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Subject: Most attractive qualities?

Forum: Most attractive qualities?
What qualities do you find most attractive in your partner or even your friends? What do you look for in potential partners/friends?

Subject: Re: Do you have a job?

Forum: Do you have a job?
Selling ad space sounds cool -I can relate as I very recently worked at a marketing agency. I quit last week though to pursue my love of acting and writing before I start law school full time!

Subject: Re: Your Ideal Vacation Spot?

Forum: Your Ideal Vacation Spot?
I probably haven't seen enough of the world to have a specific spot. But I did go on a 7 day cruise last winter to the Carribean and it was amazing. They had hot tubs and an all day/late night buffet on the top deck, so my boyfriend and I literally spent all day working out at the amazing gym that had all glass walls and made me feel like I was working out in the middle of the ocean (which I guess I was!), then straight to the buffet to eat and then soaking in the hot tub. It was beautiul.

I'm going on another cruise soon to Europe so I assume it won't be as tropical, but I'm excited to check out the architecture in Copenhagen and St. Petersburg!

Subject: Re: Favorite gum brand?

Forum: Favorite gum brand?

I love gum ( :
My favorite is Double Mint, it's sweet but still minty. I also like Juicy Fruit even though it never lasts as long as the minty ones!

I recently also had Air Heads gum which was soooo good, tasted just like the real thing.

Subject: Re: After Roseanne, can we still talk politics?

Forum: After Roseanne, can we still talk politics?
Roseanne sparked a national debate on many fronts, and I think its popularity (breaking records for ABC, beating out "golden era" TV shows Big Bang and This is Us!!) proved something I've long been considering: people - especially those who are often curtailed as socially dominant and therefore homogenous (ex. white people) - crave nuanced representations in today's landscape. People want to learn deeper things about themselves that may be dismissed at face value more than ever (perhaps also why ancestry services like 23andMe are so popular right now).

Roseanne gave a mouthpiece to the nuanced views of conservative folks who care about things like family values and who don't identify as "racist" or "mysgonst" in an entertainment/media landscape that tends to skew liberal. But with that sort of platform comes a responsibility to be tolerant. After all, you can't preach free speech and freedom of opinion while also implicitly suggesting that some human beings are less than! This becomes especially important when you consider who holds power. With a president like Trump in office, we can't really say that the viewpoint Roseanne held is being "stifled" or "silenced."

It's a dangerous line. I don't think the show was shut down because we can't stand opposing views or because of the old mantra of being too "PC": it was shut down because we are at a moment of reckoning in our nation's history. With #MeToo and #WhatAboutUs and #BlackLivesMatter, we are recognizing the human lives that are wasted because of socially build constructs; we are recognizing the effect of ignoring what someone in power does can have on our future generations. We are trying harder to call out when something is wrong.

Subject: Re: 10/10?

Forum: 10/10?
Fun question!

I would agree with LOTR and Harry Potter being 10/10. I would also add Game of Thrones to that list.

I also think The Office, Parks and Recreation, Kendrick Lamar's song LOVE, crispy chicken on a soft, sweet waffle, and puppies are all perfect 10s!

Subject: Landlines?

Forum: Landlines?
Do you (or your parents maybe?) still own a landline? And if so, does anyone ever use it? Do you think they will be obsolete in the near future or are they here to stay (at least in professional settings like an office)?

Subject: Re: What's Your Favorite Sport?

Forum: What's Your Favorite Sport?
I like watching football (and I like throwing one around/playing a quick game without all the rules!), but I'd rather play softball/baseball or tennis. Tennis is also really fun to watch since there's always a ball in play and only two people to keep track of!

Subject: Re: Do you like spicy food?

Forum: Do you like spicy food?
I should like it in theory (I'm Indian-American, and my whole family livessssss on green chilies!), but I like tasting food and too much spiciness makes that impossible for me. I also don't like it when something is too spicy and makes my eyes/throat burn. I like well-seasoned food that is flavorful but not spicy, and I have a wicked sweet tooth so I tend to prefer the sweeter things!

Subject: Re: Would you travel to outer space?

Forum: Would you travel to outer space?
Yes! I've gotten so bored of the things we have here on Earth (yes, yes I know I'm being pessimistic!), and it would be such an adventure to get COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone! I mean, even the most basic forces that we're accustomed to like gravity would be so different - I can't imagine getting bored ... at least for a while.

I always wanted to be an astronaut when I was younger (esp since a field trip to NASA when I was a wee 13 years old! lol), but as I grew older, I realized how terrifying space can actually be. I think I'd still welcome the chance to have a new adventure, and since the moon is my favorite celestial body, I'd love to start there.


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