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Subject: Re: Online Learning

Forum: Online Learning
Good Saturday!

I've done both and if I did online learning I have to at least go to the school once or twice a week for tutoring,and to go over the lessons face to face with the teacher. Online is definitely convenient and you can work at your own pace if allowed as long as you're done before the end of the schools deadline. I've always finished at least a week or two before the semester ends which I loved because I had spare time to do whatever like work or play.

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Do You Eat Meat?

Forum: Do You Eat Meat?
Hey Eddie!!!

I'm also a meat eater! I eat chicken, steak, pork, lamb, fish, turkey, and yes all with vegetables...grilled, fried, or baked!!! Yum!!! Don't see giving it up anytime soon! LOL!!

Have a great day!


Subject: Weekdays Vs Weekends? Time You Get Up?

Forum: Weekdays Vs Weekends? Time You Get Up?
Good Saturday CNet Fam!!!

It's the starting weekend into Spring Break FINALLY!! I'm definitely going to sleep-in this week.

Weekday's I'm up at 6am to get ready for school.

Weekend's I'm not up til 11am only because I'm hungry...LOL!!!

What time do you get up on the WEEKDAYS VS WEEKENDS?

Have a great day everyone!

- Thankful (Always)

Subject: Re: Extrovert or Introvert?

Forum: Extrovert or Introvert?
Good Saturday MorganP!!!

I think for me only because I'm a 17 year old athlete in high school I'm forced to be an extrovert...LOL!!! Just kidding, I like being around people with common sense and a sense of humor. I've spent and spend enough time alone at home that being around a social crowd is exciting to me, but I do have my introvert moments where I need down time to reset my mind, take some time to think and then REPEAT to social life. I'm sure I'll get burnt out eventually, just not yet!

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Fish Sticks or Chicken Nuggets?

Forum: Fish Sticks or Chicken Nuggets?
Hey Unique!!!

I'm glad it's the weekend too, but also the first day of SPRING BREAK!!!! Okay now to the serious question at hand....I like both, but I can't eat fish sticks as much as I can eat chicken nuggets. I like my fish sticks with ketchup, thousand island dressing or tarter sauce. I like fried fish especially as a sandwich when the seasoning is right, nothing beats home cooking! Chicken nuggets I only like from McDonald's with a lot of sweet and sour sauce or they have to again be home made with the right seasoning dipped with hot sauce or ranch dressing.

Have a great weekend Unique!


Subject: Re: Would you date someone 20 years older than you?

Forum: Would you date someone 20 years older than you?
Hey Unique!

I don't want say never, but being a 17 year old guy, I highly doubt I would want to date someone 20 years older then me. I don't want to date someone my moms age that's creepy, nor do I want that person thinking because they're 20 years older then me that they can act like they know it all because they're seasoned in life and I'm young and dumb. Not gonna end up a healthy relationship. I would want to grow with someone close to my age and learn from our mistakes without being scolded like a child. I would have more in common with someone more my age. If I need advice/wisdom of things I don't know I'll go ask my mom or dad.

Have a great day Unique!


Subject: Re: Life: What's been your longest road trip?

Forum: Life: What's been your longest road trip?
Good Friday Victoria!

My longest road trip was only to Las Vegas for a sporting event I was in. I was so excited to go, but even thou it was only a 4 hour drive going and a 6 long hour drive back home (due to traffic), it was literally the most boring drive I ever want to see again. I would've at least like some nice scenery. All there were was mountains and desert and I'm not one who likes either, I'm a water person, I like to see the ocean because it's such a calming seen with the boats and people to pass by, it's better to me then looking at dry land. So I went to sleep, and hopefully next time we can fly there, and bypass the torture of boredom. Not to say that mountain views aren't beautiful for some people, just not for me.

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Describe the rudest customer you've seen

Forum: Describe the rudest customer you've seen
Good Friday Napajaja!

I've seen one to many rude customers when I leave school for lunch. The one that stood out for me was at a fast food restaurant where a much much older man had placed his order with a woman who was Hispanic and when she repeated his order she had a heavy accent so he asked her to repeat it a couple of times and she did with no hesitation, then he told her that if she wanted to be in this country she should learn to speak proper English or stay back in Mexico...WTH!!! I as a 17 year old black male told her to go get her manager, I didn't acknowledge the man because another person was already yelling at him for his rude racial ignorance. The manager came out and asked him to leave or he would call the police.

Just rehashing that incident just made me angry all over again! I know what it feels like to be judged and have racial slurs said to me...Damn Shame!

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Do you volunteer

Forum: Do you volunteer
Good Friday JWade!

I don't get to volunteer as much as I'd like to because of my school and work schedule, but when I can I volunteer at our community food bank, our school, and community churches when they have availability. I've been trying to sign up for Meals on Wheels, but they never get back to me, but forever email me messages. I think giving back to your community is something everyone should take the time to do. If I were someone in need I would want my community to help me. I always try to put myself in someone else's shoes and not take things for granted.

Have a great day!


Subject: How Many Body Piercings Do You Have?

Forum: How Many Body Piercings Do You Have?
Good Friday CNet Fam!!!

My parents FINALLY let me get my ears pierced this past Fall. I guess they figured I'm almost 18 I was going to do it eventually, but they wanted the say so. I don't think I'll go past that as I want a tattoo next.

How many Body Piercings do you have? Where (keep it clean plz)? Do you want anymore?

Have a great day!

-Thankful (always)

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