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Subject: Re: Day or Night Classes?

Forum: Day or Night Classes?
Hey Julia,

Now, I would prefer day classes and definitely early morning classes if possible. I am a morning person and feel like I learn the most and am the most focused and productive in the early hours of the day.

Now, when I was in college that was a different story. I liked to sleep in, so I preferred afternoon classes.

I definitely think that my natural routine has definitely shifted, but I do before being up early.


Subject: Re: What makes you nervous?

Forum: What makes you nervous?
Hey Anna,
I get nervous about crucial or uncomfortable conversations whether they are with someone I work with or someone I'm dating. I always fear the worst so I get really anxious and nervous about these types of conversations. My firm is actually bringing in a person to help train all of us for "crucial conversations" and I couldn't be any happier because I think it will benefit me greatly!

Great forum,


Subject: Re: Longest amount of time you've slept?

Forum: Longest amount of time you've slept?
Hey Kyle,

The longest I have ever slept in one sitting was probably 22 hours. I was an architecture major in undergrad and graduate school and we tend to pull a lot of all nighters to get our projects completed. In my freshman year, I stayed up for 3+ days straight to finish my project before a midterm studio review. After that, my dad picked me up from school to take me home for Thanksgiving break. I came home and remember sitting on the couch, and then basically waking up almost a full day later. My mom was concerned because I had slept so long, but knew it was just from school. I literally missed almost an entire day and it was very strange waking up.


Subject: Re: Spring Cleaning

Forum: Spring Cleaning
Hi Song,

I try to keep a cleaning schedule although I find that it is usually hard to stick to because things come up or then I procrastinate. I do consider myself a very clean and organized person so I try to clean up things throughout the week versus letting my house go and then doing one massive cleaning. There are times where I literally do an entire clean sweep of my house and it usually around Christmas and spring time. I like to get things in order, clean out and donate old clothes, and make sure everything is fresh.

It honestly takes away a lot of stress just to keep things in order daily, and clean up things daily so it doesn't get overwhelming and out of control.

Great forum!


Subject: Professional Athletes Salaries

Forum: Professional Athletes Salaries
Good morning CNet,

Do you think that professional athletes make too much?

Now, I am a sport fanatic and I go to a lot of sporting events and follow a lot of teams, but I was watching the NBA basketball playoff game last night and started thinking about how much these players make. Sometimes their contracts are in the $100 million range. Same with professional soccer players overseas....$250 million.

Now, as someone that loves sports, I think this is absolutely insane. You're playing a sport , something that is fun and something you love day in and day out. I know it takes a toll on your body, privacy, etc, but still. It seems outrageous.

What do you wall think?


Subject: Re: Summer time!

Forum: Summer time!
Hey Sammich,

I'm not a big video game person, but I am excited about summer and having fun with friends and family. Also my birthday is in the summer so it's always a time to enjoy the weather, get outside and have fires, smores, dancing, and some drinks in the nice warm air.


Subject: Re: How did you meet your best friend?

Forum: How did you meet your best friend?
Hey auntiec,

I have known my best friend my entire life. Our parent's went to high school together, thus it's been forever! We have gone on family trips together growing up, played travel soccer together, basketball, went to the same high school and middle school, and actually just celebrated our 30th birthdays together in Mexico last week.
I couldn't imagine my life without her. we have never gotten into an argument, we are super supportive of each other and it's always a lot of laughs when we're together!


Subject: Re: What Do You Invest Most of Your Time In?

Forum: What Do You Invest Most of Your Time In?
Hey Luke,

I dedicate most of my time to work ,volunteering and exercising. and spending time with my family. I wish I had more time to see my niece and spend with family, but unfortunately work and responsibilities outweigh a lot of that time. At least it's summer now and weekends are filled with a lot of family time!


Subject: Re: Marijuana

Forum: Marijuana
Hey Java,

I have never smoked in my life, but I honestly don't get why it is such a big deal. It's rare that you see anyone be super harmed by it unlike heroine, alcohol, etc. It has been proven to benefit cancer patients and people with diseases. I don't get why it isn't legal. My theory is drug manufacturers such as chemo, etc. don't want their profit to be diminished. But, if it's something that actually has been proven to help people, why isn't it used?! That's what really blows me mind. I feel like people are so concerned with money, that is overrides the health of an individual. Like I said, I've never done it so I don't know what side effects or what it can do to the body, but I know a lot of people that do do it, and most are professionals or great people. I say, it's not a big deal....just legalize it!

Great forum!


Subject: Biggest Risk you've taken

Forum: Biggest Risk you've taken
Happy election day CNet,

What is the biggest risk you've ever taken?

I know for me it was probably moving to Chicago for graduate school. I didn't know anyone, and had never lived in a large city. I think the risk was worth it because it taught me how to be independent, adjust to different cultures and living arrangements, and taught me to be resilient.

What was the scariest thing you've ever done that turned out to be fantastic??


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