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Subject: Re: Something mom said that you will always remember

Forum: Something mom said that you will always remember
Hey there Motivated One,

Your mom’s message is a profound one.

My mom has always said “Just be kind”. She frequently asks me if I notice anyone sitting alone at the lunch table or if I see anyone who’s not eating because they have no food. She packs me extra stuff just in case so I can be a friend and help out. Even if it’s just a small snack and fruit. A long time ago she read a book “The Glass Castle”. It was a true story and it stuck with her. It’s why she is always asking me to watch out for my peers.

Thanks for your forum.

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Birthday Club?

Forum: Birthday Club?
Hey Katelyn!

Of course you’ll have my vote for your birthday too! A deals a deal! Mines not until after the “show” ends so I’ll never happen for me but I’ll definitely do my part to help you!

Good luck this week!


Subject: Re: Do you sing in the car?

Forum: Do you sing in the car?
Hey Kyle!

I can honestly say that I don’t sing. I don’t sing in my car or in the shower or anywhere for that matter. Trust me. It’s a good thing. I’m not a good singer so I’m sparing everyone the agony!

Subject: Re: How long does it take you to say your goodbyes?

Forum: How long does it take you to say your goodbyes?
Hey Jon!

Ha ha. It sounds like a lot of us have experienced the same thing when it comes to goodbyes. I like what Grace mentioned. I guess it’s a good thing right? We like the company-or at least the parents do!

My mom and dad tend to take forever to say their goodbyes. On a side note I’d swear my mom knows everyone. She’s always willing to strike up a conversation even with someone she’s never met before.

Thanks for the forum!


Subject: Obesity in America

Forum: Obesity in America
Hey CNET Family,

With all the holiday parties coming up it’s hard to say no to all the delicious treats that will be out before us. For me personally I hate to hurt someone’s feelings when they’ve spent the time making the food they offer me so I rarely if ever turn it down. It definitely adds a few pounds to the scale.

But what about during the regular course of the year?

I thought I’d ask what
do you attribute to the obesity epidemic in America today?
I know it’s not just holiday meals and parties.

I think it’s partky because everyone is so busy and don’t make time to properly take care of ourselves. Also we’re so busy we don’t make the right foods. I think one thing families can do is cook together! It’s a great bonding experience and can help the families make better decisions!

Thanks for reading.


Subject: Re: Encouragement For the Rest of the 2018 Year!

Forum: Encouragement For the Rest of the 2018 Year!
Hey Christi,

My word is Enthusiasm.

I think if we always do things with great passion and put effort into it it makes a difference. Being enthusiastic, having intense enjoyment and interest in doing all that you do makes everyone around you feel the positive energy. People feed off of that!

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Should sex offenders be allowed on school property

Forum: Should sex offenders be allowed on school property
Hey Katelyn,

I think that if you were convicted of being a sex offender you should absolutely not be permitted to chaperone an overnight school event regardless if they served their time. That is asking for trouble. As a parent I would not feel comfortable knowing that this person who was convicted of a sex offense was near my kids would make me uncomfortable, to the point I may likely not permit my child to attend the event. If it was a situation that the person was say 18 and was convicted of a sex offense because his girlfriend was 16/17 (a minor) and the parent of the minor was not happy to hear they had sex and filed a p/r then to me that would be a completely different story and my opinion on that is different.

I hope I answered your question.

Thanks for reading.


Subject: Re: When does Boyfriend/girlfriend meet the family?

Forum: When does Boyfriend/girlfriend meet the family?
Hey Kyle,

I think the answer is: it depends. Every couple is different and it comes down to being comfortable. I think if you are dating for a short period of time it might be too soon (at least for me) but if there's an opportunity to be introduced due to an event coming up, that could be perfect timing. For me, I didn't introduce my girlfriend to my family or meet hers for quite some time. It was probably 5 months before we met each others respective families. Until then my GF was known as the enigma ha ha because I would talk about her but my parents had never met her.

Have a great day.


Subject: Tea or coffee?

Forum: Tea or coffee?
Hey good morning CNet Family,

I have a simple question today. Like the rest of us, I am still in shock that this scholarship program is ending soon and my head is clouded because of it.

Do you prefer to drink tea or coffee?

There are a lot of different flavors of tea out there. I had no idea really. My mom likes tea so I went to find her a Christmas gift. Our mall has a store just for Tea. it was a bit overwhelming but also kind of cool. There are also tons of choices for coffee (my mom used to drink coffee but no longer does) so I was familiar with that and the different fun flavors of creamers to put into coffee.

So, do you prefer tea or coffee? Do you have any favorite flavors or brands? What do you put into your tea or coffee?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Subject: Re: Do you hold grudges?

Forum: Do you hold grudges?
Hey Jon,

I think I tend to hold grudges at least for a period of time. I don't let people off the hook that easily. I am willing to walk away from someone who has done me wrong -if on more than one occasion. I don't put up with people treating me badly.

I grabbed the link you sent and took the quiz. Here are my results and they sound spot on!:

You go through the necessary stages in order to move on.

You can forgive people without losing your self-respect. When someone has hurt you, you give yourself time to come to terms with it bit by bit. First, you express how you feel, and then you lick your wounds. Afterwards, you allow your anger an outlet and sometimes confront the person who has caused the problem to tell them exactly what you think of what they have done. Once you have expressed your anger, you tend not to hang on to it. You analyse a difficult situation once it's resolved to understand what happened, and what caused it. When you’ve had the chance to mull things over you move on to new things, free to go in search of new experiences. You find it quite easy to forgive, in the sense that you don't judge the other person and that you don't hold a grudge. However, there are certain things that are unforgivable (you don't think it's necessarily a good thing to forgive everything). If someone does something unforgivable you recover from it armed with the knowledge that you won't let anyone do that to you again. Carry on the way you are. The best part of it is, you know what's important in life.

Thanks for the forum. Have a great day!


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