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Subject: Re: Sunrise or sunset?

Forum: Sunrise or sunset?

I think I prefer sunrises, because they feel really special. I am almost never awake that early, so when I am its usually an interesting day.

But usually the sunset if prettier and easier to see!


Subject: Re: Superpower

Forum: Superpower

I think if I could have one power it would be shapshifting! Then you could turn into a bird and fly! Or a bug, or anything like that! The only big downside would be that as a bug it would be really easy to get squished and die.

Still, I would love to be a big fluffy dog that people want to pet at the dog park! Maybe I just love attention?


Subject: Re: Nap time

Forum: Nap time
Hey Le Penguin!

I usually do not take naps. I would need to be REALLY tired, or like day drinking or something.

To be honest, I can't remember the last time I took a nap!


Subject: Re: Olympics

Forum: Olympics
Hey Wames!

I haven't ever watched the Olympics. I guess its just not something I've ever been interested in! But if I was going to watch it, I would probably be interested in figure skating or something like that. Is that the same thing as ice dancing? Either way, it is super impressive!!


Subject: Have you ever felt claustrophobic?

Forum: Have you ever felt claustrophobic?
Hey CNet!

I usually don't feel claustrophobic, but I've heard that some people feel claustrophobic all the time!

I think the only time I've ever felt something like claustrophobia is when I am swimming and stay under the water too long!

What about you?


Subject: Re: What's your favorite thing to cook?

Forum: What's your favorite thing to cook?

I also love to cook. I'm vegan so its easier for me to eat at home usually, so I've started cooking a lot! I think my favorite thing to cook is mashed potatoes and gravy. Its really easy to make vegan and it is SO good.

I also like making rice and beans, or dishes like curry. I guess the only thing I don't like doing in the kitchen is baking. I'll leave that to the professionals!


Subject: Re: Are you a warm- or cold-weather person?

Forum: Are you a warm- or cold-weather person?
Hey Rebecca!

I can't stand the cold! I lived in Utah for a long time and the snow ruined winter for me. Now I live in Seattle, and it does get cold but it never snows, which I like. I still prefer temperate/warm weather the best!


Subject: Re: Rate your school!

Forum: Rate your school!
Hey Jess!

My school is pretty nice. I go to the University of Washington in Seattle! The campus is beautiful and we have a lot of resources. There are a lot of opportunities to join research labs too. I think its one of the top 50 research universities in America, but I don't really know how they decide that!


Subject: Re: Stressed out?

Forum: Stressed out?
Hey Le Penguin!

Whoah I feel stressed out every day! I usually try to pretend like everything is fine, until I absolutely have to deal with it. Its definitely not healthy but it gets me through the day I guess.

Hope you have a restful day!


Subject: When was the last time you watched Shrek?

Forum: When was the last time you watched Shrek?
Hey CNet!

Me and my friend like to watch Shrek periodically. What about you? Has Shrek withstood the test of time for you? Personally I think its hilarious but I don't necessarily have great taste!

We're actually watching shrek 2 right now!


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