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Subject: Re: Are you ticklish?

Forum: Are you ticklish?
Sadly I am very ticklish.

Subject: Re: Sibling status

Forum: Sibling status
This is a tricky subject for me. Technicaially I am an only child and was one till I was eight years old. At that time my father remarked and I became apart of a blended family making me the youngest of three. My new step sisters being 3 years older than me and twins. I feel like the only thing that made me any different in getting those “siblings” was the fact that I hated the color pink and still dislike the color today. Being the youngest of 3 girls from the age of 8-18, Whenever our parents got us the same things they always gave me the pink item. So it is still my least fave o rite color. When I moved out of the house at 18 i basically was disowned from that entire family structure. I felt like I was still an only child. The biggest problem I had in those years in that house was the fact that there were double standards not due to the age difference, but due to the fact that the blended family was still very much split.

When I met my mothers Fiancé and his two daughters about 6-7 years ago I finally had sisters. Of course there is not much that this could change from me as I was an adult when I met them. I did however have a couple friends over the years that i considered sisters.

Subject: Re: Should women be allowed to breastfeed in public?

Forum: Should women be allowed to breastfeed in public?
YES! It should be totally allowed to breastfeed in public. It is completely natural. I know it is a controversial many people claim it is sexual, however it is like the furthest thing from being sexual. I actually don’t like when people cover their babies. I mean we don’t force each other to eat our food under a sheet. Why should we force innocent babies?

Subject: Re: What old tv series do you still love to watch?

Forum: What old tv series do you still love to watch?
There are a few TV shows that I will watch no matter how old they are. Charmed being the first one. I am now disappointed that they are remaking this show. According to the trailers for it, it looks like there is little to no reference to the original show. That 70s show is my next one that I love to watch reruns of. There are a lot of shows that I love to watch on rerun. There are also many that I will choose to be background noise when I am multi tasking, because I love them like Friends and Special Victims Unit.

Subject: Re: What do you bring to an interview?

Forum: What do you bring to an interview?
Aloha, first of all congratulations on getting your bachelors. Here are a few things you should think about and have with you for your job interview. Obviously you want to wear your nicest clothes in cool colors (black, blue, green, purples). Make sure you take your resume and refererals,and yes just like the other person be ready to leave it with your interviewer. Yes you want a copy of the job discription on hand with you. Also do your research about the organization that you are being interviewed to work at. Write down a couple questions you might have about the position or the organization and bring that with you so you are ready. Most of the time the interviewer will ask if you have any questions, being prepared to ask them is very important. Like Jess said it is good to have a notebook. I personally bring one of those legal notepads that is in one of those professional looking clipboards with a pen. Always bring your own pen. Always stand when one of the workers come to talk to you (if its the receptionist, secretary, or interviewer) as it shows them respect. Shake hands firmly.

Good Luck

Subject: Disaster Preparedness

Forum: Disaster Preparedness
Aloha, I live in Hawaii. We currently have Hurricane Lane heading towards us. Other islands are already having hurricane watches set in place. If this hurricane hits us my island will likely be hit closer to Thursday. With that being said we in our house are preparing our house for the possibility of this major storm.

I was wondering how many of you are prepared for a natural (or unnatural given the state of our world) disaster. If so what sort of disaster are you ready for (yes if you are ready for a zombie apocalypse that is included.) What sort of items do you have for your disaster? If you are not prepared for a disaster in your order why not?

Subject: Home lunch

Forum: Home lunch
I am wondering how often do people take home lunch with them to work or school. If you don't do you buy something at school or wait till you get home.

Subject: Re: In honor of my mother...

Forum: In honor of my mother...
I would say the thing i appreciate most about my mother is that she supports me. I didnt always have her support at one point in time she was led astray to listening to people who didnt know what the hell was actually happening in my life. But once she was no longer following the lies she came to my side to support me in the drama from my past.

Subject: Re: Describe your mood using the weather

Forum: Describe your mood using the weather
My mood as the weather, I would say “Calm before the storm”

Subject: Re: If you could eliminate one thing you do everyday?

Forum: If you could eliminate one thing you do everyday?
If i could eliminate one daily thing i want to say having to use the bathroom. I would love for the technology to get to the point where i do not have to pee or poop any longer. Obviously not possible any time soon and rather icky.

On the more serious note I too would get rid of having to wake up early.

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