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Subject: Re: Should Teachers Carry Guns in School?

Forum: Should Teachers Carry Guns in School?
I do not think teachers should carry guns in school. There are many problems with this idea. You simply cannot trust teachers. I feel we are forgetting about this! Teachers aren't people who do not make bad choices. We shouldn't be giving people guns who we do not know 100% sure are not one day going to use them in harm's way. I had many teachers make bad choices that lead them to arrest. One teacher I had was found with a crack pipe at the school, and another was having sexual relations with an 11-year student. Even though most teachers do want to help us and make learning exciting, we cannot rely on them to not snap one day or even have intentions from the start. These gunmen are people, they are humans and so are our teachers, we cannot trust them. It sounds blunt, but all the government is doing by allowing this to happen is making a new recipe for disaster.

Subject: Re: Teacher Student Sex Scandals and Double Standards

Forum: Teacher Student Sex Scandals and Double Standards
I think this is an extremely interesting topic. While I feel in general (outside a school setting) there are more males sexually harassing women than female to male, in schools I have been hearing about it the opposite. Every story I hear lately is about sexual encounters with a teacher and student is a female teacher. I think while this scenario happens with male teachers, it is more of a problem in the media with women. I feel they should be punished as a man would and not lightly. They are still preying on these young children and are committing child molestation. These acts should not be treated loosely because they are females. This is a big issue that needs to be addressed.

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