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Subject: Re: Do you still watch cable?

Forum: Do you still watch cable?
Hi Alex,

I do still have and watch DishNetwork. But, I also watch streaming providers too! I could live without Dish, but I just haven't made the cut yet. Old school a bit I guess! :)

It gets more and more expensive though and I feel that if they don't change something, it will become a thing of the past! Seems like the next best thing is always right around the corner huh?!


Subject: Re: Are you touchy-feely?

Forum: Are you touchy-feely?
Hi Erin,

I am a touchy-feeling person!

I am like you in the sense that once I am comfortable with someone, I am all about casual touch and affection. I like hello/goodbye hugs with friends and family. I love to snuggle and luckily, my husband doesn't mind the fact that I like to have a leg or arm touching him while we sleep.

My profession is pretty touchy-freely too. So many of my second grade students want, need and give affection so easily and often.There is nothing quite like being on the receiving end of those little hugs and words of affection.

Thanks for the forum,


Subject: Re: Urban Farming

Forum: Urban Farming
Good Morning,

I think that is a fantastic idea and encourage you to do it! There is nothing like growing and nurturing plants and flowers and it is a big bonus if you can harvest some produce. I don't have a ton of experience with container gardening, but I have had success with a few things. Right now, I have cucumbers (on a small trellis), sweet red peppers, tomatoes, basil, bee balm, and rosemary growing in containers on my deck/patio. I think the right soil and light are the key! I looked on Pinterest a while ago for ideas and there are a ton of ideas on this topic.

Good luck and enjoy your "garden",


Subject: Motivational Monday!

Forum: Motivational Monday!
Hi CNet,

It's another Monday! But, that's okay! Kick start your week by thinking about Who or What motivates you to do your BEST in everything you do!

Who or What goal makes you get up and keep on keeping on every day?

:) Auntiec

Subject: Re: Using your college major/degree after graduation?

Forum: Using your college major/degree after graduation?
Hi Jon,

My major was elementary education and I couldn't teach without my degree or the certification that goes along with it. After the initial certification test, I am still required to take a certain amount of continuing education hours (and pay a fee) in order to remain certified and that happens about every five years. Additionally, I have a masters in literacy curriculum and design. That degree would allow me to leave the classroom, if I so desired, but stay in the field of education. I could be a reading specialist, an instructional/curriculum coach, or even teach at the college level. So far, I am happy in the classroom and use my degrees to help children that struggle to acquire the skills necessary to read.


Subject: Re: Favorite frozen food?

Forum: Favorite frozen food?
Hey Kamila,

I will go with French fries! There are so many new brands/kinds that cook up nice and crispy. I don't have many options in my tiny town for when I am craving French fries, so sometimes I buy the frozen ones and they are pretty good!

Hope your day goes well,


Subject: Re: What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

Forum: What’s your favorite outdoor activity?
Hey Jon,

I just noticed that you are from Montana too! :) I am about an hour west of Belgrade.

There are so many great things to do in our beautiful state and year round at that! I haven't kayaked, but it sounds amazing from your description. I like all the things you mentioned. I am an outdoors kind of person. In fact, I am leaving for a hike in about an hour. I can't wait to get out in the warm, pine scented woods!!

Enjoy your trip tomorrow,


Subject: Re: Stomach sleeper or back sleeper?

Forum: Stomach sleeper or back sleeper?
Hi JLew,

I'll be the odd man out on this forum! I sleep on my back. And, I like to be propped up a bit with pillows. I have tried sleeping on my side ( my husband says I snore ) and I always end up back on my back. So, I guess it is rough for snoring but good for facial wrinkles! :)

Hope your day goes well,


Subject: Re: Dress up or dress down?

Forum: Dress up or dress down?
Hi Anna,

I like your thoughts on "fashion is fun"! And I believe the saying, "Looking good makes you feel good".

I guess I try to combine all of the above and have come out somewhere in the middle. As an elementary school teacher, I am on the move as well as on the floor all day long. So,I need practical fashion. I love to wear colored jeans ( cute and comfy and washable) and then dress it up with tops and shoes. I have to be careful with skirts, low cut, etc. because little kids are brutally honest as in,,,I just saw your bra, boob, underwear, etc!! Ha! Nothing of that nature gets by them.

On the weekends, I am a jeans and hoodie girl all the way!

Fun forum,


Subject: How Do You Like Your Veggies~Raw or Cooked

Forum: How Do You Like Your Veggies~Raw or Cooked
Hi CNet,

Raw or cooked ,,, how do you prefer to eat vegetables?

I went to our local Farmer's Market yesterday and came home with all kinds of wonderful, fresh produce. In that case, I prefer to eat them raw if possible. If they must be cooked, I will steam them.

Side question ~ Does anybody do any canning these days? Wish I knew how!


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