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Subject: It's World Kindness Day! :)

Forum: It's World Kindness Day! :)
Hey There CNetters,

In honor of World Kindness Day, let's talk about acts of kindness. What kind acts have you witnessed, received or done lately?

I will go first! I want to thank all of you, my CNet family, for your participation on my posts, for your replies (kind, thoughtful and funny) and for voting for me! CNet has been such a blessing in my life and has allowed me to make progress on my student loan! I so appreciate all of you and your help! Thank You!

I look forward to reading your replies!


Subject: Re: Drink Water

Forum: Drink Water
Hi Bella,

The first water that I drink is in my coffee in the morning!:)

I actually do like and often crave just plain, old water. That is especially true in times of warm weather. During the cooler months, I will drink plain (sometimes add lemon) warm/hot water, but am more likely to drink hot tea. Does it count if it is consumed in tea or coffee?

I am actually concerned about my locally sourced water at the moment. A functioning gold mine in the area has caused some water contamination. About every six months, a pamphlet comes with the water bill and states that elevated levels of various contaminates has been found in the drinking water. Of course, "they" say that it is in trace amounts and there is nothing to fear and they are workings to correct it! Hhhmmmm? I've seen a few to many movies and read a few too many articles about the devastating effects of water contamination to believe the governments claims. And, how long of a time period is acceptable before the problem is solved? It is disconcerting to say the least.

I hope your week is going well,


Subject: Re: What is the temperature where you live?

Forum: What is the temperature where you live?
Hey Right Back at Ya!

It's cold and crappy with a continued chance of cold and crappy!! Ha

Well actually, it's now cold and sunny! Finally, some sun! Last week was cold, cloudy, snowy and a week of gloom is too much! I know, that's what I get for living in Montana!

Hope your job is going well!


Subject: Re: How Do You Measure Success?

Forum: How Do You Measure Success?
Hi Morgan!

First of all, I wanted to send your husband a Veterans' Day thank you! I appreciate his sacrifice and service! And I appreciate his continued service as he has decided to make it his career! Thanks to you as well; being a family member of a First Responder comes with it's own sacrifices and angst!

Gosh, what a thought provoking question!

I have to admit to measuring success at times by material things, titles and status. At times, those things certainly made me successful and in some ways they made me feel happy! There is certainly, in my opinion, nothing wrong with seeing success in that way! I value my college degrees, my exceptional career in education, my home and the material items that I possess.

I have, however, learned that other things bring success as well. I value the relationships I have with my husband and family. My friendships bring me much happiness, support and laughter. My trials and tribulations are part of my success too; sometimes overcoming obstacles has brought me a huge sense of accomplishment and that has made me feel successful! Not giving up or in is a way I have measured success on many occasions and in numerous circumstances!

I think all of the previously mentioned "things" have added to my success as a human being!

Thanks for reading my reply!


I'm sending thoughts and prayers to your daughter (you too) as she heads off to her new school and journey! What a scary, wonderful and exciting time!

Subject: Re: What Makes You A Unique Human Being?

Forum: What Makes You A Unique Human Being?
Hi Song,

I loved reading about you and Kat! Truly listening to hear what others have to say as opposed to listening to reply is a gift! It is one that both of you clearly have and I imagine that's one of the things that draws people to you! I love that quality!

I think that one of my unique qualities includes empathy. Although my life has been richly blessed in oh so numerous of ways, it is the pain and struggle that makes me a compassionate and understanding person. I hope it has made me less judgemental! I have made so many mistakes and have experienced great heartache; some due to those experiences and some from the unexpected tragedies of life. However, those experiences have opened my eyes to living; the things that really matter! I think that makes me approachable and empathetic. People tend to tell me their story and tribulations. Sometimes it is a lot to bear, but I am glad and honored that they feel safe to do so and feel that connection with me!

Thanks for the forum and for reading my reply!


Subject: Re: Veterans Day

Forum: Veterans Day
Hi Jess!

First, I too would like to thank the Veterans today for their service and sacrifice! My dad is Veteran! He was in the Air Force.

My school is open today! There will be an amazing school wide assembly this morning to recognize the Veterans in our community. The assembly will include music, a patriotic slide show, inspirational speakers and all of the attending Veterans will be introduced. It gets bigger and bigger each year and is absolutely amazing! My second graders love learning about the day, the meaning surrounding it and are so excited to sing and cheer for the guests of honor!

I hope your week goes well!


Subject: What's On Your Lock Screen?

Forum: What's On Your Lock Screen?
Good Monday Morning CNet,

People usually have something meaningful on their lock screen! Do you? I do, I have an inspirational quote that reminds me to enjoy the little things and to live in the moment! Advice that I need to be reminded of on repeat! :)

What's on your lock screen?


Subject: Re: What Was Your First Word As A Baby?

Forum: What Was Your First Word As A Baby?
Hi Unique,

I'm not sure what my first word was, but it might have been "No"! Bahah! I was a very independent little one according to my mother! She said I was very sweet too, so more than likely, it wasn't "no"! I'm going to text her and ask!

Thanks for the forum and I hope you have a great week!


Subject: Re: Dreams

Forum: Dreams
Hi Kristen,

I don't typically dream, or at least that I am aware of and remember.

On occasion, I have nightmares. And like Beth, I remember them because I wake in tears or fear! I have noticed that they usually occur when I am stressed, sad or anxious. The last one I had was a reoccurring one that I have in times of stress. I am a second grade teacher and back to school last August was rocky ,,, so many changes in curriculum and delivery and I hadn't done enough planning over the summer. So, sure enough, I had my out of control nightmare. It always begins with a pleasant afternoon drive. Then all too quickly, I lose the ability to steer or brake. I am then trapped in an out of control vehicle hurling towards any number of fatal scenarios. Right before a horrible death, I wake up ,,, usually in a hot sweat and screaming !! My husband has shaken me awake during these episodes on a few occasions. I hate it!

My sister dreams often and vividly remembers them. Although they aren't bad, sad, etc., they can be strange and stay with her for days. I would rather just have uninterrupted, solid sleep!

I hope the upcoming week goes well for you,


Subject: Re: Are you a late person or a punctual person?

Forum: Are you a late person or a punctual person?
Hey There,

I would say that I am a punctual person.

The one exception is my arrival time in the morning for work. Although it is no excuse, my morning commute is around 50 minutes. Road and weather conditions are hard to predict. Typically, I am on time. However, I can be late by 5 or so minutes. It's my own fault if I am late and I could correct it by allowing a 20 minute cushion of time. It drives my husband crazy ( our husbands seem similar on this issue) because I have been written up for tardiness. He is one that believes being on time is actually late! It surprises him, and me too honestly , because I am usually one that abides by and follows guidelines and expectations especially as it relates to my employment! Maybe it is because I give my employer (elementary school) so much of my time that I am not paid for (working through lunch, staying late, working weekends) and I feel that the give and take should matter! It doesn't though so I am working to correct it by extending that cushion of time!

For everything else, I am either early or on time. I agree with you on the point of showing respect for other people and their time!

Thanks for the forum,


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