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Subject: Re: The Color Of My Residence Is __________?

Forum: The Color Of My Residence Is __________?
Hey Thankful,

I live in a wood house that is cedar colored. I live in Montana, so picture a rustic, cabin look. I'm pretty happy with it at the moment. :) I do need to repaint the trim though ,,, it is black and was beat up this past spring in a nasty hail storm.

Hope your day is going well!


Subject: Re: Does it make you cringe?

Forum: Does it make you cringe?
Hi Ashsinead,

You must be in medical school!?

It takes a lot of movie gore to freak me out ,,, the Saw series is a bit much for me. In real life, the gore doesn't bother me. I watched a video autopsy in class and it was absolutely riveting. As for performing one, I'm not sure if I could do it. And, mortuaries would be a "no go"! But "hats off" to those who can because it is a much needed profession!


Subject: Re: Name something you learned recently

Forum: Name something you learned recently
Hi Nancy,

I recently learned how to knit!

My husband's grandmother came to visit us this summer and she is quite the knitter. She was also a great teacher! I will definitely need to practice or I am afraid that I will forget how to do it. Of course, I could do some Ytube tutorials to brush up I guess.

Have a great day,


Subject: Re: The Bert and Ernie Debate

Forum: The Bert and Ernie Debate
Hi Savann,

I grew up watching Sesame Street and I love Bert and Ernie!!!

Honestly, when I was little, thought they were brothers! Then I thought they were best friends. They made me laugh and that is all I cared about at the time.

It makes me sad that the characters are being brought into the sexual debate. Who even cares? Not me! I love them still and always will ,,, whether the are brothers, best friends, roommates or husbands!!! Maybe they can be whatever the person watching them identifies with and needs them to be at that moment and time.

Thanks for reading,


Subject: What's Your Favorite Dessert?

Forum: What's Your Favorite Dessert?
Hey CNet,

When it comes to dessert, what do you love to eat?

Lately, I've been watching what I eat very carefully as it noticeably affects my energy and mental clarity levels. For me, that means a fairly sugar free diet. And, honestly, I rarely miss it! I, however, met my match yesterday! I didn't just fall off the no sugar wagon, I set that sucker on fire and drove it off a cliff!!!! :)

What caused such a diet catastrophe? Homemade pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting! My colleague brought them in yesterday for fall treat and that they were! Oh so good, but oh so bad! They are definitely one of my favorite fall desserts! I enjoyed every last bite of that sugary treat!

How about you? What is your favorite dessert or maybe you have more than one?


Subject: Re: Fast food

Forum: Fast food
Hey Max,

I would say that I rarely eat fast food.

But, that's because of where I live. I live in a tiny town in Montana. Surprisingly enough, there are two fast food places,,,Subway and KFC. I eat at Subway about once a month and KFC about twice a year. If I eat out, I am more likely to eat at the local diner or pizza place. They are both pretty good!

I work in a larger town and there are lots of fast food choices. I'm not sure why, but I don't eat at them much. I usually take my lunch to work and am in a hurry to get home, so I guess that's why. Like you, I try to stock up at the grocery store and make my own meals.

Thanks for reading,


Subject: Re: Name 3 places You Would Love To Visit?

Forum: Name 3 places You Would Love To Visit?
Hi Unique,

You would love Disney! I hope you get to treat yourself to the happiest place on earth soon! I went as a child, but went back a few years ago with my nieces and it was one of the best trips I've been on!!! Seeing the magic through their eyes was so much fun! They particularly loved seeing/meeting the princesses and getting a picture and autograph! :)

Here are three places I would like to visit:

1. Sweden
2. Paris
3. Hawaii

Hope your week is going well,


Subject: Re: How do you like your coffee?

Forum: How do you like your coffee?
Hey Right Back at Ya,

Coffee is one of my favorite things!!!:)

If I'm making it for my self in the morning, I use my Keurig and brew one lovely cup at a time. The doughnut blend is my favorite. I add Spenda and half and half.

If I'm going to a coffee shop, I order a sugar free vanilla latte! Yum! I occasionally drink some of the holiday concoctions, but nothing to crazy. And I don't care for the pumpkin spice flavor!


Subject: Re: What would you do in this situation?

Forum: What would you do in this situation?
Hey Savann,

What a scary situation health wise. I hope everything works out well! And, what a frustrating predicament as far as not being able to drive!

I think your sister is doing the right thing as to not driving! I would do the same. There is just enough of a risk of hurting yourself or others that it isn't worth it. I wouldn't be happy about it though!! My car is a major part of my life as I live in rural Montana.

If that happened to me, I would be able to commute with my husband, but it would be super inconvenient if even possible at all. Like Kathy, I don't have access to public transportation or taxi service. Honestly, it would suck and I would be so frustrated!

Best wishes to your sister,


Subject: Let Down, Disappointment and Heartache

Forum: Let Down, Disappointment and Heartache
Hi CNet,

There's nothing quite like the sting of letting down or disappointing your Mom; intentionally or not! And yet, that is just what I have done! My Mom doesn't really make many requests of me and she asked me to attend a funeral of a dear family friend. The problem is that the service is out of state. It's just not feasible time wise or financially. Of course she said she understands, but I know it would mean a lot to her for me to be there! I'm not going to lie, this is rough on the people pleasing, peace maker side of me.

When is the last time you let someone down or were on the giving or receiving end of disappointment or heartache?


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