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Subject: Re: I did it!!!! I made my college decision (finally)

Forum: I did it!!!! I made my college decision (finally)

I wish you the best of luck!

Subject: Re: Sunrise or sunset?

Forum: Sunrise or sunset?

I think I prefer sunrises, because they feel really special. I am almost never awake that early, so when I am its usually an interesting day.

But usually the sunset if prettier and easier to see!


Subject: Re: Superpower

Forum: Superpower

I think if I could have one power it would be shapshifting! Then you could turn into a bird and fly! Or a bug, or anything like that! The only big downside would be that as a bug it would be really easy to get squished and die.

Still, I would love to be a big fluffy dog that people want to pet at the dog park! Maybe I just love attention?


Subject: Re: Nap time

Forum: Nap time
Hey Le Penguin!

I usually do not take naps. I would need to be REALLY tired, or like day drinking or something.

To be honest, I can't remember the last time I took a nap!


Subject: Re: Olympics

Forum: Olympics
Hey Wames!

I haven't ever watched the Olympics. I guess its just not something I've ever been interested in! But if I was going to watch it, I would probably be interested in figure skating or something like that. Is that the same thing as ice dancing? Either way, it is super impressive!!


Subject: Have you ever felt claustrophobic?

Forum: Have you ever felt claustrophobic?
Hey CNet!

I usually don't feel claustrophobic, but I've heard that some people feel claustrophobic all the time!

I think the only time I've ever felt something like claustrophobia is when I am swimming and stay under the water too long!

What about you?


Subject: Re: What's your favorite thing to cook?

Forum: What's your favorite thing to cook?

I also love to cook. I'm vegan so its easier for me to eat at home usually, so I've started cooking a lot! I think my favorite thing to cook is mashed potatoes and gravy. Its really easy to make vegan and it is SO good.

I also like making rice and beans, or dishes like curry. I guess the only thing I don't like doing in the kitchen is baking. I'll leave that to the professionals!


Subject: Re: Are you a warm- or cold-weather person?

Forum: Are you a warm- or cold-weather person?
Hey Rebecca!

I can't stand the cold! I lived in Utah for a long time and the snow ruined winter for me. Now I live in Seattle, and it does get cold but it never snows, which I like. I still prefer temperate/warm weather the best!


Subject: Re: Rate your school!

Forum: Rate your school!
Hey Jess!

My school is pretty nice. I go to the University of Washington in Seattle! The campus is beautiful and we have a lot of resources. There are a lot of opportunities to join research labs too. I think its one of the top 50 research universities in America, but I don't really know how they decide that!


Subject: Re: Stressed out?

Forum: Stressed out?
Hey Le Penguin!

Whoah I feel stressed out every day! I usually try to pretend like everything is fine, until I absolutely have to deal with it. Its definitely not healthy but it gets me through the day I guess.

Hope you have a restful day!


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