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Subject: Re: How many pillows do you sleep with?

Forum: How many pillows do you sleep with?
Hey Alex,

I have 2 pillows in my bed, but typically only use one. The only time I use 2 is when I have a cold or something and need to be more elevated.


Subject: Re: Where have you volunteered?

Forum: Where have you volunteered?
Hey there,

I have volunteered for years. I was part of a program called ACE mentor program and it helps high school students that want to be architects, in the construction field, or become engineers. I did the program for 6 years and we helped the students design and build a full scale playhouse. We also gave away a large amount of scholarships. Now, I currently volunteer at Gigi's Playhouse which is a Down Syndrome achievement center. We basically make dinner with the participants and then do crafts, or play music, etc. We also help them with reading, writing, math, speech, etc. It's been a very rewarding experience and honestly volunteering is the happiest part of my week.


Subject: Re: Going to the bank....

Forum: Going to the bank....
Hey Kasey,

I track all of my stuff online for day to day usage, but when I pay my mortgage, I always go to the bank and make the payment. It makes me proud to pay it off, and I also pass that bank on the way home so it's not a big deal to stop. When I get random checks or what not, I just use direct deposit on the app and take a photo of it.


Subject: Re: Are you your own worst critic?

Forum: Are you your own worst critic?
Hey Jon,

I am definitely my own worst critic. I am a perfectionist and extremely hard on myself and notice things that nobody else would even notice! It's something I've been working on over the last few years, and I think it's gotten a little better, but it is still something I have to work at daily.


Subject: Letting Go

Forum: Letting Go
Hey CNet,

Do you have a hard time letting go?
Whether it's people, possessions, feelings, etc.

Or are you the type that lets things roll right off of your back?


Subject: Re: You Know you're getting older when ___________?

Forum: You Know you're getting older when ___________?
Hey Unique,

“You know you’re getting older when you get out of bed and all your bones go snap crackle pop!!”



Subject: Re: Have you ever played an instrument?

Forum: Have you ever played an instrument?
Hey Nancy,

I played the Oboe for about 10 years. My parents couldn’t afford to buy one so I always rented through school, so I don’t have my own now to continue to play. I can still read music so I could pick one up and play if I ever got the opportunity to do so.


Subject: Re: Easy to Talk to Others?

Forum: Easy to Talk to Others?
Hey Morgan,

I find it very easy to talk with others. I’ve always been a very social and talkative person so speaking to a new person never leaves me nervous or on edge. I honestly love meeting new people and hoping to develop new friendships or acquaintances.


Subject: Re: If you could freeze yourself at any age...

Forum: If you could freeze yourself at any age...
Hey there,

I would say maybe 16 or 18. Stil lols enough to drive around and get to places, but young enough to have less responsibilities and still be playing a ton of sports and having a carefree life.


Subject: Sleep with a fan

Forum: Sleep with a fan
Good morning,

Do you have to sleep with a fan? Or music or the tv on? What do you have to have on to be able to get a good nights sleep?

I have a window AC unit and the constant white noise helps me fall asleep.


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