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Subject: Re: How often do you brush your teeth a day?

Forum: How often do you brush your teeth a day?
Hey there,

My mom works at a dental office, so dental hygiene is extremely important. I usually brush my teeth 2-3 times a day. In the morning, at night and sometimes when I get home from work. Especially if I stop home and am going out somewhere after that.


Subject: Re: Your ideal weather

Forum: Your ideal weather
Hey isacat,

The ideal weather that I enjoy is about 75-80 and sunny. Even if it was a little hotter I wouldn't even mind, just not something so unbearable that you're sweating all day. I live in a city that definitely has all seasons, so it's about 55 degrees here in the fall and soon it will be a super cold winter.


Subject: Re: Describe romance in 2 words

Forum: Describe romance in 2 words
Hey Nancy,

I would describe it as "passionate and loyalty"

Being passionate and open with that one person. And I feel that loyalty is so rare nowadays that it is a big part of romance. It holds it all together.


Subject: Re: Do You Pumpkin Spice?

Forum: Do You Pumpkin Spice?
Hey Morgan,

I am not one of those people that puts pumpkin spice on everything in the fall haha I was at the grocery store and there's even pumpkin spice cereal! I started laughing in the aisle. The craze is getting out of control lol

The only fall treat that has pumpkin in it that I really enjoy is pumpkin roll.

Other than that, I don't eat or drink a ton of pumpkin spice things at all.


Subject: What time do you wake up?

Forum: What time do you wake up?
Hey CNet,

What time do you wake up for work or school during the week?

I typically wake up around 5:45am for work throughout the week. On the weekend I allow myself to sleep in a little bit, but I still don't sleep in past 7:30, just because I'm used to the routine.

So, what time do you wake up for work or school?


Subject: Re: What baby animal would you cuddle?

Forum: What baby animal would you cuddle?
Hey Daniella,

Oh my goodness a sloth! That is awesome. hmmm I think I'd pick a koala bear or a baby monkey. I have heard that both of those animals can be pretty feisty or even mean, but those would be the two I would want to try and cuddle.


Subject: Re: Apple picking

Forum: Apple picking
Hey Kasey,

I actually don't think I have been apple picking. If I have been before it must've been a long time ago because I can't remember if I have gone. I grew up not too far from a large apple orchid so I'm assuming my parents took us when we were really little, I just can't remember. I honestly hardly ever eat apples as an adult, so if I went now I don't think I'd pick any because I wouldn't eat them haha


Subject: Re: What is your current desktop wallpaper?

Forum: What is your current desktop wallpaper?
Hey Regiknee,

My current desktop background is a picture of my niece when she got her big girl bed. I think she was around 2.5 years old and she's sitting on her big girl bed with a crooked smile and it's the sweetest picture ever.


Subject: Re: Carving Pumpkins?

Forum: Carving Pumpkins?
Hey Morgan,

I haven't carved pumpkins in a long time. In probably 4 to 5 years. Last time I carved one I was dating someone and it was fun to do it together. I've been single for a while and honestly just buy a pumpkin and put it on my front step not carved.

Maybe this year I will carve one with my niece since she is old enough to help.


Subject: How do you handle loss?

Forum: How do you handle loss?
Hey CNet,

Yesterday was a very hard day for my entire family. And I looked around and was interested to see how different people handle loss or how they grieve.

Every single person was different. I am typically one to cry, and let it out because it's almost harder to hold it all in. But some, hold it in and maybe cry later or never do.

How do you handle loss?


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