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Subject: Re: How many times do you fill up the tank in a week ?

Forum: How many times do you fill up the tank in a week ?
Hi Julia,

My gas usage really various month to month. My car fits 18 gallons and I would say I fill up on average about 2 times a month. If I am just driving to work or around town I could probably get away with only filling up once a month. However, in the summer I go on a lot of trips where I could potentially fill up 5 times!


Subject: Re: What's the best show/series on right now?

Forum: What's the best show/series on right now?
Hey Kyle!

I have been really into watching Black Mirror on Netflix, it is a show about future technologies and the implications they bring. I like it because each episode is disconnected with a new plot and characters so you can jump around and watch whatever episodes you want. It is really weird to see what our world could come to.

Would recommend!


Subject: Re: Where is your favorite place to go out to eat?

Forum: Where is your favorite place to go out to eat?
Hey Haley!

I don't go out to eat much but when I do I love to go out to a sushi place! There are a couple places where I live that I like but my favorite place is Suburro's in Portland where I grew up! I like to go to sushi because I can't make it at home. It's a nice treat!

Have a good night!


Subject: Re: Are you artistic?

Forum: Are you artistic?
Hey Abby!

I wish I were more artistic than I am but I have recently gotten more into painting! My roommate is an amazing painter and she has been teaching me the basics of how to paint. It is such a fun artistic outlet, and really relaxes me from the stressful life we live in. I have been using canvas and oil pants!


Subject: Cohabitation before marriage?

Forum: Cohabitation before marriage?
Hey Cnet!

Do you think living with a significant other before marriage is a good idea, or do you have more traditional views? Do you live with your SO now?

I do not live with my boyfriend but we are thinking about moving in together. I hear a lot of people say good or bad things about living together before marriage, so I wanted to know what you guys think!

Have a great day,


Subject: Re: How do you sleep at night ?

Forum: How do you sleep at night ?
Hey There!

I move around a lot in my sleep and end up in all sorts of positions! I like laying on my stomach or in fetal position sometimes haha.


Subject: Re: Happy St. Patrick's Day!What's ur Leprechaun name

Forum: Happy St. Patrick's Day!What's ur Leprechaun name
Haha funny post cutie o'lucky!

Mine is Patches McNaughty!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Subject: Re: City or country person

Forum: City or country person
Hey friend!

I am hands down a country person! I cannot deal with traffic, parking, and numerous people that big cities bring. I love the vast mountains that surround me, the peaceful rivers and quiet air. I grew up on a 20 acre Christmas tree farm, and hope to have a lot of land some day. Visiting cities can be fun for a weekend, but I do not want to live in one.



Subject: Re: Climate Change: Yay or Nay?

Forum: Climate Change: Yay or Nay?
Hey Noa,

First off, climate change is absolutely a real thing. Those who don't believe it simply do not believe in hard scientific fact. Humans do play a large role in climate change as our CO2 emissions increase the CO2 levels in the atmosphere which cause a magnification like effect with the sun. It is hard to say what the climate would be doing if humans did not exist on the planet. I think climate change would still happen, as the climate changed drastically before humans touched foot on the earth. But we are expediting the process, a change that is not able to be reversed.

I think we should all mindful about what footprint we are leaving. It is impossible to have no impact, but there are plenty of ways to reduce our effect on the planet.

Thanks for the thoughtful topic!


Subject: Cats or dogs?

Forum: Cats or dogs?
Hey Cnetters!

What makes a better pet, cats or dogs? A dog requires more space but might be more fun. While a cat you don't even need a yard for! What one do you like better and why?

Happy St. Patty's Day!


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