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Subject: Re: Favorite feature about yourself!

Forum: Favorite feature about yourself!
Hey Kendall!

I like my tan skin most! It means I have been out in the sun, which makes me the happiest :)


Subject: Technology break!

Forum: Technology break!
Hello again everyone!

I took a couple week break from Cnet but am back now!

The reason I stooped posting was because I felt like I needed a break from technology. Everyday I spent hours on a computer or phone. Technology is an amazing resource for us to have, but can often consume our lives.

Do you ever feel like you need a break from technology?

While it is almost impossible to completely cut it out in the world we live in today, I have decided to cut back a lot on technology. Only allowing myself one hour total a day of time spent on my phone, laptop, or tv. It has made me become more present with my surroundings and able to be more attentive!

Could you do this?


Subject: Re: Grandparents

Forum: Grandparents
Hey again nancy!

I only have one grandparent alive and he is 93!! That is my dads dad and he is still very healthy and alive. His wife, my grandma just died last year at 91. So these are some good genes to live a long life.

My moms parents are both passed away. My grandpa passed when my mom was 22 so I never met him. My grandma died when she was 87 and I was in 5th grade. I miss her.

Thanks for reading :)


Subject: Re: What are your plans for the summer?

Forum: What are your plans for the summer?
Hey Karly!

Nice to meet you! Sounds like you are taking steps in the right direction towards your career. College summers were always so fun!

I graduated college a year ago and now have a full time job now as an anesthesia tech, so unfortunately while summer is still a season, I don't get a summer break. I do love sunny summer days and am looking forward to all the warm weather activities like hiking and being on the water.

I do have an exciting trip coming up! Tomorrow my boyfriend and I leave to go to Florida! We are meeting his family there and spending a week in the Keys going scuba diving and fishing! I am excited for a break from work, warm weather, and some quality time with people I love!

Thanks for reading!


Subject: Re: Do you enjoy "Doing Nothing"?

Forum: Do you enjoy "Doing Nothing"?
Hi again Erin!

I love to stay busy and always have a jam packed schedule! Doing nothing or sitting around makes me anxious and I think about all of the things I could be doing. I have been like this from a young age. My mom used to be worried that I was taking on too much and involved in way too many sports and activities, but it is really how I am most happy! I love to always be doing something, and cannot sit still. I do not enjoy being indoors so having to sit inside and watch a movie is like the worst thing ever!

I like to fill my time with friends, hobbies, productivity!

Thanks for reading :)


Subject: Re: Pick Any Three Foods For The Week!

Forum: Pick Any Three Foods For The Week!
Hey Auntiec!

I would also choose coffee, I am blatantly addicted and love having it every day. I would also choose blueberries and broccoli because those are my favorite fruit and vegetable and they could sustain me for a week with nutrients!

PS. Thanks for the birthday wishes!


Subject: It’s my BIRTHDAY!!

Forum: It’s my BIRTHDAY!!
Hey everyone!

Today I turn 23! I’ve started the day with a run and a free coffee, off to a good start! Unfortunately, I have to work but after will have a bonfire at my house with friends!

When is your birthday? Do you have any birthday traditions? What do you like or dislike about birthdays?

Have an awesome day!!!


Subject: Re: What is the most annoying question that people ask

Forum: What is the most annoying question that people ask
Hi again Kamila!

I hate when people ask me to repeat myself. Asking, "What'd you say?" or "I can't hear you" just really gets on my nerves. I feel like a lot of people don't listen very well and this could be eliminated. Or often times, they will ask "what" as a reflex and then answer your question before you are done repeating yourself. So frustrating!

PS Do you ever go by Kam? My name is Kamrin (close to yours) and people call me Kam all the time. We could kinda have the same name! ;)


Subject: Re: Heels /Flats/Sneakers ?

Forum: Heels /Flats/Sneakers ?
Hi Julia!

I am like you and much prefer tennis shoes. Whether it be converse, vans, or my running shoes they are just so much more comfortable and allow me to do much more. However, in the winter I wear boots with flat soles and traction to keep me warm and comfortable. In the summer, my go to is birkinstocks! I love them! They have great arch support for my high arches and let me feet breathe in the warm summer air.

I only wear heels a couple times a year for special occasions, and hate wearing them every time! They give me blisters and make my feet sore. They say beauty is pain, but I'm just not willing to do that.

Thanks for reading :)


Subject: Re: Drinking Age?

Forum: Drinking Age?
Hey Luke!

I am going to be an advocate for the drinking age being lowered to 18. I think if one should have to be enlisted, they should have the freedom to legally drink. In addition, I believe that legal drinkers are more responsible, and under age drinking is a form of rebellion, as Erin mentioned. Lowering the drinking age to 18 would create more responsible drinking in college, because the being a minor does not stop people from drinking anyway.

It never really bothered me that the drinking age was 21 because I drank anyway. I started drinking when I was 18 and lived in Europe going to school where drinking is legal there. I came back from Europe and had 4 months until my 21st birthday. This sucked, as all my friends could go to bars, but I couldn't. I had been going to bars in Europe, but suddenly when back on US soil, I was restricted of this. I wasn't any less responsible than I was before, so this didn't make sense to me. I think being able to drink legally in bars in Europe made me a responsible drinker, not a binge drinker like many college students who buy alcohol from older kids and overindulge at house parties.

Thanks for listening,


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