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Subject: Re: Is Pluto a planet?

Forum: Is Pluto a planet?
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I don't know! Some say it is, some say it isn't, we can't have a Holiday gathering anymore without fistfights breaking out over this! Damn you Pluto! You nebulous body of questionable classification!

Subject: Re: Would you ever consider foster care?

Forum: Would you ever consider foster care?
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Wow, Your wife is a dedicated woman. I work for a County branch that services Facilities needs to CSD (Children's Services Division) and it is BY FAR the most difficult branch to keep workers in due to the nature of the job. I would love to adopt a child someday. I have nothing against having my own kids but at the same time these children need homes and a loving family to support and raise them as well.

Subject: Re: How do you talk?

Forum: How do you talk?
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I speak at a quick pace, big vocabulary, and I tend to over explain. I can be quite a chatty Kathy.

Subject: Re: Hashtag #SeduceMeIn4Words

Forum: Hashtag #SeduceMeIn4Words
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I'm hung and helpful. (Mic drop)

Subject: The 12 days of CNET!

Forum: The 12 days of CNET!
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Let's see how many days we can get in a CNET version of a holiday classic!

On the first day of CNET, the competition gave to me...a chance to win the scholarship for rookies.

Subject: Re: Do you stay in touch with your childhood friends?

Forum: Do you stay in touch with your childhood friends?
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Now that I think about it, nope. Not really. I am friends with a few of them on FB but I do not really count that.

Subject: Re: Love yourself

Forum: Love yourself
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Good luck on the finals man! You'll do great!

I love that I get excited about doing anything creative. Whether it is music, podcasts, skits etc. I enjoy that I get totally wrapped up in it and want to work with other people to make the best thing we can. I don't know how to describe it beyond it just makes me happy and I love that I have that ability.

Subject: Re: Kevin Hart and the Oscars

Forum: Kevin Hart and the Oscars
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I am not even a Kevin Hart fan, but this is B.S. He is a comedian, comedian's say things that people with no sense of humor do not understand are jokes, and this has been going on for LONG before the social media age. Unfortunately, many P.R firms and companies are terrified of social media and pay way too much attention to crap like this, which builds pressure for a performer like Kevin Hart to step down, no matter how ridiculous it is. And its for the freaking Oscar's? As if the Oscar's are anything more than a massive advertising campaign that does nothing but boost sales for movies. That is all it does! Anyways, it's dumb. He apologized, he works hard, and these morons need to turn their attention to things that actually threaten the LGBTQ community.

Subject: What would you give a speech about?

Forum: What would you give a speech about?
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Ok, there is a packed stadium. 15,000 seats and they are ALL filled. You have to give a speech and it has to be an hour long, off the top of your head. What would you talk about for the full hour?

I would talk about recovery and mental health awareness. I am a recovery speaker as it is so while 15,000 people would be a HUGE audience, I could at least keep talking for the full hour somewhat coherently. What about you?

Subject: Re: What would it take for you to run 26.2 miles?

Forum: What would it take for you to run 26.2 miles?
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It would take something very scary chasing me for 26.2 miles. Good for you! That is a grueling feat!

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