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Subject: Re: Where does your phone sleep at night?

Forum: Where does your phone sleep at night?
Hello CNET!!!!

I also sleep with my cell phone under my pillow. I sometimes scroll on my phone before I sleep, watch TV shows and movies, youtube clips, or check my emails. I know this is a bad habit because screen time prolongs the time before you actually end up sleeping. I do plan to change this awful habit. I don't use my phone as an alarm clock because I actually have a proper alarm clock. I do sometimes look at my phone in the morning when I wake up. I look at it for the time as well.

Happy Friday


Subject: Re: What is your all time favorite sitcom?

Forum: What is your all time favorite sitcom?
Hello iKasey!

What a great question!! I love King of Queens. That is one hell of a hilarious show. I loved the funny moments between Doug and Arthur. They crack me up everytime they have a go at eachother. The return of this show is unfortunately not as popular. I think this newer show is funny as heck too.



Subject: Favorite TV show?

Forum: Favorite TV show?
Happy Friday CNET!!!

What is your favorite TV show?

My current favorite show is Gotham. I like watching detective shows. I especially admired Jada Pinket Smith's compelling acting. She plays a villain very well. I have to admit I'm not a Marvel nerd, but this show is very underrated. I like the relationship between James Gordon and a smart precocious kid, Bruce. It is kind of annoying to see British actors play a butler, that's such a posh stereotype.

Subject: Re: Hairy vs nonhairy women..

Forum: Hairy vs nonhairy women..
Hey Court!

Happy Friday!

I despise very hair armpits. However, a small amount doesn't bother me. I have a small amount of hair on my legs so I don't go out of my to shave my legs. You can't tell if I have hair on my legs. I do shave my armpits because it is more obvious although sometimes I am sometimes lazy and don't always shave my armpits in the winter. I especially shave my armpits if I am wearing a shirt or a tank top. I try to shave once every 3-4 weeks because my hair growth is very slow and hair amount is small. I don't mind men with hair chests but very hairy armpits are very off putting. I'm sorry but it is too much for me.



Subject: Re: Do You Look Like Your Siblings?

Forum: Do You Look Like Your Siblings?
Hello Unique girl,

What a fun question! I have only one sibling, an older brother. People say we look alike but then again I don't see it. We both have an oval face and wear glasses, but I think we look very different. My brother is the lightest in the family and I'm the darkest. He used to look like a biracial person in his early childhood, but he got somewhat darker later in the years. He has a much smaller forehead and my eyes are more tiger-eyed shaped and larger.

However, I look like my mother. We have the same forehead shape, nose, and ears even though my mother is lighter-skinned. When I was in grade school people thought she was my older sister. I am told by family members that I look like paternal grandmother the most. However, I have never seen her or her pictures and I have never met her. I think I have the personality of both parents. I share a lot of the same values such as post-secondary education and strong family. I have a very competitive streak like my father although I am certainly not as smart or as competitive as my father. I also like to debate like my father. My mother is very clean like me.


Subject: What is your favorite phone?

Forum: What is your favorite phone?
Out of all the cellphones you have had in your life, which one do like most and why?

I personally favor a smart phone and I have a samsung and love it the most. It has very good pixel quality although it can still improve and I prefer. It is very convenient to text and has lots of space. The only thing I hate about smart phones is the short battery life.

Happy Thursday!


Subject: Re: Yayyy! I Finally Won My First Scholarship :)

Forum: Yayyy! I Finally Won My First Scholarship :)
Congratulations Unique!

I am very excited that you finally one. I am glad you finally one.

Happy Thursday!


Subject: Re: Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

Forum: Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
Hello Eddie!

My favorite ice cream is cherry gelato. It has a very refined taste and smooth texture. I definitely scream for ice cream. It contains bits of frozen dark cherries. It is delicious. I just forget the brand name. It is very delicious.



Subject: Re: Financial Aid and Scholarships

Forum: Financial Aid and Scholarships
Hello EmilyDHurley,

I would say start applying for scholarships now and speak to your college financial aid advisor to obtain scholarship information offered by your school. Also apply to local, state, and I think it is easier to win local and scholarships offered by your school than state or national because there are less people applying. Please complete your FAFSA asap before the deadline. I would contact people who have won major scholarships or many scholarships to review your essays. I would go to your writing center at school to have them review your essays. Also please review the lists of FREE scholarship databases below.

Super College (
moolahSPOT (
Sallie Mae (
FastWeb (
Careers and Colleges (
The College Board (
Scholarships ( (
Adventures in Education (
Unigo (

Subject: Re: What Color are your eyes?

Forum: What Color are your eyes?
Hello Unique!!!

What a great question! My eyes are also dark brown. I wish my eyes were hazel brown because it would complement my skin more. I also think changing eye colors are super cool.


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