quickly. Sometimes I will listen to music or watch a movie if I am having trouble sleeping. It is easier to fall asleep to music or a movie when I have a lot on my mind because it distracts me from thinking about things, or over thinking about things as is often the case!

I have heard there are natural things you can use to fall asleep like melatonin. I know my aunt takes that and it works really well for her! I know you said in one post that you have some medical issues. Do those play a factor in your inability to fall asleep? Does your doctor have any suggestions? It sounds like you have tried a few things to fall asleep better. Don't give up!

Have a good one and get some sleep!


Subject: Re: Reusing bath towel

Forum: Reusing bath towel

I reuse my towel for several days! I don't need any more laundry to do! I hang it up to dry and I am clean when I am using it so I don't see a problem with that. I will say that when I am at home I tend to take a new towel more often!

Have a good one!


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