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Subject: Re: What is your favorite sucker/blowpop flavor?

Forum: What is your favorite sucker/blowpop flavor?
Hey there,

OMG this made me so happy because we talk about candy at work all the time and I have a mild obsession with blowpops!! My favorite blowpop flavor are the cherry, grape and blue raspberry. But, if I have to go out somewhere I don't eat the blue raspberry ones because your mouth stays blue for a while. Now I want one! haha


Subject: Re: What's your wallpaper on your phone?

Forum: What's your wallpaper on your phone?
Hey there,

My wallpaper is my 3 year old niece in her Halloween costume with the cutest little smile and she was laughing. It's probably my favorite picture of her because she was caught laughing and she looks so innocent and adorable. She's the only niece or nephew I have and I'm very close with her and try to see her a lot, so I don't plan on changing the wallpaper anytime soon.


Subject: Re: What "Role" Do You Have In Your Family?

Forum: What "Role" Do You Have In Your Family?
Hey Unique,

I am totally the comedian of the family. I am always cracking jokes and want people laughing. I also want people to generally be in a good mood and have a good time, so I will always start a conversation and get a game going or something.


Subject: Re: How did you learn about CNET?

Forum: How did you learn about CNET?
Hey Amanda,

I heard about CNet from a work friend, who actually just graduated from CNet : bluebella. I had never even knew it existed until her and I were talking about the struggles of student loan debt. We both have a considerable amount, and I joined last winter. I am so disappointed that it's shutting down because it was really the only source that helped me with student loan debt. Now it will be back to the constant struggle to pay them off and maintain living expenses.


Subject: Fruits or Veggies?

Forum: Fruits or Veggies?
Hey CNet,

What do you prefer to eat; fruits or veggies?

Personally, I will always choose vegetables. I eat them almost every single day and there aren't too many fruits that I like to eat besides strawberries. To force myself to eat some fruits, I now make a smoothie every morning that has either strawberries or a banana in it. I think it's the only way that I'll actually eat some fruit!


Subject: Re: Dance Lessons or Cooking Lessons?

Forum: Dance Lessons or Cooking Lessons?
Hey Christi,

I would rather take cooking lessons over dancing lessons because I danced for a portion of my life growing up and feel I’m a pretty decent dancer.

Cooking on the other hand, is like to learn some new recipes I can whip up in no time.


Subject: Re: Musical Instruments

Forum: Musical Instruments
Hey Raneem,

I played the oboe since 4th grade, but my parents couldn’t afford to buy one, so i always rented from my school. I miss playing and I still wish that I owned my own.

I also sing, so I include my voice as a for if an instrument.


Subject: Re: Took a break and now CNET is closing?!

Forum: Took a break and now CNET is closing?!
Hey Dan,

Isn’t it sad that a lot of us need to get second jobs just to pay off school? I totally feel ya as I many times have had more than one job to pay off school loan debt and CNet was a huge saving grace for me. It basically was my second job. Or, at least I treated it as so.

I’m hoping they make a comeback and maybe all of this can blow over. It’s crazy that it’s been around for years and now all of a sudden they’ve almost changed their minds.


Subject: Re: Do you change your smart phone that often?

Forum: Do you change your smart phone that often?
Hey there,

Similar to you, I don’t get a new phone until the current one I have starts acting up. So, usually that means every 2-4 years. I don’t know how people afford new phones all the time and honestly I don’t think the technology gets THAT much better ya know?

My current iPhone is starting to have some glitches, so I’m looking to get a new one in the late winter or spring.


Subject: Most Important Quality

Forum: Most Important Quality
Hey CNet,

What is the most important quality of characteristic you look for in a partner?

For me, I have to go with honesty. I believe all good relationships are built on a solid and honest foundation, and if not, in time, they will crumble.


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