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Subject: Re: Who Was The Last Person You Talked Too?

Forum: Who Was The Last Person You Talked Too?
Aloha Unique,

The last person I talked to was last night to my date. Really nice guy! It was actually really fun, cute and thoughtful- prior to our date he sent me an article with 36 questions to ask someone to get closer to them. He suggested that we take turns asking each other and answering questions from this list. It was really fun and we both learned things about each other and made connections that we otherwise would not have made. By the end of the night we were holding hands so it certainly worked to bring us closer together! I had wondered if he suggested it if he was worried that we would run out of things to talk about but it really helped to keep the conversation going and keep it interesting too. Thinking of topics and things to discuss can either come naturally or be somewhat awkward and difficult. I think our conversation went great and I want to know more about him whether structured or unstructured. I sure hope to see him again soon and keep our relationship going!

Thanks for the forum!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Free public transit?

Forum: Free public transit?
Aloha Kasey,

I think free public transit is a fantastic idea and one that should be carried out all across the United States. I was curious where you can find public transportation and several countries offer it. Here is a website with a list of countries that provide free public transit:


The cities listed include Australia, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Thailand, Canada, France and many others. This is amazing! It could really encourage people to leave there car at home or forgo buying one. Here in Hawaii we have a bus system and they are currently building a very controversial rail. We do need to do something about the traffic and pollution that cars create. Free public transit would be a huge step in the right direction.

Great topic!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Something good that's happened lately?

Forum: Something good that's happened lately?
Aloha dymphie,

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Wow!! You did it and got an amazing award! Go you!!! That's really incredible and something to be truly proud of! Nursing school is no small feat and you did it! You should be very proud! I'm so happy for you!

OOoo good things are happening to me too. I'm really excited about the awesome date I had yesterday. I really like this guy he is handsome, thoughtful, fun and intelligent. We get along really well and I could certainly see myself dating him. This is a very good thing that has happened! I've really wanted to fall in love again and find someone to share my life with. Perhaps it is happening for me now! Another good thing that happened is my mindfulness classes are going well and I am feeling more and more confident about doing them. Also, I got a very sweet gift from this elderly woman that I visit every week as part of a volunteer organization. I'm getting excited for my upcoming trip and seeing my mom. Though I have been a bit down lately, my friends and my mom have been very supportive and someone is always there when I need a chat to uplift me. One friend even sent me inspirational quotes to help boost my mood. There are always good things happening but it is a matter of noticing them and soaking them up.

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: What are your Christmas/Semester Break Plans?

Forum: What are your Christmas/Semester Break Plans?
Aloha Christi,

Your plans sound really wonderful! That's sweet that you get to spend your Christmas in a quiet way with your husband doing some outdoorsy stuff and visiting towns. I hope you truly enjoy yourself and get a chance to soak in the silence!

My plans are to spend some quality time with my mom who I haven't seen in a year. We are taking a trip to Taiwan and Thailand! She will arrive on Tuesday and we get to spend a few days here in Hawaii before we leave on Sunday. I am getting really excited to be immersed in another culture and enjoy a whole other world from where I am now. This is truly a big trip for us and we are very excited! My mom truly deserves a break from work. She works hard and deals with lots of drama at work. She deserves a fun, adventurous but relaxing getaway and some good times with me! We will certainly be doing lots of exploring as well as getting some beach time in when we are in Thailand. I want to visit museums, cultural landmarks, temples, statues, an elephant sanctuary and whatever other wonderful things we can discover. I bought this really awesome travel journal called The Mindful Traveler so I am excited to write in it and enhance my traveling experience by being more mindful and thoughtful as I enjoy this journey.

Perhaps you have found a neat guided journal as well! There are so many good ones! Just an update: my mindfulness program is really getting off the ground. I will be teaching in four different classrooms at my school and possibly a fifth. Another school is interested in having me teach 6 classes! Wow I might be very busy with this. It is being well-received and I am getting more and more excited about it as I delve in. It's so interesting how the different age groups respond to the lessons. If you are ever interested in bringing mindfulness into your classroom I highly recommend Mindful Schools- they have a great website.

- Wanderer

Subject: Reminders of the gift that life is...

Forum: Reminders of the gift that life is...
Aloha CollegeNet,

Today I am reminded of the gift that life is. In what ways have you been reminded of the gift that life is? What gifts is life offering you currently? What gifts of life are there for you to bask in?

I've been reminded of the gift of life in several ways recently. Yesterday I had an amazing date! I really liked this one. We had an awesome time chatting and getting to know each other. This was a second date too! By the end of the night we were holding hands and he kissed me goodnight! I'm really excited as I really like this guy. I just hope he is still interested in me when I get back from my trip since I leave soon. I'm trying not to worry and just enjoy this stage of dating.

Another way I have been reminded of the gift that life is was spending time with a new friend yesterday. We had a fun time walking around at this cute night market event. It was really nice and unexpected!

Another gift that life has offered me is realizing the nice friendship I have developed with an elderly woman that I visit once a week as part of a volunteer organization. For almost two years I have visited her and for Christmas she gave me such a thoughtful present- a beautiful moonstone necklace. It was so very sweet of her that it really made me stop and think and realize how meaningful our visits are to her. Something small yet powerful. The gift that life is...


Subject: Re: Encouragement For the Rest of the 2018 Year!

Forum: Encouragement For the Rest of the 2018 Year!
Aloha Christi,

Great forum! Love the positivity!

My word is Joyful! I hope everyone finds joy in this special time of year as 2018 ends and 2019 begins! Find the joy in the big and little things in life. Joy is always waiting for us, it is just a matter of uncovering it within ourselves and our lives. May we bring joy to each other and foster joy within ourselves. With Cnet closing it's easy to think negatively about it and let that fuel into other areas of our lives but may we remember and celebrate all the joy this website has brought to the lives or so many and realize that sooner or later all things must end. But to remember the joy in things is what matters.

Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Is your life a routine?

Forum: Is your life a routine?
Aloha Humanitarian,

I'm sorry you feel that your life is so routine. I have been in that space before. I think it's a matter of tuning in and noticing the differences in just little things day to day. I highly suggest mindfulness and meditation to offer new insight into life. I think parts of my day feel routine but I rejoice in the new things and experiences I have everyday and that makes my life feel not too routine. Remembering that every moment is unique, that you will never experience this moment or this day again. Nothing is ever exactly the same but we have to pay attention deeply to each moment to soak in its uniqueness. I think it is key to bring new light to your life by trying different things whether its a new route to work or a new food or activity. We always have a choice in what we want to do and how we want to approach things. I think another important thing to note is often when it feels like something is wrong then we think we need to change the external parts of life like the things you do but really it is the inner landscape that needs attention. I highly suggest picking up a book on mindfulness and meditation to help you break out of your feelings that your life is too routine.

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: What is Your New Year's Resolution?

Forum: What is Your New Year's Resolution?
Aloha Unique,

I have many things I want to accomplish next year. One of the most important things is I want to pass my School Nurse board exam so I really need to study and study a lot! I want to complete the review course in its entirety and study on my own too. I want to continue with my mindfulness program and teach as many classes as possible. I want to open up to new opportunities that come my way. I want to maintain a running and meditation routine- those are always on my new year's goal list. Running and meditating really have the power to keep my life in a good positive space. I want to plan another cool trip as well! I want to expand my relationships with friends and family as well as myself. I want to finish at least a couple books in 2019. I have really been putting off reading but I want to get back to it. So much I want to do...

Thanks for the forum!

- Wanderer

Subject: Re: Before 2018 ends, I will...

Forum: Before 2018 ends, I will...
Aloha murasaki,

Before 2018 ends, I will finish writing the pages in this one journal that I have been writing in for 5 years. I have only a few pages left but I forget to write everyday. I want to start fresh with the pages of a new journal in 2019. Before 2018 ends, I will write in a new travel journal I got for my upcoming trip to Taiwan and Thailand. Before 2018 ends, I will make time to spend with my dad. I bought us tickets to a concert so we can spend time having a nice dinner and listening to beautiful music together before I leave. Before 2018 ends, I will spend time with my mom who I have not seen in a year. Before 2018 ends, I will work on getting my meditation habit back in full swing and get a run in or two. Before 2018 ends, I will spend some time outlining goals and intentions for 2019.

Thanks for the forum!

- Wanderer

Subject: Talking about our struggles in life

Forum: Talking about our struggles in life
Aloha CollegeNet,

Yesterday I shared something on a CollegeNet forum that I often am not even very open about with my friends. On MaggieK’s forum about mental illness I opened up and shared that I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Largely, I elect to just keep it to myself and deal with it on my own. I have a couple friends who know and one friend who has even taken care of me when I was very sick. Despite the fact that I know having friends as a safety net is important, I don’t always share. Like MaggieK pointed out in her forum, there is still such a stigma around having struggled with mental illness. It’s like if we talk about our struggles, it makes us weak and shows our true colors and we think of that negatively.

I feel grateful for having been diagnosed early and knowing it could have been a lot worse. I have had my struggles with both mania and depression. More depression than mania but I have unfortunately experienced being in a psychiatric ward of a hospital. That’s the hardest part to admit because I am so afraid of being judged and thought of differently if people know that fact. I worry so much when it comes to dating that I will be rejected on the basis of an illness that I didn’t’ ask for. I’m lucky to have supportive friends and parents who have always been very accepting. Though I have struggled greatly I know it could be and is a lot worse for many others.

Thank you all for giving me a safe space to share. This forum is for others who have struggles they would like to share in a space that’s loving and accepting. What do you struggle with that you don’t often talk about?

- Wanderer

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