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Subject: Re: Do You Know How To Swim?

Forum: Do You Know How To Swim?
You should learn - it's never too late!
I had to pass a swim test in order to graduate college. I didn't know how to swim. So in my last semester as a senior, I practiced with a friends until I could swim a lap and back. I took (and passed!) the swim test with a bunch of freshmen lol.

Anyway, after that, I loved swimming - the feel and smell of water & what it did for my body! I continued to swim once a day and even continued to swim before work after college. I recently switched gyms and no longer have access to a pool, but I can't wait to get back into the water this summer. I find it so relaxing - especially after an intense workout, it helps calm my muscles and my mind.

Subject: Re: What To Wear On The Airplane

Forum: What To Wear On The Airplane
I actually have specific airplane outfits lol - my favorite is a pair of joggers, a loose fitting crop top, and Nikes.

I always see these fabulous women with high heels and dresses on at the airport. I tired it once, and I ended up having to RUN halfway across the Washington DC airport due to a connecting flight being moved up. NEVER AGAIN. I basically ended up taking my heels off and booking it.

Subject: Re: Sleeping In

Forum: Sleeping In
Wow, I wish I could sleep in like I used to in college, but I get up before 9 most days (for work). On weekends, lately, the latest I have gotten up was probably 10.

I go to bed sort of early (or I try to). I'm in bed right now actually, trying to fall asleep! sometimes, when I sleep more than 8 hours, I feel LESS refreshed. So I definitely think there is an optimum number of hours for sleeping - any more or less messes with me.

Subject: 3 things you take with you

Forum: 3 things you take with you
Your plane crashed on a deserted island! Luckily and unluckily, you are the only survivor.

What are three things you would have brought with you had you known this would happen?

1. Lighter (for practical reasons!)
2. The complete set of Harry Potter books (for my sanity)
3. Multiple tool pocket knife gadget

For clothes/food, I figure I can rummage through the plane, but likely wouldn't find a lighter or knife on board so!

Subject: Re: Do you think the walkout will change anything?

Forum: Do you think the walkout will change anything?
This is something I've been wrestling with for a while now.

I think the gesture is so important. The Parkland students are incredible role models for how much political activism they have initiated out of respect for those innocent friends they lost and out of anger that events like this continue to happen.

While politicians continue to take money from powerful lobbies, I don't think anything can change. But the incredible thing is, young people are making changes by running for office, by changing outcomes in the polling booths, by volunteering for campaigns they believe in, and by really inspiring grassroots political movement through their activism like the walkout. This is happening right now in record numbers.

This newest generation is truly so unique in that they have grown up in a completely novel environment - not only politically but they are also our first true digital natives and the most multi-cultural generation in history - they will likely set some solid precedents. And I hope those precedents inspire change.

Subject: Re: Do you fold your underwear

Forum: Do you fold your underwear
I have a specific location in my drawer where I aggregate all of underwear lol but I don't go so far as to fold them! It would be like folding socks - there's just not enough material for me to want to fold it!

My boyfriend does fold his but they are more like shorts so that makes more sense?

Subject: Re: Mudrun Fitness, 5K, Zipline?

Forum: Mudrun Fitness, 5K, Zipline?

Yes to all of the above! I've done a full tough mudder and ziplined/done ropes obstacle courses multiple times (both fun ones and advanced ones). I remember doing a ropes course in the middle of the winter at night, and it was bruuutal. I was the only person there, lol, and my toes were completely numb with cold but damnit, I finished that course!

I have never done a marathon because I feel like I would like bored just running with no strength obstacles, but I've been thinking about doing a mini triathlon so we'll see!

Subject: Re: 3 Words

Forum: 3 Words

1. Determined
2. Jokester
3. Giving

Subject: Re: PDA public display of affection?

Forum: PDA public display of affection?
That sounds incredibly awkward. I'm usually all for the "live and let live" mentally and don't really care about PDA, but in the back of your car while you're driving?! That's just rude. lol

I kiss/hug my partner in public. As long as I'm not hurting anyone or being overly aggressive/lewd/in the back of my friend's car while she's driving, I don't see what the issue is! It's nice to see love out there, right?

Subject: Re: Do you want kids?

Forum: Do you want kids?
Good luck to you! It can be so exhausting when you've seen/taken care of kids up close and personal, but I'm glad you haven't let that sway you from your decision. :p

I am not sure. I want to be a mother - but I may end up going the adoption route. This is probably silly, but I am terrified at the thought of having another human being incubating inside of me!! That's so much responsibility and sounds/looks so painful! I see adoption as a win-win and also just a good deed - everyone deserves to be loved!

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